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Meeting Photos
(Submitted by Waqar Rizvi)

Next LIVE only meeting Information:
Wednesday, June 22nd, 12:00 PM (PDT)

The guest speaker will be Emily Grimmius, Miss San Joaquin Co./ Legislative Advocacy Intern(bio ).

Please plan to show up around noon as it is anticipated we will be serving lunch prior to the meeting starting at 12:15 pm.

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“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”


  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Kevin called the Zoom meeting to order.

    Welcome to our members and their guests to a year of Service Above Self. “Serve to Change Lives” is our mantra this year, and with your help we can be as successful this year as we have been in the past. Rotary Club of Stockton was formed in 1914 just the 92nd club worldwide. With over 1.4 million Rotarians worldwide.   Rotary International was formed by Paul Harris in Chicago in 1905. Stockton Rotary celebrated our 108 Anniversary just last month. We have a rich history in Stockton.

    Meetings are brought to you live at the Stockton Golf and Country Club, thanks to the CARES act funding and the City of Stockton for sponsoring the meeting. If anyone would like to sponsor any future meeting, please contact Club Secretary Matthew for details.  A $100 Sponsorship will help pay for the operations of our hybrid meeting.

  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – led by the group
  • Meeting SponsorThis is an opportunity; who needs some more advertising? This month we have our respective Fathers sponsoring these meetings. This is a great honor and way to help our Club’s budget.
  • Special Thanks to – Secretary Matt Grizzle and Corie Stewart for the making the Live/Zoom meeting possible and our Srgnt at Arms team today (John, Ralph, Duane, and Eddie). Always thanks to Waqar Rizvi, Graham Tweedy and Leena Mittal for all their hard work in taking notes and preparing and getting us the Wheel. The Club provided a round of applause for all the Worker Bees of Rotary Stockton.
  • Concern Report –Sharon Tweedy for her medical procedure today. Our fellow freedom fighters in Ukraine, our homeless neighbors, and all those in need of our thoughts and prayers. Our speaker today (Phillip) and his friend, who are isolating due to COVID issues.
  • Guest’s of Rotarians –Past District Governor(PDG) Bob Melrose introduced his wife Dr. Rose Marie Melrose, and Kuy E Ky introduced a guest at his table, Courtney Hayes, a local attorney.
  • Visiting Rotarians – PDG Bob Melrose, President Albert Holman (Stockton Sunrise), President Pete Amendola (Central Stockton), Assistant District Governor Elect Mary Laughlin, Joe Dietrich (North Stockton), Martha Ingraham (Stockton Sunrise).
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2021-2022 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities that may or may not happen in the near future (due to the COVID-19 virus.)

Rotary News

  • Retention/Attendance Committee headed by Ken Steele; has everyone received a call? Has everyone received their invoice from Louis Lemos? If so, please pay, ASAP.

  • District 5220 has launched a campaign to send money for Ukraine and you can go to DACdb for the link to make your donation or provide it directly to Leonard Hansen. Also, and NBA Pool is in the works for the final game score; please buy your squares online or today on the Board in front (June 15th Deadline)!!

  • President Kevin presented a Paul Harris Award to Kathy Hart. It was her PH+7 pin and she was surprised that she had reach that level already. Kathy stated that it shows how beneficial using Rotary Direct is because she does not even notice it coming from her account. To make our treasure available for the good acts of RI, Rotary Direct is the most painless way to accomplish this personal goal. Please see Leonard Hansen, Secretary Matt, or President Kevin for more details and how to sign up.

Directions for members on how to make a payment to Rotary Club of Stockton
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An Opportunity – Advertise in the Wheel. You will have the opportunity to again advertise your business, hobby, profession or nonprofit in  The Wheel this coming Rotary year which starts July 1.  These ads will take the format of a business card and will be approximately 2 ½”
by 1".  Cost will be $300 for a rotary year – a very reasonable cost to get your name in front of an elite group every week and make a contribution to our club at the same time. Please contact Graham Tweedy at 209-598-5881 or at

Our local emergency food bank can always use your food donations. To learn what they need this month, please see there webpage at Calendar ( Thank you for your service above self!

Club Announcements

Past President Gary Frush – Kickout planning meeting was announced.

Past President Graham Tweedy – Wheel Advertising opportunity was presented and an information sheet placed on each table.

Memorial Day Event: Past President Bob Blower. Past President Michael thank all those who help with both the cleanup and the day of the event. He is proud of what his Dad has accomplished and expects to take over his reigns someday with this important project.

Past President Bill Brown – Day with the Ports(June 10th) – Excellent time for all! & Great red-nose photo!

1:30 pm Board Meeting on June 15th – Your survey results: (1)The Club prefers the SGCC as its venue; (2) Box lunches were not a high priority, but if attendance does improve, the Board intends to get back to a salad/desert option; (3) Only 2/3s of us said that they would pay the 3% fee for charged payments, so the Board has implemented a voluntary contribution with each purchase; (4) Not a lot of support for increasing the annual fee; (5) A preference for encouraging attendance appeared obvious, and the Board is coming up with a method to implement this without getting back to the bureaucratic mess of a missed meetings fee.


Phillip Merlo, ED San Joaquin County Historical Museum – Metropolis, Lost PART 2: The Development of Stockton!!

Introduced by President Kevin, who reminded the Club of having Phillip here about 6-weeks ago. Philip was back again to finish his talk on the history of Stockton.

