President Ann (far right) welcomed two new members to the club:

Sponsored by Jim Dyke (second from right), Dane Solberg (third from right) is a Minnesotan whose father has been a Rotarian in the land of 10,000 lakes for 35 years.  Dane recently graduated from University of the Pacific Eberhardt School of Business where he was CEO of the Eberhardt Student Investment Fund.  Dane is a Financial Planner at the Blakely Financial Services.

Sponsored by Chheavy Lema (far left), Clare Simpson is the granddaughter of long-time Stockton Rotarian, Joe Diohep who passed in 2009.  Grandmother, Kathy Diohep accompanied her to the meeting this week.  Clare is the Product Manager at Tuleburg

Omar Khamisa (right) surprised Past-President Kuy Ky with a Paul Harris for being a special person who Omar described as someone with whom he felt very close, who stood tall and always helped him with a smile.  Past-President Ky resembles most of that and is already a Major Donor so he received a full Paul Harris bust.

Major Donors to The Rotary Foundation are those individuals, married couples, non-Rotary affiliated Foundations and Corporations who contribute an outright or cumulative gift of at least $10,000 to the Annual Programs Fund and/or to the Permanent Fund of The Rotary Foundation.


Edison High School Little Libraries: President Ann presented a check payable to Barnes and Noble for $2,399.60 to Danica Foronda, Felix Rieta and Kathy Areega of Edison Interact.  The funds will buy children’s books for the Little Free Libraries built by the Edison students and placed in the neighborhood to promote literacy.

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”


  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Ann welcomed members and guests and asked everyone to greet one another to enjoy the camaraderie of Rotary!.
  • Pledge of Allegiance & 4-Way Test – Past-President Gary Putnam.
  • Past-Presidents Michael Blower and Kuy Ky

    Song – Past-President and song leader Michael Blower and UOP Tiger Alum Past-President Kuy Ky led the UOP Tiger Fight Song. All sang along accompanied by Marie Medford on the piano.

  • Head Table – Judy Chambers, who will be introducing our speaker; Pam Eibeck, our speaker; and President Ann.
  • COG Club – Chaired by Linda Guinn. Greeter: Matthew Grizzle; Microphones: Van Young & John Salaices; Attendance, Christine Morrissey; Sergeant At Arms Ken Steele, Madison Sena, Peter Jalilie, John Salaices and Omar Khamisa. Lunch Ticket Sales: John Atwood & Mark Berbower (credit cards); and Raffle Ticket Sales, Russ Hagen.
  • President-Elect-Designate Waqar Rizvi

    Thought for the Day – President-Elect-Designate Waqar honored mothers with the following quotes:“All that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother.” –Abraham Lincoln
    “Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.” — Mildred B. Vermont
    Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn, Hundreds of bees in the purple clover, Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,  But only one mother the wide world over.”-George Cooper
    “A mom’s hug last long after she lets go.” – Unknown
    “I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars.” — E. M. Forster

  • Raffle – #769797 Dennis Cochran nabbed a quarter.  Next week:  12 quarters and 1 Susan B. Anthony.  Don’t forget: If you draw the winning coin (the Susan B. Anthony) your share will be 1/2 of the current pot plus 1/2 of the take at the next meeting! Buy some raffle tickets! You could be the lucky Rotarian to win the pot!
  • Birthdays This Week – Madisen Sena (4/30; Pam Wenger and Wayne Richardson (5/9) and Omar Kmamisa (5/11).
  • Potential New Member – Priscilla Hernandez, New Business Development Manager, Finance of America, sponsored by Omar Khamisa.
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2017-2018 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities.

Club Announcement

  • May 23rd Club Meeting – It may be a little early (for some) but don’t forget the May 23rd club meeting will be at the Spanos Reserve. More information, and a reminder, will be posted in subsequent club meetings.
  • Jerry Zedlitz

    Retiring SRE Treasurer – Congratulations to Jerry Zedlitz who is retiring as SRE Treasurer and moving to Tennessee.  Jerry was a member of our club for 39 years and was treasurer of the Rotary Club of Stockton as well for many of those years.

