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Due to the recent concerns about the COVID-19 virus and a desire to follow the suggestions of health care professionals, the club will be having virtual meetings until further notice.

Next Virtual Meeting Information:


Wed, September 30, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (PDT)

Log in for social time from 12:00pm (noon) – 12:15pm, bell will be rung at 12:15pm to start meeting. Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click Here To Go To Zoom Meeting

Our speaker will be Christopher Callahan, UOP President. ( bio ).

You can also dial in using your phone. United States: (669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 845 6619 6027
Password: 005220​​​​​​​

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”



 Many members attended this virtual Meeting!
( Photos )
  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Gary welcomed members and guests to the Virtual Rotary Club of Stockton meeting!
  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – John Salaices, Sergeant-at-Arms and Birthday boy.
  • Farah Khwaja

    Thought for the Day – Farah Khwaja: LETS WELCOME FALL! Pumpkins, cool breezes, and the aroma of autumn candles are on the horizon. The beauty of the leaves turning red, orange, and yellow decorate the streets. The joy of fall is on its way and there is no better way to celebrate the occasion than with food, fun, and visions of weekend bliss.  In America, people adopted the term “fall” rather than autumn.” The two terms for the third season in the United States, while somewhat of a mystery, may have something to do with the spread of English to the American continent at the very epoch when “fall” began jockeying for position with using “autumn,” In the 19th century the British kept using the word “autumn” and the U.S., adopted the word “fall.” Regardless of what word you use, “Fall” can be a time for joy, inner growth, and a time to live in the present. Make this season a new beginning, and inspire a new chapter.  Here are a few tips to inspire you. Enjoy the present. Eat better. Get outdoors. Do some Fall cleaning. Start cooking healthy. Volunteer. Be thankful. There you have it fall in a nut shell!!!!!!

  • Special Thanks Today to – Matt Grizzle for orchestrating these meetings, Dudley Drake for his work on speaker recruitment, Assistant Governor Waqar Rizvi for taking notes (see cry for help below), Frank Whitney for the photos and Eric Duran’s role of keeping The Wheel rolling.
  • Rotary Direct – Now 10!! New sign up Ken Steele.   Please consider signing up; it’s easy to do!  Please call me (209-601-3631) or Linda Guinn (209-639-1482) to sign up.  So far 10 members have signed up.
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2020-2021 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities that may or may not happen in the near future (due to the COVID-19 virus.)

Club Announcements

  • Steve Luthy retiring as Club Treasurer after 5 years – President Gary announced that Steve Luthy has expressed he would like to retire from the being the treasurer of the Rotary Club of Stockton after five years of service. If any member is interested please contact President Gary or any board member.
  • Drive thru Fund Raiser – Friday, October 23rd – Secretary Matthew announced a Drive thru Fund Raiser- In conjunction with Fat City BBQ & World Polio Day. The dinner will be $40 per person. Beer and Wine will be also available for additional cost. Please mark your calendar. The proceeds from this will go to the Rotary Club of Stockton. We will also invite other Stockton Rotary Clubs to participate in this fundraiser.  Click HERE to sign up!
  • Fantasy Football – Secretary Matthew reports everyone is having a great time!  It’s a great fellowship activity!
  • Potential Meeting Format – President Elect Kevin Kauffman is working on how to have a format for Live meetings or fellowship with social distancing.  Any ideas?  Contact Kevin.
  • All City Thanksgiving Luncheon – All City Rotary Thanksgiving. Assistant Governor Waqar Rizvi announced that due to COVID-19 this year the All City Thanksgiving Luncheon Meeting will be Virtual. Save the date of Tuesday, November 24 at noon. The guest speaker is the Immediate Past Rotary International Director Brad Howard.  Link information to follow.
  • All City Rotary Community Service – Assistant Governor Waqar Rizvi announced that the Stockton Chambers of Commerce will be need assistance on a single day event in the Mall where representatives from Stockton Businesses will be able to come into the mall and receive their free PPE. Rotarian Doug Wilhoit who is also the CEO of the Stockton Chamber of Commerce is looking for Rotary volunteers to help with this project. He is envisioning it being a 6 hour event maximum. The date for this event will be announced in a couple of weeks.

