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As the COVID-19 pandemic leaves this world, the Club has migrated from 100% virtual meetings to providing our members and guests the option to attend IN PERSON or via ZOOM. This hybrid format of a simultaneous live and virtual meeting will continue until further notice. Please attend in person because we would love to see you. But if you cannot, information on how to attend our meetings virtually is as follows:
Next Hybrid Virtual and LIVE Meeting Information:


Wednesday, July 21, 2021 12:00 PM (PDT)

Log in for social time from 12:00pm (noon) – 12:15pm, bell will be rung at 12:15pm to start meeting. Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click Here To Go To Zoom Meeting

The guest speaker will be Deb Rider with K9 “Rahab”, “LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry” ( bio ).

You can also dial in using your phone. United States: (669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 845 6619 6027
Password: 005220

If you plan on attending in person, plan to show up around noon as it is anticipated we will be serving lunch prior to the meeting starting at 12:15 pm.

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”


  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Kevin Kauffman calls the Live/Zoom Hybrid meeting to order. Thanks to COVID & Cares Act & our Secretary Matthew Grizzle!  This is the second meeting of our new Rotary year, and we welcome our members and their guests to what is going to be another exciting and successful year of Ser-vice Above Self. “Serve to Change Lives” is our mantra this year, and with your help we can be as successful this year as we were last year under the leadership of PP Gary Frush and his Board of Directors.
  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – Van Young
  • Head Table – Blain Bibb, and our speakers Betty Wilson & Bill Trezza.
  • Concern Reports – Cheryl Patman, Gary Putnam, and Mary Jacobson (ankle).
  • Paul Harris Presentation – Linda Guinn presented Blain Bibb with his Paul Harris +5 pin!  Congrats, Blain!
  • Special Thanks Today to – Secretary Matt Grizzle and Corie Stewart for the making the Live/Zoom meeting possible and getting all the technical stuff together for us; and John Salaices, Sergeant-At-Arms, and Dwayne Garcia for traditional meeting set up and live check in. We also want to thank Past President Melanie Vieux for her leadership in getting our speakers, ADG Waqar Rizvi for taking notes in Leena’s absence and to Eric Duran for putting it all together in the Wheel.
  • Rotary News:  Rotary Direct – Now 22! Past President Gary Frush left us with 22 participants; this is a great start. Please consider signing up easy to do! Please call President Kevin (209-478-4940) or Linda Guinn (209-639-1482) to sign up.  Goal is 150 members.
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2021-2022 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities that may or may not happen in the near future (due to the COVID-19 virus.)

Directions for members on how to make a payment to Rotary Club of Stockton
Click on “$ Online Payments” in the blue bar at the top (or click this blue box)

Meeting on-line reservations
Click on “Meeting Lunch Reservations” in the blue bar at the top (or click this blue box)

Club Announcements

  • Club Live Meetings – We are excited to return to Stockton Golf & Country Club and feel we are providing a great safe environment to get together once again. We need your support in coming and making advance reservations due to minimums required. Reservations by Friday 2 pm are Guaranteed, after that, subject to availability. Working on drop in option. Get your reservations as soon as possible.
  • Membership Committee – Liz Hull, chairperson: Membership Minute and this year’s program: Liz Hull talked about the membership and asked members to take the survey on membership. She thanked the ones that have taken the surveys. The feedback from the surveys will be used to come up with the plan for member retention and recruitment.
  • Fundraiser – President Kevin thanked all the members who helped volunteered at the fireworks booth. The club was able to raise more than $1000!
  • Board of Directors Agenda – Your Board of Directors is meeting today at 1:30 pm in the Boardroom, in person – not virtually. Fundraising – one of the topics today. And thanks to Van, Kathy, Diane, Sharon, Melanie, Corie, Ken, Bill, Geneva, Louis, and my wife Lindsey for volunteering in the Fireworks booth for the 7 days. This fundraiser is expected to kick off our season to the tune of $3,000. So thank you Rotarians for stepping up!
  • An Opportunity – Past President Graham Tweedy announced that there are opportunities to advertise in the Wheel. Members can advertise their hobbies and businesses. A copy of the Wheel could be printed for the in-person meetings and a link to the Wheel is sent in the email to all members of the club. It costs $300 a year. There is an extra charge of $75 if you want to add a link for your business web-site. Please contact Graham Tweedy at 209-598-5881 or at
  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.  For now, make reservations using the website link.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member. For the proper procedure when proposing a new member, read this document.

