Vocational Services

Rotary Club of Stockton members are encouraged to use their standing as business leaders and respected members of all professions to promote and advance high ethical standards.  Following are some of our club’s projects that improve the quality of life in our community.

Ways we impact students in our community:

  • Job Shadowing – Edison and Chavez High School students pair up with a professional to learn about professions they are interested in learning about. After a morning visit, they are hosted at our club for a luncheon meeting before going back to school.
  • Interact Talks – Rotarian members as well as community members speak at Interact Clubs about the 4 Way Test as well as their profession.
  • 4 Way Test Contest – a 4 Way Test contest will encourage our adopted Spanos School Interact Club to use creativity to explain the 4 Way Test.
  • Dinner with a Scientist – Rotarian members accompanied 3 students and a teacher to attend the evening at the San Joaquin Office of Education annual event focusing of science and math careers.
  • Window to Your Future – Rotarian members volunteer to do mock interviews with students to prepare for the future.

Ways we honor our outstanding community and club members:

  • Vocational Service Awards – this year we will honor an outstanding member of the SPD, SFD, Highway Patrol and a teacher.
  • Vocational Service Leadership Award – award to one of our members for their commitment to advance high standards in the workplace as well as the community.

Ways we communicate vocational service in our meetings:

  • Vocational Talks – Monthly a member shares her/his profession with a short talk
  • Vocational Speakers – invited speakers are scheduled for a half hour speech regarding professional standards/demonstrations.

Ways we have fun:

  • Golf Tournament – encourages members to invite community member for a day of golf and vocational discussions.
  • Rotary Club Night – monthly meetings a local venues to promote interest in Rotary and vocational sharing

You may contact our Director of Vocational Service:

Humberto “Beto” Beas