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Past-President Kuy Ky (left), with President Waqar, presented the World Series Raffle winner, Jonni Redick with her first Paul Harris. Jonni said she feels grateful for all of the contributors to her Paul Harris and promises to match their generosity with her efforts in Rotary. Congratulations Jonni!


Paul Kozlow (right) and President Waqar presented Jodi Sheffield of Haven of Peace a check for $3,000. Haven of Peace will use the $3,000 SRE donation to support women and families with small children for 24-hour emergency respite and/or stays of up to 6 months. The Haven of Peace was founded 60 years ago to shelter women as an additional community resource to the Gospel Rescue Mission who could only shelter men at that time.

Paul Kozlow (right) and President Waqar (left) presented Paul Rodriguez of Second Harvest Food Bank of SJ for $3,000. The Second Harvest Food Bank will use the $3,000 SRE donation to purchase a computer to help them with keeping accurate reporting and records of inventory.

Paul Kozlow (right) with President Waqar presented Paula Sheil of Tuleburg Press with an SRE check for $1,664.00. The Write Place will use the $1,664.00 SRE donation to purchase a special paper cutter for the creative participants to create books and magazines.

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”
(85) (12)


  • Call to Order and Presidents Welcome! President Waqar Rizvi welcomed members and guests to the Rotary Club of Stockton that has been serving the community for the past 105 years!
  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – Past-President of North Stockton Rotary, Jay Hislop.
  • Song – Past-President Kuy Ky lead us in “God Bless America”.
  • Judy Chambers

    Thought For The Day – Judy Chambers:   “Important Lessons Learned From Teachers” was the topic for Judy Chambers’ thought for the day.  One of Judy’s favorite teachers was her 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Merrill.  When Judy was in the 5th Grade, her goal in life was to become an Olympic Figure Skater and she was taking lessons twice a week and on weekends and she had potential.  One day, while she was waiting for her ride home from lessons, Judy went into the skate shop and saw a brand new gleaming pair of skates with the perfect blade that would likely propel her to her goal.Judy knew her family could not afford the skates, yet she could not resist bringing them up at the family dinner that night.  In turn, Judy’s father brought up Judy’s report card.  Report cards at the time had alpha academic marks on the left side and Satisfactory/Unsatisfacory citizenship marks on the right side.  Judy’s scores were always good with one exception.  Judy consistently received a “U” next to “Avoids Needless Talking”.  Judy’s father offered her a deal.  If Judy could get an “S” in that skill on her next report card, they would buy her those skates.

    Judy accepted the challenge, went to school and told Mrs. Merrill all about it.  For the next two weeks, Judy applied herself and did well, then slowly slipped into her old ways.  But, Judy knew Mrs. Merrill liked her and knew the significance of the “S”, so she felt confident it would happen.  On report card day, Mrs. Merrill asked her to stay after school.  Judy figured it was to give her a stern talk and then tell her she gave her the “S” anyway.

    Mrs. Merrill said she knew that above all else Judy was a very honest person and that she was going to allow Judy to mark that part of the report card herself.  She told Judy to give herself whichever mark Judy felt she truly deserved and promised that it would not be changed.  Judy gave herself the “U”, and did not get the skates.  Judy learned an important life lesson and went on to secure a career where needless talking was supported, but often thinks of that wise teacher, Mrs. Merrill.

