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Due to the recent concerns about the COVID-19 virus and a desire to follow the suggestions of health care professionals, the club will be having virtual meetings until further notice.

Next Virtual Meeting Information:


Wed, August 19, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM (PDT)

Log in for social time from 12:00pm (noon) – 12:15pm, bell will be rung at 12:15pm to start meeting. Please join our meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Click Here To Go To Zoom Meeting

Our speaker will be District Governor Sherry ).

You can also dial in using your phone. United States: (669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 845 6619 6027
Password: 005220​​​​​​​

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”


41 Members attended this virtual Meeting!
  • Call to Order and Welcome!  President Gary Frush welcomed members and guests to the Virtual Rotary Club of Stockton meeting!
  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – Angel Sepulveda.
  • Thought for the Day – Chad Marcigan: Chad gave thought of the day with regards to an article he found out on how to overcome adversity, the article is appropriate with the times that everyone is facing these days What are you made of, when push comes to shove what lies that is important to your character. You really learn about yourself when things go wrong, Your behavior is a strong indicator who you are inside how you will you react. Life is composed of large and small problems. No one can be in a total control of any situation. No matter how smart and intelligent you are, you will face adversity throughout your life. How to deal with adversity, step one, find the problem or identify it. Step 2, analyze the worst possible outcome. Step 3, finding solutions and resolving it.  Once you stop imagining the worst outcome and come up with the solution, your mind will relax and you can improve your situation dramatically. One always need to immediately start working to resolve issues rather than catastrophize it. Dealing with adversity one needs to face it calmly and ask around how others resolved it. Always remember “This shall to pass”.
  • Special Thanks Today to – Matt Grizzle for orchestrating these meetings, Dudley Drake for his work on speaker recruitment, Past-President and Assistant Governor Waqar Rizvi for taking notes and Eric Duran’s role of keeping The Wheel rolling.
  • Rotary Direct –  President Gary announced ADG Waqar Rizvi was the first member to sign up after Past District Governor Ellen Hancock gave her presentation in a past meeting. Please consider signing up; easy to do!
  • Concern Report – C.P. Riddle,retired military general and a member of our club is having health issues. Please reach out to him to see how he is doing. Home phone: 209-836-9017, email:
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2020-2021 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities that may or may not happen in the near future (due to the COVID-19 virus.)

Club Announcements

  • Fantasy Football – Matt Grizzle announced the start of the fantasy football this year. TJ was the champion last year.  His intent is to have someone else get the trophy from the Zoom background of TJ.  Please let Matt know if you are interested to join. The draft is in a couple of weeks and the season starts on September 10, 2020.
  • Who’s on First – Last Week President Gary said Past President Jim Dyke said the Children’s Museum Project was Jim Dyke’s President project and not Past President Bob Blower’s. Bob said he will like to take credit for both the World War II Memorial completion and the Children Museum Project completion in his year. After a good discussion Past President gave 100$ to SRE supporting to Children’s Museum and World War II Memorial.
  • Meeting Note Takers – PLEASE Volunteer for a once a month opportunity to keep the Wheel roll along.  Our Wheel editor will appreciate you stepping up to assist!  What’s a better way to know what’s going on in your club? -editor.  Contact Corie Stewart at

When we resume regular meetings..

  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.  For the proper procedure when proposing a new member, read this document.

Stockton Rotary Endowment and
The Rotary Club of Stockton
Charity Allocations

The Stockton Rotary Endowment Fund (SRE) and the Rotary Club of Stockton are soliciting requests for funds for the projects of charitable organizations operating in San Joaquin County. There are various funds within SRE that have specific requirements related to funding amount and approval. For applications and complete explanations as to the funding process, specific fund requirements, amounts available, etc.  Go to this link for more information, or send mail to Peter Gormsen, Charity Allocations Committee Chairman, 1401 N. Hunter Street, Stockton, Ca 95202. Deadline for applications is September 30, 2020.

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Commodore Robert F. Stockton, Bart W. Bird
Introduced By: Dudley Drake

Dudley Drake introduced speaker Bart Bird. Who is a native Stocktonain who will be giving a making a presentation in the persona of Commodore Robert F. Stockton.

Bart Bird talked about the history of Stockton in persona of Robert Stockton. Born in 1795 in Princeton NJ in the Stockton family ancestral home. I knew every president of USA For example George Washington died when I was 4. My grandfathers name Richard Stockton is written in Declaration of Independence. I joined the Navy in 1811. I held California for USA. In 1845 Dec I was sent by the president when war broke out with Mexico, I was sent here. There were several people sent with similar instructions. I arrived in California in July 1846. A week before I came to Monterey Bay Commodore Sloat reached Monterey and raised the flag. He was the ranking officer. After this he left and now I had to defend the claim to California.

