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Due to the recent concerns about the COVID-19 virus and a desire to follow the suggestions of health care professionals, the club will be having virtual meetings until further notice.

Next Virtual Meeting Information:


Wed, November 18, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (PDT)

Log in for social time from 12:00pm (noon) – 12:15pm, bell will be rung at 12:15pm to start meeting. Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click Here To Go To Zoom Meeting

Our speaker will be Ngozi Elobuike, a Rotary International Scholar ( bio ).

You can also dial in using your phone. United States: (669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 845 6619 6027
Password: 005220​​​​​​​

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”



Many members attended this virtual Meeting!
( Photos )
  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Gary welcomed members and guests to the Virtual Rotary Club of Stockton meeting!
  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – Fred Weibel who’s birthday is on 11/14!
  • Kathy Hart

    Thought for the Day – Kathy Hart: Kathy shared quotations for Veterans Day related to California. First one was from Ronald Regan, “Veterans know better than anyone else the price of freedom for they’ve suffered the scars of War. We can offer them no better tribute than to protect what they have won for us.” And the second one was by Bob Hope who had a relationship with the Spanos family and our theater downtown is named after him. Bob Hope said, “I saw your sons and your husband’s your brothers and your sweethearts. I saw how they work played fought and lived. I saw some of them die. I saw more courage more Good Humor in the face of discomfort or more love in the end an era of hate and War Devotion to duty than could exist under tyranny.” And the last one was by Maya Angelou who had a relationship with Stockton. She lived here in Stockton at one time and there’s a library name after her here in town. The quote from Maya said, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and sheroes.”

  • Special Thanks Today to – Matt Grizzle for orchestrating these meetings, Dudley Drake for his work on speaker recruitment, newest member Leena Mittal for taking notes, and Eric Duran’s role of keeping The Wheel rolling.
  • Guests of Rotarians – The Dillon Family had Charlotte, Ashlyn and Carter join the veteran’s day celebration; Frank Whitney’s grandkids, Edison and Brooklyn also joined the meeting and Waqar and Maria Rizvi’s son Ebraheem attended the meeting as well.
  • Rotary News: Rotary Direct – Waqar Rizvi convinced his wife Maria to join Rotary direct. Now the total members registered in Rotary Direct for Foundation giving are 12! Please consider signing up; it’s easy to do! Please call me (209-601-3631) or Linda Guinn (209-639-1482) to sign up. Members should have received an email from Linda.
  • November is Foundation Month – Club is offering matching points $1/1 point – We have budgeted 10,000 points and have already used about 3,600. Great way to get your first or next level PH award. One point 1 dollar match. This information is included in the email sent to the members from Linda Guinn. Matt Grizzle donated $500 towards PH award. For more information, contact Linda Guinn, Foundation Chair.
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2020-2021 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities that may or may not happen in the near future (due to the COVID-19 virus.)

Greatfulness Week November 16th – 22nd

Rotary International gratefulness week, which is next week. “Thank you to all essential workers” is a campaign that Rotary International is running nationwide from November 16th to the 20th. It is to thank front line and essential workers which include all police and law enforcement as well as nurses and first responders. Rotary International is asking all Rotarians to do some level of Public Image campaign either through social media, which is of course Facebook or Twitter or any other form which they can display. Thanks for Matt’s coordination on this image.

Club Announcements

  • Steve Luthy is still retiring as Club Treasurer after 5 years – Interviews pending with two candidates so far.
  • All City Thanksgiving Luncheon – Assistant Governor Waqar Rizvi announced that due to COVID-19 this year the Thanksgiving Luncheon is going to be a virtual meeting on Tuesday November 24th and past Rotary International director is going to be the speaker. All rotary clubs of Stockton would be attending this luncheon. So we expect maybe more than a hundred people attending. The topics would be related to “What’s the future of Rotary and how is Rotary being active during COVID and what’s the relevance of rotary during crisis?” There is going to be a presentation on CPR being done by the president, of North Stockton rotary, so please attend.
  • Basel Karbala

    Basel’s Billboard – Our club member Basel Karbala, who is also a board member, owns the furniture store “209 Furniture”. The store is located on Fremont street right off the off ramp to the I-5 freeway. Basel has a electronic billboard that changes on a regular basis and it’s very beautiful with a lot of great color in it. He allowed us to post our fundraiser for the drive-thru Barbeque on the sign. He has also agreed to add “Thanks to all our essential workers” up for us as well. So people driving through the community going either north or south on I-5 will be able to spot the sign. President Gary thanked Basel on behalf of the club for postings on the sign.

