Public Image

Public Image is the way we present ourselves—our Rotary club, our projects and programs, and one another—to the public in our community.

Public Image covers many aspects. To start with, it can be as simple as always wearing the new pin that clearly says “Rotary” on our lapel. It means making a personal contact with somebody in the local media. It means spreading the word of what our club is doing via blogs, and sharing photos and news stories performing community activities in social media

Enhancing public image and awareness is the main goal of the Public Image Committee.
This Committee promotes Rotary to external audiences and fosters understanding, appreciation, and support for the organization’s programs. It also helps Rotarians understand that effective external publicity, favorable public relations, and a positive image build support for the organization, inspire potential donors, and attract possible candidates for membership.

Public Image Committees:
1. The Wheel and Website
2. Directory
3. Public Relations
4. Photography
5. Note Takers
6. Facebook
7. Audio Visual
8. Website Updates/Rotary Newsletter Group/Director’s Updates
9. Concern Reports

Communications Goals:
1. The Wheel and website redesign
• Responsible for gathering & publishing club news and redesign of website

2. Directory
• Responsible for database maintenance and communication with club regarding individual updates.

3. Public Relations Committee
• Press release writer and submissions of articles and ads to The Record, Rotary Times, magazines and publications.

4. Photography Committee
• Responsible for making sure photos are recorded for each meeting associated special events. Photos are sent to the Club Bulletin Chair.

5. Note Takers Committee
• Document each meeting by recording notes to be sent to the Club Bulletin chair for use in compiling the weekly bulletin. Responsible for assigning weekly note-takers. Notes must be to the Club Bulletin Chair by Thursday Noon.

6. Facebook Committee
• Update Facebook with weekly and upcoming events.

7. Audio Visual
• Takes care of club laptop and makes sure the latest PowerPoint presentation is being displayed during the beginning of the club meeting. Also interacts with any speaker that may have a presentation making sure they are instructed on the use of the remote control and assisting in any other way that insures a smooth presentation.

8. Website Updates/Rotary Newsletter Group/Director’s Updates
• Makes sure the website has the latest information regarding Director’s updates. Is assisted by the Club Bulletin chair.

9. Concern Reports
• Responsible for announcing and sharing concerns or information related to our club and club members.

For additional information, contact the Committee Chair:

Eddie Arias