  • Rotary Leadership Training – Omar Khamisa invites all to the Rotary Leadership Training in Madera, May 19th, 8am – 1pm.
  • Presidents Kick-Out – Past-President Kuy Ky is calling all creatives to join him in planning the Kick-Out of President Ann.  Contact Kuy
  • WWII Memorial @ Weber Point

    Memorial Day Observance – Past-President Bob Blower is organizing a special evening ceremony to commemorate Memorial Day this year in conjunction with two VFW Posts. There will be a 21 Gun Salute (or as Bob calls it, a firing squad). So bring the kids with their flak jackets & noise deafening ear phones to learn about the heroes who have kept our country and a more than a few countries free from tyranny. Weber Point, WWII Memorial, Monday, May 28, 2018, 7:00pm. ( map )

  • Tom McHugh

    AMGEN Needs Volunteers – Tom McHugh: AMGEN is looking for a few good Rotary volunteers to assist on race day, May 17th, here in Stockton. Dave Midura volunteered to chair the team that now includes President Ann and Tom McHugh! Please contact him to volunteer. What’s an “AMGEN”? Amgen Tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race created and presented by AEG that challenges the world’s top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding course that traverses hundreds of miles of California’s iconic highways, byways and coastlines each spring. Tom reports that they have about 12 volunteers for Course Marshals during the AMGEN bicycle race. Fun Fact #1: A bicycling uniform is called a “kit”; Fun Fact #2: The bicycles used on the tour weigh about 15 lbs.; and Fun fact #3: The bicycles used on the tour cost about $10,000 and this weeks Fun Fact #4: The main group of riders in a bicycle race is called the “peloton” (In a road bicycle race, the peloton (from French, originally meaning ‘platoon’) is the main group or pack of riders.) Fun Fact #5: Most of the riders in the bike race will wear kits with their sponsor names on them, but there are 3 special jerseys worn by the contestants: Yellow – The rider who is the overall leader of the race to that point; Green – The rider with the most points in the race from winning stages such as the sprints; and Red Polka Dots – This may also appear to some as “pink-a-dots”. The rider who wins the mountain stage of the competition.  Fun Fact #6:  In road bicycle racing, a domestique (do-mes-teeq) is a rider who works for the benefit of his team and leader, rather than trying to win the race. In French, domestique translates as “servant”. The domestiques ride like body guards surrounding the lead racer and sometimes even have to give up a bike if the lead racer needs one.

    Be at the Balloonery (Harding / Sierra Nevada) well before 11:00am to see the racers go by.  There will be a festival at the starting point before that where the racers will be mingling after they arrive on the bus.

  • Past-President Graham Tweedy

    Spanos School Volunteers – Past-President Graham Tweedy invites you to take advantage of one of the following volunteer opportunities:Spanos School Book Fair:
    Thursday, May 17th  8-noon Set up book fair on the stage in cafeteria.
    Friday, May 18th 7:50-2pm Class preview day
    Monday May 21st 7:30-8:15, 9:30-12:30, 1:45-2:15
    Tuesday May 22nd 7:30-8:15, 9:30-12:30, 1:45-2:15
    Wednesday May 23rd 7:30-8:15, 9:30-2:00
    Thursday May 24th 7:30-8:15, 9:30-12:30, 1:45-3:00
    Friday May 25th 7:30-noon Pack up book fair.

    Spanos School Field Day:
    Wednesday, May 30th 10:00 – 11:00  Drink and food table, games
    Help collect tickets for drink and food items, help with games.

    Contact Sharon Tweedy @

  • Chris Lema

    Membership Minute – Chris Lema reminded us that every awesome thing done by a Rotary Club started with a person that turned into a group of people that turned into groups of people from clubs all over the world.  So, bring people to become members of our club.

  • SAVE THE DATE – Annual Rotary Fundraiser Event- Saturday, September 15, 2018, University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.


