Make Up a Meeting

Need to make up a meeting? An easy way to make up a missed meeting is via an E-Club. Click on the link In the tool bar click on “Club Finder”. Scroll down and click on E-Club you will then be able to select the country and language. You will then see a listing of E-Clubs. You must select one with a website.

Click on the website. On the website you will be “asked” if you are there for a make up. When you click on the link you will be directed to a page where you are to fill out your information. Complete that information and be sure to fill in the box asking for the club secretary’s email using this email address, If asked our Club # is 604 and the District # is 5220.Then click on continue. There may be slight variations of website pages but just follow the instructions.

NOTE: If you do an E-Club makeup you must spend at least 30 minutes on line. The time you spend on line is stated in the makeup notification the Club Secretary receives

An easy way to make up a missed meeting!