When we resume regular meetings..

  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member. For the proper procedure when proposing a new member, read this document.

Meeting Note takers needed!

PLEASE Volunteer for a once a month opportunity to keep the Wheel roll along.  Our Wheel editor will appreciate you stepping up to assist!  What’s a better way to know what’s going on in your club? -editor.  Contact Corie Stewart at

Stockton Rotary Endowment and
The Rotary Club of Stockton
Charity Allocations

The Stockton Rotary Endowment Fund (SRE) and the Rotary Club of Stockton are soliciting requests for funds for the projects of charitable organizations operating in San Joaquin County. There are various funds within SRE that have specific requirements related to funding amount and approval. For applications and complete explanations as to the funding process, specific fund requirements, amounts available, etc. Go to this link for more information, or send mail to Peter Gormsen, Charity Allocations Committee Chairman, 1401 N. Hunter Street, Stockton, Ca 95202. Deadline for applications is September 30, 2020.

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Paul Stebbins, Founding Member, “FixUS”
Introduced By: Dudley Drake

Dudley Drake introduced Paul Stebbins founding Member of FixUS. Paul Stebbins has served as Chairman Emeritus since May 2014 and has served as a director of the Company since June 1995. Prior to his appointment as Chairman Emeritus, from January 2012 to May 2014, Mr. Stebbins served as Executive Chairman of the Board. From July 2002 to December 2011, he served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and, from August 2000 to July 2002, he served as President and Chief Operating Officer. From January 1995 to August 2000, Mr. Stebbins served as President and Chief Operating Officer of World Fuel Services Americas, Inc. (formerly Trans Tec Services, Inc.), at the time our principal subsidiary engaged in the marine fuel services business. From September 1985 to December 1994, Mr. Stebbins was an officer, shareholder and director of Trans Tec Services, Inc., a global marine fuel services company, which Mr. Stebbins co founded in 1985.

Paul said he was born in Pasadena California. He has his roots in this great state. He doesn’t live here anymore. He commended the Rotary Club of Stockton on how the meetings opens with the a pledge and the Rotary 4-Way test. He said if he had a Harry Potter wand he would require the congress to open every meeting with the same procedure. He said it has been a long time since the political apparatus has framed any debate in that context. Rotarians are to be commended for being true and to have a set of principles and values that helped found this country.

He talked about his journey and said he has worked as a gas station attendant to a lead zinc miner by the Canadian border, driven lumber trucks, waited tables and ended by founding Fix US that became a global company. He said during this he started observing the civil state of the country. He said he was on a group called business round table of fortune 100 CEO who met periodically in Washington DC. This was in 2008-09 during the financial crises. This got him interested in the national debt issue. He was closely involved with the Simpson and Bowles “Fix the Debt” Campaign and also sort of conversations with then speaker Boehner and President Obama. He saw very closely how broken the political system was. This interested him to find ways to address this problem. He said, increasingly well intentioned efforts were held hostage and ripped to smithereens by an increasingly ideological political fight that began to reward and punish those who began to compromise as supposed to rewarding those who wanted to get something done. That was really a surprise for him. He explained this was not being naive on his part. Even after running an international company with 150 offices in over 50 counties still this was something surprising. To watch the country completely avoid being able to resolve something as complex as debt simply because of politics where the Democrats and Republicans are unable to reach consensus.

Looking at all this, he decided to quit his job and started giving talks all over the country. The main question that was being asked was Why is the government broken? Why is the entire national policy making apparatus is broken? Why are compromised not being made? The media is highly polarized. People feel they need to pick a side. Most of the people in the country want the country to move forward. Fix Us began the journey finding ways to restore the country. Started by seeking truth, start to restore trust, establishing trust in the institutions. Another reason for the country to be failing is the decline in the K to 12 education. Media is another reason that people are polarized. The media is nothing but a revenue model to drive divisiveness.