  • $25 – Raul Chavez forgot to introduce his guests, Mr. & Mrs. Ducky who are selling their ducklings to raise funds for the Child Abuse Prevention Council.  Buy their babies for $5.  Tom Patti will be dumping all the ducklings into the turning basin this weekend.

Birthday Recognitions

  • $50 – Pam Wenger – because that was a good year!
  • $100 – Omar Khamisa – $100 wasn’t enough to prevent the singing this time.
  • $123 – in homor of the age of Arthur Murray Dan Centers (Madisen is only 32!)

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Pam Elbeck
Subject: UOP Update”
Introduced By: Judy Chambers

Judy Chambers lived up to her reputation as Master of Introductions in presenting Dr. Pamela Eibeck who became the 24th President of University of the Pacific on July 1, 2009.  With commencement on Saturday, Dr. Eibeck highlighted a great academic year that included fabulous speakers, Sheryl Sandberg, John Chambers and a musical performance by Roomful of Teeth.

The football stadium was replaced by the Eve Zimmerman Tennis Courts and Roy & Jean Sanders Tennis Clubhouse.  Fireworks shot from the Burns Tower at Homecoming.  Sand volleyball courts were added and the Alex G. Spanos Arena was renovated with stair railings.  Janet Lucas was hired as the new Athletic Director.

The new 381 bed, apartment style, residence hall north of the Calaveras River will be completed and is sold out for occupancy in the fall.  The $300 million Fundraising Project has raised $183 million to date and is on target to meet its goals.

Next Meeting: May 16, 2018
Chad Sublet, “The Modern Workforce – 5 Ways to Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Workers”

The Modern Workforce – 5 Ways to Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Workers

Presented by: Jeff Gilbert and Chad Sublet – Verve Networks

By the year 2020, 50% of the workforce will be from the millennial generation. Like you and I, these folks are entering the workforce with a strong desire to make an impact on the world, but unlike most of us, this is the first generation of workers that have never lived in a world where there was no internet. As such these “Digital Natives” have a unique set of expectations from employers. Come learn about how you can leverage 5 key technologies to create a modern workspace that will help you to attract, empower and retain this powerful workforce.

Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert, CEO– Jeff has been in the Information Technology industry for 20 years, and has served in virtually all aspects of the IT world, getting his start in basic IT work, progressing through software development and architecture, and finally to IT Management. Jeff’s career has led him to provide services for some of the world’s largest firms, including global project management firms, and top 5 national defense firms. Jeff lives in Stockton with his wife Christina and their 4 sons.


Chad Sublet

Chad Sublet, Partner – Chad’s background includes 20+ years of customer service and sales. Starting his technical career with electronics repair in the USAF Minute Man program and transitioning those skills to satellite and weapons repair in the civilian world. Eventually growing his skillset to sales, and becoming a partner at Verve in 2008. Chad now has responsibility for the Verve Sales & Account Management team.  Chad lives in Stockton with his wife Madeline and their 2 children.


Upcoming Speakers

May 2018

  • 23 – Ed Stewart, “PAWS”
  • 30 – Brad Triebsch, “Investment in Stockton”

June 2018

  • 06 – Jamie Nance, “Stockton Police Department Updates”
  • 13 – Peter Johnson, “Strategic Planning?”
  • 20 – Bill Maxwell, “Stockton Architecure”
  • 27 – Presidents “Kick-Out”

May Birthdays…

Bob Hake – May 2nd*
Nate Schloss – May 2nd*
Julie Van Vuren – May 3rd
Corie Stewart – May 5th
Pam Wenger – May 9th*
Wayne Richardson – May 9th*
Omar Khamisa – May 11th
Bill Johnson – May 14th
Sharon Tweedy – May 20th
Heather Schlenger – May 22nd
Rigo Cervantes – May 23rd*
Adam Cheshire – May 24th
Ralph Saroyan – May 27th
Chad Sublet – May 30th*
*= Club Meeting – Wish them a Happy Birthday!


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Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to Lynndee Riley, Assistant Editor and note taker extraordinaire; Frank Whitney, photos; Madisen Sena, Audio/Visual Operations and Jerry Smith, Chief Checker!

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