Stockton Rotary House

The Rotary House is a single family home located on the grounds of the San Joaquin County Hospital.  It is owned and maintained by our Stockton Rotary clubs.  It is a nice, clean older home for the use of out of area families visiting hospitalized loved ones.  It is a wonderful thing to provide security and peace of mind to families who cannot afford a motel.  They can cook meals, do laundry, and have private time together.  The altruism of Rotary is facilitated by the hospital administration, making this Rotary home available  for those at a time of need.

This fall, Rotarians from Stockton clubs got busy with chain saws, rakes, paintbrushes, carpet cleaner, pressure washer and good-natured jibes. We had a good time working together.

View photos of the most recent activity HERE.