Today’s meeting was run by the Edison Interact and it was a big day for giving out scholarships, awards and checks:

Suzanne Huebel presented the following SRE Community Service Scholarships:

Sianne Susbilla
Stockton Early College Academy

Morgan Clements
St. Mary’s High School

Stephanie Matsumoto
A.A. Staff High School

Rivelle Jauregi
Stockton Early College Academy

Gabrielle Hattori
Stockton Early College Academy

Sharon Tweedy presented the following Rotary Club of Stockton Community Service Scholarships:

Kathy Aseega
Edison High School

Hannah Kecherside
St. Mary’s High School

Kimberly Tablit
Edison High School

Vanessa Mendoza
St. Mary’s High School

Christina Tam
Edison High School

Past District Governor Susan Drake presented the Susan Drake Scholarships:

Aizlrose Albon
Edison High School

Andy Vang
Edison High School

Kevin Kauffman (far left) along with President Ann presented the following Paul Harris Fellows:
Pat Patmon, III (far right), PH+4
Past President Bob Blower (second from right), PH+5, and
Tom Patti, PH+4

Paul Kozlow presented a check to Patricia Davidson from the Delta Humane Society for $4,000 which will be used for preventative vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures.

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”


  • Call to Order and Welcome! Edison Interact President, Kathy Areega opened the meeting and advised that the next generation (although, on average it is more accurately the next, next generation) would be running the show today
  • Pledge of Allegiance & 4-Way Test – Edison Interact Student, Kimberly Tablit.
  • Song – Edison Interact Student, Abigael Tabora lead all singing “God Bless America”.  All sang along accompanied by Marie Medford on the piano.
  • Head Table – Past President Bob Blower, who will be introducing our speaker; David Soderston, our speaker; Edison Interact Student Christina Tam who will present the Thought For the Day; and Edison Interact President, Kathy Areega.
  • COG Club – Chaired by Linda Guinn. Greeters: (2-Students); Microphones: (Student-1) & (Student-2); Attendance, Patie Jansen; Sergeant At Arms Ken Steele, Peter Jalilie, John Salaices and Omar Khamisa. Lunch Ticket Sales: John Atwood & Matthew Grizzle (credit cards); and Raffle Ticket Sales, Linda Guinn.
  • Thought for the Day – Edison Interact Student, Christina Tam spoke on positive leadership. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – Winston Churchill
  • Raffle – #769742 Kevin Kauffman easily identified the quarter he pulled from the book box.  13 quarters and 1 Susan B. Anthony remain for next week.  Don’t forget: If you draw the winning coin (the Susan B. Anthony) your share will be 1/2 of the current pot plus 1/2 of the take at the next meeting! Buy some raffle tickets! You could be the lucky Rotarian to win the pot!
  • Potential Member – Dane Solberg, Financial Advisor, sponsored by Past President Jim Dyke; Clare Simpson, Project Manager, Tuleburg, a business development firm, sponsored by Chheavy Lema; and Priscilla Hernandez, New Business Development Manager, Finance of America, sponsored by Omar Khamisa.
  • Birthdays This Week – Tom McHugh (4/23), Steve Bestolarides & Paul Marsh (4/26), Mel Rakoncza (4/28).
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2017-2018 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities.

Spanos Elementary Interact Club presentation from Purple Pinkie

Kathleen Moody, Spanos Elementary Interact Club Advisor, and Spanos Elementary Students, Jennifer Martinez, Brooklyn Artega, Camila Pineda, and Alexandria Vallejo presented the club with $239 for Polio Plus.  Students did a “George Washington” Fundraiser for quarter donations.  Since they began doing fundraisers, the club has raised a total of $1,202 which is enough for 270 polio vaccinations.