Meeting Note takers needed!

Thank you Leena Mittal for volunteering to continue taking notes! Your help is much appreciated! Now it’s time for someone else to step up!

PLEASE Consider volunteering (Like Leena has done) for a once a month (or more) opportunity to keep the Wheel rolling along. Our Wheel editor will appreciate you stepping up to assist! What’s a better way to know what’s going on in your club? -editor. Contact Corie Stewart at

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Bill Trezza & Betty Wilson
Introduced by:
Blain Bibb

Bill Trezza & Betty Wilson with updates from the Business Council of San Joaquin
Bill Trezza who is the vice chair of the Business Council of San Joaquin talked about the various initiatives that the Business Council has supported in the past many years, Betty Wilson is the executive director and the Business Council has 10 board members. The goal of the Business Council is to strengthen the local economy and the social wellbeing of the community. Business Council supported the Measure K initiative for infrastructure and road improvement. Business Council also provides leadership, oversight and financial support in the pursuit of enhanced educational opportunities for the citizens of San Joaquin County. Current focus includes oversight of Measure M sales tax to fund libraries and recreational facilities in Stockton. It also monitor’s the continuing efforts by local government, nonprofit and business communities in addressing the problem of homelessness in our area.

Next Meeting: July 21, 2021
Deb Rider + K9 “Rahab”, “LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry”

Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry®

Launched in August 2008, the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry is a national human-care ministry embracing the unique, calming nature and skills of purebred Golden Retrievers. The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs are a bridge for compassionate ministry, opening doors for conversation about faith and creating opportunities to share the mercy, and compassion.

LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs are working animals, trained to interact with people of all ages and circumstances who are suffering and in need. The dogs participate in scheduled and special events. Dogs are permanently placed with churches, schools and other ministries involved in Christian human care by LCC. Permanent placement includes full training for handlers and caregivers along with ongoing support, coaching and training. LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs live in the homes of assigned caregivers. The LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs serve every day in the community in which they are placed and are dispatched in times of disaster and crisis to bring comfort to all those affected, including first responders and the volunteers who serve them. LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs were in New York and New Jersey visiting victims of Superstorm Sandy, and in Connecticut after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Lutheran Church Charities currently has over 130 LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs serving in more than 27 states. LCC operates training facilities in Illinois and Nebraska.

Upcoming Speakers

July 2021

  • 28 – Wes Rhea, “Visit Stockton”

August 2021

  • 04 – Gwen Daley, “Dome of Hope”
  • 11 – Deputy Jimmy Claude (K9 Partner “Axel”) Deputy Alex Serrano (K9 Partner “Kimbo”), “SJ County Sheriff’s Department K9 Program”
  • 18 – Claude Pellarin, “Village West Marina Updates”
  • 25 – TBA

Birthday Recognitions

  • $150 – Leonard Hansen made a donation of $150 for his birthday, half to SRE and half to the Rotary Foundation.
  • $62 – Lynndee Riley donated $62 for her Birthday.

July 2021 Birthdays…

Week Dates Rotarian
1 1st – 3rd Dan Wright – 1st
Michael Blower – 1st
T.J. Hull, Jr. – 1st
George Badway – 2nd
2 4th – 10th Uzma Khamisa – 5th
Lynndee Riley – 6th
3 11th – 17th Renna Beinoris – 13th
4 18th – 24th Leonard Hansen – 19th
Luie Duarte – 23rd
Shak Khan – 24th
5 25th – 31st Peter Jaffe – 25th
Eric Duran – 28th*
Steve Morales – 28th*
Gary Frush – 29th
Jeff Greenberg – 30th
Marc Bregman – 31st
*= Meeting Day – Wish Them a Happy Birthday!


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Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to ADG Waqar Rizvi, note taker, Matthew Grizzle, Virtual and Audio Visual Guru as well as Club Secretary, Corie Stewart our Zoom meeting entry coordinator and Chief Checkers Matthew Grizzle and President Kevin Kauffman!

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