  • Representing the Head Table – Ifti Mirza, our speaker; Paul Kozlow; and President Waqar.
  • COG Club – Chair: Linda Guinn. Greeter: Amir Khan ; Mics: Chad Marcigan & Clare Simpson; Attendance, Uzma Khamisa & John Salaices; Lunch Ticket Sales, John Atwood & John Salaices; Raffle ticket Sales: Linda Guinn. Sergeant At Arms Team: John Salaices (Coordinator); and Omar Khamisa (Lead).
  • Proposed New Members – Sharon Tweedy has sponsored Basel Karabala for membership. He has visited the Club on several occasions. Basel is the owner of 209 Furniture and his classification is Marketing/Sale. Waqar has sponsored Samir “Sam” Kharufeh for membership. He is the Business Representative for IBEW 595, classification Human Resources/Personnel Management. Sam has been Waqar’s guest at the Club several times.
  • Birthdays This Week – Colleen Stewart (3rd), Chris Papas (4th), and Jim Hanley (6th).
  • Raffle – #058312 Linda Guinn eliminated the 10 of hearts this week. Currently the raffle is $2,031.00! Winner will get half! Buy some raffle tickets! You could be the lucky Rotarian to win the pot!
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2017-2018 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities.

Special Announcement

Don’t forget the Stockton Rotary Heroes Night meeting on Wednesday, March 27th. There will be no lunch meeting that day, no make-ups required. Meeting will be at the Stockton Golf & Country Club, 5:00pm Cocktails, 6:00pm Dinner/Program, $25. Table sponsorships are available. Sign-up sheets at the regular meetings or call Melanie Vieux, 925 518-3426. Don’t miss this First Responders Appreciation Dinner. Sign up right away!  ( Flyer )

Club Announcements

  • Past President Kuy Ky

    Foundation Donations – Past President Kuy Ky reports that we are nearing our club’s District goal of $25 in Foundation donations from each club member.  Please check your piggy bank and see if you can make a donation to contribute to the effort as soon as possible.

  • San Joaquin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast – Don’t forget the San Joaquin County Leadership Prayer Breakfast, April 11, 2019, 6:15am to 8:45am, UOP Spanos Center, table sponsorships available, Reformed Mobster Michael Franzese will be the featured speaker.
  • Peace Pole Installation – Waqar Rizvi: Thank you for the members who came to the Peace Pole Installation on Sunday March 3rd at the Heroes Park.  President Waqar thanked everyone who came to supervise John Salaices who dug the hole for the Peace Pole at Heroes Park.  From the picture, it looked like the job required a mudder, thanks John!
  • ATTENTION VETERANS – Veteran court mentors needed for veterans treatment count. Judge Barbara A. Kronlund is looking for volunteer Veterans to become mentors for Veterans Treatment Court. Read the details HERE.
  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.
  • 2019 District Conference – The 2019 District Conference will be held at the Monterey Hyatt on May 3-5, 2019. Conference Registration does not include lodging, so be sure to book your hotel room at the Hyatt for the low discount rate of $229 a night. A link to make the group reservations is on the form.

A fellow Rotarian is needed to take over the Audio Visual duties; e.g., the laptop operation during the meeting. The requirements are minimal: a knowledge of Windows PowerPoint and basic computer skills, like copying files from a thumb drive to the laptop. They will not have to worry about keeping the laptop updated; that will be taken care of from time to time.  Instruction on what to do will be provided as well as on going tutoring if needed, then after they have a basic knowledge of what’s needed, they can “customize” it to their liking.  Interested Rotarians willing to step up and assist, contact Eric Duran or Jerry Smith if interested or need additional information.

Know Your Rotarian

“Know Your Rotarian” is a weekly feature President Waqar is introducing to better acquaint you with your fellow Rotarian.
This week:

Karyn Johnson

Born and raised in Stockton, CA, I am a proud almost lifelong Stocktonian (took a 5 year hiatus in Virginia). I graduated from Stagg High School in 1988 and earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 1993. In true Cal Poly “learn by doing” fashion, I did an internship with Hensel Phelps Construction Company building a Navy hospital in Twentynine Palms, CA where I met my Marine Corps husband, Ranch, a Desert Storm veteran. We have been married for over 25 years and have two amazing sons, one currently at San Jose State University and the other attending Delta College. My husband has been with the City of Manteca Police Department for 19 years and is currently enjoying his time on the narcotics unit.

