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  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Waqar Rizvi welcomed members and guests to to his last meeting as the President of the Rotary Club of Stockton that has been serving the community for the past 105 years—This Club has been an Inspiration for its members and the community.
  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – President Waqar called the first lady of the club Maria Velasco-Rizvi who is one of the newest members of the Rotary Club of Stockton to do the Pledge and 4-Way Test.
  • Support Team –President Waqar thanked the support team that help every week with that includes John Salaices-Sergeant at Arms, who is here one hour before the meeting starts to setup, Frank Whitney with Pictures, Eric Duran with weekly Wheel newsletter, Lynndee Riley for taking notes, Hal Monroe for helping with DacDb/attendance. Linda Guinn for COG and to Karyn Johnson for always stepping up to taking pictures when Frank is not available.
  • Thank you and Acknowledgements:
      1. President Waqar Rizvi asked the Rotary Club of Stockton Board Members to standup and be acknowledged. This included, Melanie A Vieux-President-Elect, Gary L. Frush-President-Nominee, Steven D. Luthy-Treasurer, Jerry L. Smith-Secretary, Corie Stewart-Public Image Chair,  Kenneth A Steele-International Service Chair, Cathy J Wootan-Club Service Chair, Colleen D Stewart-Community Service Chair, Sharon A. Tweedy-Youth Services Chair, Omar Khamisa-Vocational Service Chair, Kuy E. Ky-Rotary Foundation Chair, Terry Hull Sr-Membership Chair, Ann Johnston-immediate Past President.
      2. President Waqar thanked Assistant Governor Wayne Hose and President Lorie Diaz Liddacoat from North Stockton. He also acknowledged PDG Marvin Williamson. He also thanked PDG Susan Drake for her service and encouragement that gained him the Major Donor Status this year.
      3. President Waqar also introduced Gerardo and Jessie Garcia who have become the newest member of Rotary Club of Stockton.
      4. President Waqar thanked and introduced his family members who were present at the meeting. Starting from his mother Sabiha Rizvi, wife Maria Velasco-Rizvi, his daughter, Fatima Rizvi, his son Ebraheem Rizvi, his brother Zulfi Rizvi, his sister-in-law Arooj Rizvi. He also thanked his friend Aman Ahuja who has been at multiple meetings taking video and photos.
      5. President Waqar congratulated the entire club for a successful Rotary year. He said the club has been successful due to its great members.
  • Rotarian of the Month – President Waqar presented Terry Hull Sr. with a Rotarian of the Month pin for his extra ordinary efforts for increasing membership. He also presented Jerry Smith with the Rotarian of the Month pin for his service to the club as the club secretary.
  • End of the Year Closing Remarks –  First of all, I would like to thank Past President Michael Blower and the kickout committee members for putting on a great kickout production. I am giving Michael a title of Chief Kickout Chair (CKC). He has been the coordinator of the kickout for the past many years and has always put in a lot of effort and time in planning and coordinating this along with many others. This year the script writers were, Michael Blower, Bob Blower and Corie Stewart. The kickout cast members included, Michael Blower staring as Elvis Presley, Tom Patti as Captain Gavel, Brain Lafferty as Camera Man, Corie Stewart as Miss Pronunciation, Graham Tweedy as Brevity Boy, Bob Blower as Fed Extra Delivery Man, Kuy Ky as Super Baby, Jamie Nance as Professor Z, Dave Tygett as Tally Man and Michael Keith as Rotary Man and Immediate Past President Ann Johnston. Everyone at the kickout meeting along myself enjoyed and had a great laugh. Our Rotary Club can really put a theater production.  A special thank you to the Speaker Chair, Shannon Ding, Chad Sublet and Brain Lafferty along with their committee members for getting good speakers.  We had close to 50 speakers this year that presented to our club during meetings.  I will also like to thank Eric Duran who every week puts on a great publication, The Wheel Newsletter. He puts in a lot of time and energy to get this out every week, even when he is on vacation.  Eric is also responsible for our website.  I will like to thank once again the entire membership for a successful year. We as a club were able participate in many projects and activities both locally and internationally. The club of was able to raise $60,000 for the Rotary Foundation. We gave over $2000 to Polio Plus.  We gave out more than $30,000 in scholarships. We gave over $80,000 through SRE to local non-profits. Overall our club was able to give out over $160,000. Some of the key projects our club was able to initiate this Rotary year are as follows: Sponsor of Rotary Club of Central Stockton, Peace night at the Stockton Ports, Annual Fundraiser Hot Hula Hukilau, Immunization trip to Pakistan, Annual children Christmas party,  Installation of two peace poles,  Completion of the Heroes park project that started in Ann Johnston’s year, Recognition Vocational Awards of the community Heroes/First Responders this year was a big success with 270 attendees, Celebration of Rotary Club of Stockton 105 year anniversary.  We started having once a month evening meeting that has been good success.   Our Club this year did well in membership. We were able have a net gain of 8 members. In the end, will like to thank the club for putting your confidence and trust in me and electing me as your President this year. This year’s theme was Be the Inspiration and our club surely has done it.  I am looking forward to Melanie’s year as our leader and president. Wishing you all a Happy 4th of July!