  • Kids Taking a Stand – Beto Beas: Kids take a stand organization for breast cancer awareness. With the help of SRE and Rotary International foundation, robes were purchased and given to patients undergoing radiation treatment at St. Joseph’s in a gesture of support and understanding of the challenges they face in the process. These robes and bags were distributed by kids at St. Joseph’s regional center as a gesture for breast cancer awareness. The event was a huge success and was well received by the community..
  • Stockton Rotary Meetings LIVE – Secretary Matthew had applied for a grant that was awarded to Rotary Club of Stockton to buy technology equipment to continue with a hybrid meeting model using Zoom. This equipment will enable to stream meetings via Zoom when the meetings are going to be held in person at the Stockton Golf and Country Club. Way to go Matthew!!

When we resume regular meetings..

  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member. For the proper procedure when proposing a new member, read this document.


Meeting Note takers needed!

Thank you Leena Mittal for volunteering to take notes for the month of November and December! Your help is much appreciated!

PLEASE Consider volunteering (Like Leena) for a once a month (or more) opportunity to keep the Wheel roll along. Our Wheel editor will appreciate you stepping up to assist! What’s a better way to know what’s going on in your club? -editor. Contact Corie Stewart at

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Past President Bob Blower, “Veterans Day”
Introduced By: Past President Chad Sublet

Chad Sublet introduced presenter Bob Blower. Bob grew up in the East Bay. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from University of Idaho. Bob is a Vietnam war Navy Veteran. He ascended to the rank of Lt Commander. He has been a realtor since 1969 and has worked at many firms. He is currently with RE/Max Group. Bob has been involved with many non-profits like United Way, YMCA, Hospice of San Joaquin, Navy League, Grandfathers club, Honor flight, First Pres and the Rotary Club of Stockton. He is married to Kris, sons Bob, Michael, Brian, Kevin, and daughter Marci.

Here are 5.1 little known facts about Bob, somewhat grounded in reality:

  • Bob is a mediocre captain of small watercraft on tight water ways, but he improves to excellent when his first mate is Kris, and becomes down right amazing when his 2nd mate is none other than Mr. Boat Jack.
  • Bob once fell off a ladder with a chainsaw in hand. Most men would have died – Bob’s so tough that the ground shattered from the blow and that’s how lake Lincoln was formed.
  • When in the Navy Bob was assigned to the Navel destroyer the USS McClauglin. While it turned out to be a very basic troop transport, we still honor Bobs service to the country.
  • Bob has sold more property in his lifetime than Donald Trump. Donald routinely calls Bob asking for advice on how to conduct himself publicly.
  • When Bob was born his parents knew that he would be an extraordinary person. As such, they gave him many names to use in case he ever needed an alias. Bob’s actual full name is: Robert David Allan James Joseph Blower

Past President Bob Blower – Special Veterans Day Presentation

Bob Blower started the presentation by playing the 1992 song “Some Gave All” by Billy Ray Cyrus. He explained how difference between Memorial Day which is to celebrate to those who gave all and the Veteran’s day is to celebrate the ones who gave some.

History of Veteran’s day- It was originally called “Armistice day” and to celebrate the cessation of hostilities of World War I. The reason why it is celebrated on Nov 11 is because the cessation of hostility occurred on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It wasn’t until 1938 that Veteran’s day became a legal holiday. In 1954, it came to be known as “Veteran’s day” instead of “Armistice Day”, to celebrate all veterans. The United States has about 19.8 million veterans which is about 9% of the adult population. Rotary Club of Stockton had constructed a memorial for World War II in Stockton. Many general officers, captain and senior officers have been associated with Rotary Club of Stockton. Brigadier General Sandy Sanderon who served in Vietnam war, Brigadier General C.P. Riddle who worked with helicopters, Captain Bill Lynch was a submarine commander, Captain Jim Dyke (legal), Colonel Jerry Smith, Lt. Colonel Jim Woodward, Commander Dudley Drake(Navy), Sgt. Frank Whitney and Sgt. Eric Duran. Bob invited Frank Whitney, Colonel Dyke, Colonel Jerry Smith and Air Force officer Chad Sublet to share their experiences.


Sgt. Frank Whitney- Got interested in military by watching movies which were popular in 50s. In 1964 got listed into the Marine Corps. He was Sgt. in the second battalion sent for combat to Vietnam. Having initial career in journalism, got an opportunity to write and be involved in the administrative side. Spent the second half of the tour in Vietnam as combat journalist and assist press and interview celebrities. Got out of the service in 1968 and became news director in Stockton in 1969. Met his wife at Hollywood on the Marine Corps birthday and proposed to her.


Colonel Jerry Smith- Served 28 years. 26 in active reserve and 2 years on active duty. It was known that the life span of a second lieutenant in Vietnam was very short. He spoke multiple languages Spanish, Italian, French. But he was sent to Vietnam language school in preparation for the assignment. In this class with two second lieutenants and all majors, he met Sandy Sanders. He went to Vietnam war. He spoke with Vietnamese people over there and made some good friends. After coming back from war, he went to Grad school. He got to command officers at all levels in the military intelligence unit.


