Mystery Bus Trip

The first Mystery Bus Trip was over twenty years ago organized by Lloyd De Bock. It was truly a Mystery for all, including Lloyd. For the “Wool Growers Restaurant” in Los Banos did not accept credit cards, so there was a scramble from all to find enough cash to cover the bill. Great way to start off the Mystery Bus Trip.

The concept is to fill a bus with 42 adventurous people and only the bus driver and the organizers know where they are going. The trip is normally planned for October to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather. Along the way there are refreshments, Wine and snacks to enjoy with the adventure. The trip to the destination is planned to confuse and to enjoy the autumn scenery. Along the expedition there are numerous guess by participants to the final destination and there may be some fake out stops.

In the pass the destinations have been the Foothills, the Delta, East Bay, North to Sacramento, and South to Los Banos. Sometimes there is Wine Tasting, a tour of a Castle or activities such as Bocce Ball, or a Street Fair to enjoy.

So, sign up and don’t miss The Rotary Mystery Bus Trip!!

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