Past President Ann Johnston presents President Waqar with his now Past President Pin.

Past President Ann Johnston presents now Past President Waqar with a plaque.

Past President Waqar presents President Melanie Vieux with her president pin

President Melanie then presents President-elect Gary Frush with his president-elect pin.

The Kick-Out of Waqar Rizvi


Michael Blower, Bob Blower, Corie Stewart

What has become somewhat of a tradition, the last meeting of the Rotary year is devoted to a lighthearted production of some of the unusual, by some standards, things the president did in his Rotary year.  View the photos below to see how much fun and creative wit the cast members dished out to departing President Waqar Rizvi.

The Cast

(In order of appearance)


Elvis and his fellow L.U.S.H. (League of Unimpressive Superheroes) members investigate shenanigans going on in the club under the leadership of the current president (President Waqar).  He faked his death back in ’77 and went off the grid.  Then traveled the world to exotic and faraway lands seeking ancient wisdom and knowledge.  I went to places like Wakanda and the mystical land of K’un –Lun where I learned how to slow down the aging process.  I am 84 years old, but I still have this, the body of a middle-aged man.  I now present the L.U.S.H. members.


Defender and champion of gavels everywhere, pointed out the loss of the club gavel not once but twice under President Waqar’s presidency. Shame on you President Waqar that such drastic measures had to be taken to get it back.  Thankfully Pat Withrow, the Sheriff of San Joaquin County, got personally involved in the case. He deployed a K-9 unit that successfully sniffed out that gorgeous gavel which was found in the possession of the supervillain known as ….The Secretary!


Camera Man appeared to expose some of the faux pas that were observed where President Waqar seemed to take an inordanate number of selfies.  Not only himself and friends but on one occasion, a selfie of others taking selfies!  Many, many selfies!


Miss Pronunciation’s duty is to make sure Rotary presidents use proper pronunciation at all times.  It seems that was not the case with President Waqar when he could not seem to pronunce the name of the club fundraiser known as the “Hot Hula Hukilau”.  He referred to it as the “Hooky Hooky Hula”, the “Harry Hippy Hoe-Down” and the “Hottie Halle Berry”.  Other pronunciation discrepancies were pointed out as well.


Brevity Boy believes in the concise and exact use of words in both writing and speaking.  Nothing bothers Brevity Boy more than when a speaker goes on and on with superfluous verbosity!  His motto is “Get to the Point”.  Apparently President Waqar slipped up a time or two by allowing Past President Kuy Ky to have the microphone and everyone knows Kuy is even worse than the Tweedys when it comes to being overly talkative!


Fed Extra Deliveryman priority is getting fed.  His mission is to make sure all fathers are there for the delivery of their babies, particularly their firstborn.  It seems when President Waqar’s wife went to delivery their first child, where was he?  At a Rotary meeting!  Things can get pretty bad when a father doesn’t attend the delivery of his baby.  Just look at Super Baby Boy!


(Super Baby Boy runs around the room and throws a temper tantrum almost stepping on Elvis’ shoes – yes, his Blue Suede Shoes!)


Professor Charles Zavier runs the Zavier Institute for gifted non-profit speakers.  Some of our more advanced students have formed a group known as the Z-Men and I have been told that whenever they speak audiences really seem to enjoy all of the Zs.  I understand that Bob Blower in particular enjoyed many Zs during this past year.  In the 105 year history of the Rotary Club of Stockton, you have never had a higher percentage of non-profit speakers at your weekly meetings. In fact, the club met 50 times this year and yet somehow you had 65 non-profit speakers.  I vote President must stay!


As it was not unanimous on whether or not to get rid of President Waqar, this group of Lushes must vote on the issue.  Ballots were distributed and when counted, TALLYMAN determined it to be a TIE!


Super Hero Rotary Man came out of retirement just so that he could be here in the highly unlikely event of a tie.  After watching a video of President Waqar attempting to sing “Besame Mucho” with a Mariachi Band, Rotary Man, utilizing the 4-Way Test, determined President Waqar must go!  Watch the video and see for yourself.

Kick Out Cast with Past President Ann Johnston (far left) and President Waqar (far right).

President Waqar and family.