I have followed in the proverbial footsteps of several of my family members by finding myself working in the public sector, my grandmother (Jane Benson) worked for the City of Stockton’s Fire Department, my mother (Georgeanne Chan) worked for the City of Stockton’s City Attorney, my uncle (Raymond Cezar) was City of Stockton’s City Manager and my other uncle (Michael Benson) worked for the City of Stockton’s Municipal Utilities Department. My career in the San Joaquin County Assessor’s office began in 1999 as a Property Technician and 19+ years later, I am now delighting in the challenges of running operations as the Assistant Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk.

A few quick facts that you may want to ask Karyn about:

    1. She is a twin.
    2. Her grandparent’s owned Henry’s Pharmacy on Charter Way.
    3. She was a Coxswain on the Cal Poly Rowing Team.
    4. She was part owner of a concrete construction company.
    5. She also owned a part-time photography business.
    6. And yes, her husband’s real name is Ranch

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Ifti Mirza
Subject: Altitude or Attitude: A Geeks’s Travel log; San Francisco to Concordia-K2-Gondogoro La of Pakistan
Introduced By: President Waqar.

President Waqar introduce fellow Silicon Valley Techie Ifti Mirza.  In his spare time, when he is not providing technical support to help researchers sequence DNA, Ifti authored the book, “Altitude or Attitude”.

Ifti gave a breathtaking slide presentation of his trek to the peaks of Pakistan where 5 out of 14 peaks above 8,000 meters (26,247 ft.) on our planet are located.  It is not a hike for the faint of heart, but it will fill your heart with wonder at the majestic beauty.

Next Meeting: March 13, 2019
Dr. Del Paine, “MD and founder of the READ AT HOME PROGRAM”

Dennis W. DelPaine, MD, Inc
5309 Carrington Circle
Stockton, CA 95210
Board Certified in Allergy, Asthma, Immunology
Rheumatology and Internal Medicine
209-951-4100, fax 209-951-2324
cell 209 601-7069

Columbia University, New York, New York, Degree: B.A., 09/69 to 05/73
University of California at Davis, Davis, California, Degree: M.D., 09/73 to 09/77

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California: Internal Medicine, 06/77 to 06/78

University of California at Davis, Sacramento Medical Center, 4201 “X” Street,
Sacramento, California: Internal Medicine 07/78 to 06/80

University of California at Davis: Allergy and Immunology, 07/81 to 06/84

Private Practice, Stockton, California, 08/84 to Present

President North Stockton Rotary 2009-10

Founder and President of the RAH! Program 2009, a 501c3.

Upcoming Speakers

March 2019

  • 20 – Edie Sparks, “Tillie Lewis and Early Female Bosses”
  • 27 – Evening Social For First Responders Appreciation Dinner (No Speaker Program)

April 2019

  • 03 – Dr. Les Harder – “Oroville Dam
  • 10 – Scholarships Awarded
  • 17 – Jim Dale, “Stockton Sailing Club”
  • 24 – Evening Social – 105 year Rotary Club of Stockton Celebration Program (No Speaker Program)

March Birthdays…

Brian Dillon – March 1st
Bill Brown – March 1st
Kristen Dyke – March 2nd
Colleen Stewart – March 3rd
Chris Papas – March 4th
Jim Hanley – March 6th*
Chuk Chikwendu – March 15th
Paul Jacobson – March 16th
Fubara Jack – March 16th
Pam Eibeck – March 16th
Peter Ragsdale – March 27th
Melanie Vieux – March 30th
Cathy Wooton – March 30th
* = Meeting Day – Wish them a Happy Birthday!


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Ken Norton Business Card





Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to Lynndee Riley, Assistant Editor and note taker extraordinaire; Eric Duran, photos; Eric Duran, Audio Visual; and Jerry Smith, Chief Checker!

Contact Information
Attn: Jerry Smith, Club Secretary
1024 W. Robinhood Dr. Suite 5
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 7457
Stockton CA 95267
Phone: (209) 472-9662
Fax: (209) 472-9664

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