How to restore sense of service, that will reinstate with Rotarians, service to community, a service to the country and something where all of us can participate and be proud of it. Paul Stebbins talked about being on a panel with the former Joint Chief of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen. Paul asked the admiral, what were the four things threating United States. He replied, failure to address K to 12 education, fiscal irresponsibility, energy independence including water and environment and political dysfunction. The display of inability to the world that United States is unable to get anything done politically is bad. Giving an example of George Washington’s farewell address that stated “the fragile experiment in the self-government that was our little United States was in danger of failing if we don’t address the following four things: hyper patrician ship can take down the country, foreign intervention in domestic affair can take down the country, failure to be fiscally responsible can take down the country and the absence of civic education can take down the country.” This speech was made in 1796 warning us that we as a nation need to take care of the above four things. There are inequalities, generations of people have been left behind and citizens feel politically homeless.

As a nation we need to solve and resolve problems. There is a need to rebuild the communities. This can be done by everyone, Rotarians listening to this Zoom call have the heart, courage and brains. There are more than 100 Million people in this country who don’t vote. This has to change. They don’t believe in the system. The current Congress has the least productive legislative track record in the history of Congress. We need to all work together to build the future of our country. Fix US is trying to restore civic identity. A book by Jonathan Haidt, “Righteous Mind” talks about tribalism that has begun to infect this country. In the absence of failed institutions, people began to revert back to their tribes and that is very dangerous. The confidence in the collective system is lost. At Fix US, they would not like to see thisas the future of the United States.

Birthday Celebration Challenge!!!

July finals 14/15 or 93.3%
August Wrap up – 10/11 or 90.1%
September Birthday Celebrations: 15 birthdays this month!


  • $100 – Susanne Huebel for her birthday on 9-21 to RI
  • $60 – Sergeant-at-Arms John Salaices for his birthday on 9-23 to RI
  • $90 – Jim Anthony for his birthday on 9-26, PP & PDG to SRE
  • $1,000 (Double Heart Stopper!) – Pat Patmon for his birthday on 9-26 to SRE (the Patmon Family Fund)

Next Meeting: September 30, 2020
Christopher Callahan, UOP President

With a background as a reporter and eventual dean of several journalism schools, Callahan says he’s not a “traditional academic,” and that universities need to learn to be more reactive to the communities around them.

Callahan has spent the last 14 years as the founding dean of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. He also serves at vice provost for ASU’s downtown Phoenix campus, which has grown to an enrollment of 13,000 students under Callahan’s leadership.

UOP tapped Callahan for its top executive position last November. He plans to formally take the reins in July. Beyond its larger, traditional campus in Stockton, UOP also has campuses in San Francisco and Sacramento. Locally the school has an enrollment of 849 between McGeorge School of Law and programs for public administration, business and physician assistants. UOP’s Sacramento campus is poised to grow with a new school for health care professions.

Upcoming Speakers

(Virtual unless otherwise noted)

October 2020

  • 07 – Kuy Ky, “RYLA”
  • 14 – Peter Jaffee, “Stockton Symphony”
  • 21 – Dr. Joe Serra, “Polio Update”
  • 28 – 2LT Grant Hall, “Rotary International Scholar”

November 2020

  • 04 – Dr. Thomas Pogue, “Economic Impacts of COVID19 in northern California”
  • 11 – Bob Blower, “Veterans Day Presentation”
  • 18 – Ngozi Elobuike, “Life in Full Color – Rotary International Scholar”
  • 25 – All City Luncheon

September Birthdays…

Week Dates Rotarian
1 1st – 5th Paul Kozlow – 1st
2 6th – 12th Shannon Ding – 6th
Steve Luthy – 6th
Raul Chavez – 10th
John Reusche – 10th
3 13th – 19th Ken Miselis – 17th
Jim Dyke – 18th
4 20th – 26th Susanne Huebel – 21st
John Salaices – 23rd*
Pat Patmon – 26th
Jim Anthony 26th
5 27th – 30th Jerry Smith – 27th
Ann Johnston – 29th
Don Barry – 29th
Jonni Redick – 29th
*= Meeting Day – Wish Them a Happy Birthday!


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Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to Assistant Governor Waqar Rizvi, note taker extraordinaire; Frank Whitney for taking pictures, Matthew Grizzle, Virtual and Audio Visual Guru as well as Club and Attendance Secretary, and Chief Checkers Matthew Grizzle and President Gary!

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