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”
(88) (23)

Club Announcements

  • Hero’s Park Dedication of the Rotary PavilionThe Record Newspaper account.
  • Nominations for Speakers – Chad Sublet & Brian Lafferty are accepting nominations for the 36 great speakers that the Programs Committee is responsible to procure for next year.
  • Advertise in the Wheel – You will have the opportunity to again advertise your business, hobby, profession or nonprofit in The Wheel this coming Rotary year which starts July 1st. These ads will take the format of a business card and will be approximately 2-1/2 by 1″. Cost will be $300 for a rotary year – a very reasonable cost to get your name in front of an elite group every week and make a contribution to our club at the same time. EXTRA! For $75 for the whole year we will link your ad to your website! Contact Graham Tweedy for more details. ( flyer )
  • Rotary International Convention – The convention will be from June 6th to June 10th of 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Past-President Bob Blower reminds us all that the Rotary Convention is only 4 days. There are so many things to do on the islands, plan to stay for a couple of weeks!
  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.

Know Your Rotarian

“Know Your Rotarian” is a weekly feature President Waqar is introducing to better acquaint you with your fellow Rotarians.

This week:

Dr. Joseph B. Serra

Joe was born and educated in Detroit, Michigan.  He served in Korea from 1950-51 as a Navy medical corpsman with the First Marine Division.  He obtained his pre-med degree at Albion College in Albion, Michigan; and attended Wayne State University College of Medicine graduating in 1960. He interned at Los Angeles County hospital then returned to Wayne State Univ. for his residency in Orthopedic Surgery.  He and his wife, Dorothy, moved to Stockton in 1966 where Joe entered private practice.

He has served as orthopedic team physician for the University of Pacific, the Milwaukee Brewers farm system, and the Stockton Ports baseball team.

Joe joined the Rotary club of Stockton in 1977; and served as President in 1990-91.  He served as Governor of  District 5220 from 1994-95.

He has served the Rotary Foundation as a volunteer orthopedic surgeon to Malawi, Africa on eleven tours;  primarily performing surgery on polio victims called “crawlers”. He has received many awards including the Service Above Self award, the Foundation PolioPlus Pioneer award, and the Distinguished Service Award of the Rotary Foundation.

He has also served his community, and was named “Stocktonian of the Year” in 1987; which he attributes to Rotary’s prominent identity in his community.  He has received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from San Joaquin Medical Society; and recently “The Citizen of the Year Award from The Greater Yosemite Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Joe and Dorothy have two sons, and four grandchildren.  His favorite activities include skiing, mountaineering, travel, and giving power-point presentations about Rotary’s legacy to the world—the eradication of polio

Next Meeting: July 10, 2019
Dustin Thoms, “Stockton Kings”

Dustin was born and raised in Yakima, Washington before moving to Spokane to attend Eastern Washington University. He graduated with degrees in journalism and public relations and used his network to land jobs in football, hockey, media and collegiate athletics. He eventually was hired as Director of Public Relations with an emphasis on corporate partnerships for the Spokane Indians baseball club, an affiliate of the Texas Rangers.

He moved to Sacramento in 2016 to be a part of a team opening up the Golden 1 Center before taking on the task of building the Reno Bighorns business operations. Fast forward 1.5 years and he is now in Stockton helping grow Sacramento’s G League franchise. When he’s not working, he enjoys doing anything outside that allows him and his fiancée Mallory to bring their two German shepherds with. Except for sushi and cocktails – that’s just for him and Mallory, whom he will be marrying in about 1 month

Upcoming Speakers

July 2019

  • 03 – DARK – NO MEETING
  • 10 – Dustin Thoms, “Stockton Kings”
  • 17 – Reinvent Stockton
  • 24 – Chad Romine, “Nautilus Data Tech”
  • 31 – Evening Meeting, “Family Game Night”

August 2019

  • 07 – “Boy Scounts and Rotary: History and Updates”
  • 14 – Jose Nuno, “Visionary Home Builders Services – Overview”
  • 21 – Max Simoncic, “Go Between”
  • 28 – District Governor Jim Pierce, “Rotary District 5220”

July Birthdays…

Michael Blower – July 1st
T J Hull, Jr. – July 1st
Dan Wright – July 1st
George Badway – July 2nd
Linda Philipp – July 2nd
Christine Noguera – July 4th
Brian Lafferty – July 5th
Uzma Khamisa – July 5th
Lynndee Riley – July 6th
Renna Beinoris – July 13th
Luie Duarte – July 23rd
Peter Jaffe – July 25th
Kevin Redick – July 25th
Eric Duran – July 28th
Steve Morales – July 28th
Gary Frush – July 29th
Jeff Greenberg – July 30th
Marc Bregman – July 31st*
* = Meeting Day – Wish them a Happy Birthday!


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Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to Lynndee Riley, Assistant Editor and note taker extraordinaire; Frank Whitney for photos; and to Jerry Smith, Club Secretary and Chief Checker!

Contact Information
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Mailing address:
P.O. Box 7457
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Phone: (209) 472-9662
Fax: (209) 472-9664

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