Commodore Sloat went to East Coast and I was left in charge of the military forces in California. We only had 400 sailors and marines that came on our ship. There were some support I got from some others who had been here. Although we had guns and organized military the Mexican soldiers were not organized and the Government  of Mexico and  the Mexican military were not on the same page. The Mexican Government setup was in Monterey and Military headquarters were in Southern California. We sailed into San Pedro. I had our soldiers who were seamen prepare for battle. I had used them before in War of 1812. We strategized and portrayed that we had more soldiers than actually we had. This tactic worked and we gained controlled without any resistance.  After that we marched towards LA and used the same strategy. The strategy worked and the Mexican government leadership left for Mexico. They took a hostage Charles Weber for a safe passage. Mr. Weber was released. We operated under the Mexican laws till California became a State. In 1847 there a battle that took place, which was won by us. Mr. Fremont assisted as well. Later on Charles Weber was recruited by myself as Captain. Captain Weber started the town called Stockton and named the city after me. I was relieved of my Duty in January of 1847 and I made sure that all the people that had helped to secure the claim on California got paid. I bought a piece of property near San Jose. In 1853 I sent representative to my property to improve it. I sent 12 pre-fabricated houses from East Coast that got placed on my property. This property was used to create nursery and setup beehives. The honey bees brought strawberries and asparagus to California.  I never came back to California after 1847.  In 1860 I sold my property to someone who wanted to use it for railroad. Towards the end of 1860’s there was Santa Clara University which was in the old Mission and the first University in California known as University of the Pacific. UOP was in North of the Mission. They needed to expand and start an endowment fund. 400 acres of land was for the university.  In a nutshell this was my contribution to California. My Great Grandfather also started the Princeton University that was on my family land.


  • $250 (Bell Ringer) – Angel Sepulveda for her birthday (8/8) to RI
  • $87 – Beverly McCarthy for her birthday (8/10) – to RI
  • $100 – Past President Bob Blower to SRE in support of the Children’s Museum and the World War II Memorial.

August birthdays are listed below – 11 members and President Gary is anticipating they too will want to celebrate their birthday with a recognition and see if they can out do the July birthday performance of 93.3%.

Next Meeting: August 19, 2020
District Governor Sherry Cotta

Sherry Cotta is a member of the Lodi Rotary Club. In service to District 5220, she served 3 years as the Membership Chair, has been a member of the District Cabinet for 6 years, the District Advisory Council for 3 years, the Budget and Finance Committee for 4 years, and is the current District Governor. She has served as counselor at RYLA for the past 3 years. She currently sits on the Budget & Finance Committee of the Lodi District Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board. Rotary has become her life long passion, particularly membership development at home and economic development abroad.

Sherry is married to Joe, a Rotarian since 1992 and a north valley farmer. Sherry and Joe farm organic blueberries under the brand Rhythm and Blueberries, conventional wine grapes, own and manage a few vacation rentals in the north Lake Tahoe area and have a small coffee roasting company in Sacramento, Seasons Coffee.

Upcoming Speakers

(Virtual unless otherwise noted)

August 2020

  • 26 – SSA Chris McKinney, “FBI”

September 2020

  • 02 – Emergency Food Bank
  • 09 – Davis Harper, “Community Choice Energy”
  • 16 – Sylvan Young, “The Salvation Army”
  • 23 – TBA
  • 30 – Christopher Callahan, UOP President

August Birthdays…

Week Dates Rotarian
1 1st Leena Mittal – 1st
2 2nd – 8th Joe Serra – 4th
Linda Guinn – 5th*
Angel Sepulveda – 8th
Zach Downs – 8th
3 9th – 15th Beve McCarthy – 10th
Jonathan Pakele – 13th
4 16th – 22nd  (None)
5 23rd – 29th Sally Fandrich – 25th
John LaRue – 26th*
Louis Lemos – 27th
Clare Simpson – 28th
6 30th – 31st  (None)
*= Meeting Day – Wish them a Happy Birthday!


Rotary Club of Stockton Member Files
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Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to Past-President and Assistant Governor Waqar Rizvi, note taker extraordinaire; Matthew Grizzle, Virtual and Audio Visual Guru as well as Club and Attendance Secretary and Chief Checkers Matthew Grizzle and President Gary!

Contact Information
Attn: Matthew Grizzle, Club Secretary
1024 W. Robinhood Dr. Suite 5
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 7457
Stockton CA 95267
Phone: (209) 472-9662
Fax: (209) 472-9664

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District 5220 Governor
Sherry Cotta


Assistant Governor Area 2
Muhammad Waqar Ali Rizvi


Stockton Rotary Club President

Gary L. Frush


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Wednesdays at 12 Noon
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