Captain Dyke- Vietnam a was colony of France and in the war in 1954 with France, Vietnam won and the French left. At that time, they divided the country into North and South. President Eisenhower said that we would support South Vietnam. The fear at that time was, that communism would spread throughout all the countries and it would imperil the security of the United States. In 1963, Vietnam’s premier was assassinated, and President John F. Kennedy was also assassinated the same year. Linden Johnson who ran as a peace candidate in 1964 authorization the use armed forces against Vietnam under “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”. In 1962, the draft began and in 1965, 3500 marines were sent to Vietnam and by the end of the year there were 200,000 marines in Vietnam. Between 1964-1973, 2.2 million American men were drafted into the US military. They had deferments for military service for students, married, with children. Finally, they did lottery for deferments. There were mass protests against the draft. In 1966, Jim was graduating law school, and got a deferment. 1966, the jig was up and everybody was trying to get into the Coast Guard since they were exempt. Jim applied for Judge Advocate General(JAG) school. Was sent to San Diego to the Naval training center. He defended/ prosecuted marijuana users and he did Court Martial work. He had a choice between an Aircraft Carrier, Guam, or Okinawa. Talked to his Chief and went to Okinawa in the year 1968 to 1969. Every Marine went through Okinawa. During the war, they shipped Marines through Okinawa. At Okinawa, they were unaware about protests in America against the war. After war, he was sent back to Treasure Island, released from active duty and went into active reserves. There he met Bob Blower.


Chad – Life in the Air Force. He did not want to go to the Marines, Army, or Navy. He had to pick between Coast Guard or the Air Force. Since the Coast Guard recruiter was insulting towards the family, he chose the Air Force. Received his Air Force training in Texas. Great transition from kid to man. Made great friends, spent good times. Got an opportunity to go to a Portuguese airbase. The air force training laid a foundation of excellence, moral, discipline, ethics and standards for life. Chad doesn’t consider himself as a Veteran since did not go to war.

Next Meeting: November 18, 2020
Ngozi Elobuike, “Life in Full Color – Rotary International Scholar”

Raised in Stockton, California to Nigerian parents, Ngozi values team building, social entrepreneurship, community engagement, and amplifying marginalized voices. While in college Ngozi pursued opportunities to cultivate servant leadership and global citizenship skills. She co-founded GlobeMed and the Howard-Harvard Metastatic Breast Cancer Campus Ambassador Project.

In her spare time Ngozi enjoys running, reading novels, exploring new cities, and outdoor excursions. She graduated from Howard University with a B.S. in Biology and minor in Chemistry. Currently, she is completing her Masters in Global Health and Development at University College London through the Rotary Global Grant Scholarship. She is also a Teaching Organizing & Leadership Academy Fellow for 2020.

Through TOLA, Ngozi is learning how to become an effective community activist who mobilizes resources, recognizes human potential, and engages with diverse schools of thought.

Upcoming Speakers

(Virtual unless otherwise noted)

November 2020

  • 24 – All City Luncheon (Tuesday @ noon)

December 2020

  • 02 – Kevin Kauffman, “The Water Group”
  • 09 – Tom Patti, “Hero’s Presentation”
  • 16 – Kids Christmas Lunch
  • 23 – DARK
  • 30 – DARK

Birthday Celebration Challenge!!!

July finals 14/15 or 93.3%
August Wrap up – 10/11 or 90.1%
September Birthday Celebrations: 100% participation!
October Finals 14 of 14 = 100%
Both September and October were 100 percent participation.

November – 18 members this month.
November week 2:

Birthday Recognitions

  • $90 – Waqar Rizvi to RI ($45×2 + points) for his birthday on 11/10
  • $100 – Karyn Johnson to RI ($50×2 + points) for her birthday on 11/13
  • $250 – Fred Weibel (BR 50/50) for his birthday on 11/14
  • $50 – Juan Oregel to RI ($50 + points) for his birthday on 11/14
  • $400 – Basel Karabala to RI ($400 + points) for his birthday on 11/14

November Birthdays…

Week Dates Rotarian
1 1st – 7th Dudley Drake 1st
Kory Ley – 3rd
Khaksar Ahmad – 4th*
2 8th – 14th Waqar Rizvi – 10th
Fred Gassner – 10th
Karyn Johnson – 13th
Fred Weibel – 14th
Juan Oregel – 14th
Basel Karabala – 14th
3 15th – 21st Christine Morrissey – 15th
Graham Tweedy – 16th
4 22nd – 28th Tom Perry – 22nd
Jim Woodward – 22nd
Jan Ambriz – 23rd
Gary Putnam – 27th
Tony Despotes – 28th
5 29th – Dec 5th Ken Steele – 29th
Walt Wager – 30th
*= Meeting Day – Wish Them a Happy Birthday!


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