Due to his girlfriend testing positive for COVID earlier this week, he appreciated the Club allowing this zoom presentation to help him protect us.
Phillip briefly went through a series of slides from his last presentation summarizing the ‘glory-days’ of Stockton. What he wanted to focus on today is his opinion on how Stockton got to the point of filing bankruptcy in 2012.
Many factors affected the City making this bankruptcy decision. Phillip presented his analysis and a case that the racial segregation and inequities of our Country and City since the 1890s lead to the insolvency of families that had sub-prime mortgages, ultimately leading to a shortage of tax revenues needed to properly run the City.
The local governments influenced by the land development and real estate business, began allowing deed restriction that discriminated against races and people of color. This was believed to increase the value of residential real estate where all would benefit.
In response to the homeless crisis following the depression of the early 1930s, the Federal Housing Authority was authorized to get people off the streets. In their infinite wisdom, the FHA developed a classification and color-coding system that was used on local maps to identify where white (WASP), foreigners (Asian, middle eastern, Indian, etc.) and people of color lived. The red areas were generally non-white areas, and this ‘red-lining’ was prevalent locally and nationwide prior to 1968. In 1949, the FHA started providing urban renewal grant to assist communities  with ‘urban blight’ recognizing that mixed race areas resulted in declining real estate values. The FHA also help fund new upscale neighborhoods like Lincoln and Caldwell Villages, and Tuxedo and the Country Club area of town.
Phillip could not find a deed that was written before 1954 that did not have the deed restriction type of language. And in the 1960s the residences between HWY 99 and I-5 were condemned for the cross-town freeway. As a result, 20% of Stockton’s population was forced to relocate. People of color and other minorities in general were not given the opportunity to participate in home ownership during these times. Then the malls were built north of the Calaveras River. Hence the death of Downtown Stockton began.
Shortly after the loss of all the tax base from the cross-town freeway and the mall developments, Mayor Jimmy Rishwain attempted to address the bankruptcy they faced in 1969, but had little support and in Phillip’s opinion, the City simply ‘kicked the can down the road.’
Not-for-profit groups serving Stockton in number decreased by 56% between 1960 and 1975  and Prop 13 was passed in 1978 further restricting local tax fund revenues. Local interests then tried to convince the City to create a ‘silicon valley’ in the downtown area. This was fought by our local land developers and the agricultural industry, and ‘died on the vine.’
Between 1960 and 1985, SUSD went from one of the best districts in the country to one of the worst. Lodi, Ripon, and other local SDs took the largest part of the tax base.
In the 1990s, Mayor Joan Darrah ‘beef-up’ the police force to address local crime and urban blight, creating an addition burden on the City’s budget and not much improvement in the downtown area.
In the late 1980. Sub-prime mortgages approved by the Feds flourished and allowed many folks of color or in the minority to qualify to buy a home. From 2002-2007 the economic and housing bubble grew until it burst in 2007-08. Phillip remembered being in 8th-grade and recognizing that only 1/3 of his classmates had their own home.
Mayor Gary Podesto led Stockton into an unsustainable future buying real estate for community facilities and padding City employee pensions. The bankruptcy action in 2012 was just a matter of time. How much did the racial segregation and inequities policies between the 1890s and 1968 impact this decision? Phillip feels that the effects were not insignificant.

Next Meeting:  June 22nd, 2022

Emily Grimmius, Miss San Joaquin Co./ Legislative Advocacy InternEmily Grimmius is a current JD/MBA student at Willamette College of Law in Salem, Oregon, after serving for two years as Miss San Joaquin County and competing at the Miss California competition.  Despite growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Emily considers California her adopted home and misses the sunshine every day she’s away.  Before, during, and after her time as Miss San Joaquin, Emily has been a staunch supporter of young people’s civic engagement and advocating for literacy education and reform.  Emily believes that regardless of a young person’s socioeconomic status, everyone should have the opportunity, education, and skills to pursue their passions.

Upcoming Meeting

  • June 29th  – Kick off meeting for Kevin Kauffman.


DGE Waqar Rizvi for a special recognition (Bob Melrose): Waqar provided many heart-felt praises of Past District Governor Bob and read a plaque from all the local Stockton Clubs in appreciation of years of service to Rotary and his community. The crowd of about 60 stood and applauded Bob and wished he and his wife the best of success with his new Club in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Assitant District Governor Waqar Rizvi recognized Dr. Robert Melrose on behalf of All Stockton Rotary Clubs. Bob has been a member of Stockton Sunrise Rotary Club since 1995. Bob has been the Past President and has also held multiple leadership positions both in club and at district level. He was also the Assistant Governor of Area 2 Stockton Rotary Clubs. Bob has been instrumental in Foundation giving and also traveled for the National Immunization Day Polio Plus vaccination activities to Pakistan. Both Bob and his wife Dr. Rose Marie will be moving to Colorado to be close to their kids and grandkids.  Bob thanked the all the Rotarians of all Stockon Rotary Clubs who were in attendance. He said he will be joining a local Rotary club in Colorado and will be visiting to Stockton area as well.

Birthday Recognitions

  • Kevin Kaufman (17th) $100 RF from Colleen
  • Kuy E Ky’s service ($100 RF) and Kuy E Ky matched this donation to RF $100.

June 2022 Birthdays…

Week Dates Rotarian
1 1st -4th
2 5th – 11th Doug Wilhoit – 5th June
Dwayne Garcia – 6th June
Kris Blower – 10th June
3 12th – 18th James Nance – 15th June*
Joseph Ambriz – 15th June*
Robert Gross – 17th June
Kevin Kauffman – 17th June
Amy Scriven – 18th June
4 19th – 25th Dale Drury – 21st June
Ralph Gresham – 25th June
5 26th – 30th Geneva Bamidele  – 28th June
Ort Lofthus – 29th June*
*= Meeting Day – Wish Them a Happy Birthday!



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The Wheel - June 15, 2022
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The Wheel - June 15, 2022
The Wheel - June 15, 2022
The Wheel - June 15, 2022
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