Sharon Tweedy announced a call for volunteers for the SUSD Science & Engineering Expo on Saturday, May 12, 2018, 8:00am – 3:00pm, SUSD Professional Development Center, 1503 St. Mark’s Plaza, Stockton. ( map )

There will be a few stations where kids can engage in some hands-on STEM activities, and they need volunteers to help greet the kids as they approach the stations and to refill them.  All of the activities are simple enough and volunteers will not need to explain or know any scientific content to work these stations.  Just a smile and encouragement is all the volunteers will provide.

Volunteers are needed to hear students present their science projects.  They will not judge students on any science content whatsoever, they will just give them marks on presentation skills, whether they thought their project was original, and the overall clarity of their project.  The students have worked so hard on their projects and the ones that make it to this event have been chosen out of their entire site as the best overall.  They are eager to have people listen to their work and encourage them in their future efforts.

They would love to have a big crowd attend and lunch is provided for all volunteers!  Even if you can’t stay the whole day, any part of the day would be greatly appreciated.  Over 200 students participated last year.

Pictures of the 2017 event

Contact:  Ryan Sedillo, STEM Specialist, Stockton Unified School District,

209-933-7030 ext. 2332

Club Announcement

  • May 23rd Club Meeting – It may be a little early (for some) but don’t forget the May 23rd club meeting will be at the Spanos Reserve. More information, and a reminder, will be posted in subsequent club meetings.
  • WWII Memorial @ Weber Point

    Memorial Day Observance – Past-President Bob Blower is organizing a special evening ceremony to commemorate Memorial Day this year in conjunction with two VFW Posts.  There will be a 21 Gun Salute (or as Bob calls it, a firing squad).  So bring the kids with their flak jackets & noise deafening ear phones to learn about the heroes who have kept our country and a more than a few countries free from tyranny.   Weber Point, WWII Memorial, Monday, May 28, 2018, 7:00pm. ( map )

  • Child Abuse Prevention Council Ducky Derby – It is time to adopt your yellow duckies for Child Abuse Prevention Council Ducky Derby. Adopt one or many ($5 each) at Tom Patty will be dumping all the little quackers to start the race at 2pm on Saturday, May 12th, Weber Point, Stockton.
  • Tom McHugh

    AMGEN Needs Volunteers – Tom McHugh: AMGEN is looking for a few good Rotary volunteers to assist on race day, May 17th, here in Stockton. Dave Midura volunteered to chair the team that now includes President Ann and Tom McHugh! Please contact him to volunteer. What’s an “AMGEN”? Amgen Tour of California is a Tour de France-style cycling road race created and presented by AEG that challenges the world’s top professional cycling teams to compete along a demanding course that traverses hundreds of miles of California’s iconic highways, byways and coastlines each spring. Tom reports that they have about 12 volunteers for Course Marshals during the AMGEN bicycle race. Fun Fact #1: A bicycling uniform is called a “kit”; Fun Fact #2: The bicycles used on the tour weigh about 15 lbs.; and Fun fact #3: The bicycles used on the tour cost about $10,000 and this weeks Fun Fact #4: The main group of riders in a bicycle race is called the “peloton” (In a road bicycle race, the peloton (from French, originally meaning ‘platoon’) is the main group or pack of riders.) Fun Fact #5: Most of the riders in the bike race will wear kits with their sponsor names on them, but there are 3 special jerseys worn by the contestants: Yellow – The rider who is the overall leader of the race to that point; Green – The rider with the most points in the race from winning stages such as the sprints; and Red Polka Dots – This may also appear to some as “pink-a-dots”. The rider who wins the mountain stage of the competition.

  • Chris Lema

    Membership Minute – Chris Lema introduced a “Membership Minute” courtesy of Madisen O’Laughlin who joined our club because it seemed a good place to make some new friends in the town where she had recently re-located to open her new business, Arthur Murray Dance Center Stockton.  Madisen reports that it worked and now she has many new friends made through Rotary.

  • SAVE THE DATE – Annual Rotary Fundraiser Event- Saturday, September 15, 2018, University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.

Guest Speaker

Speaker: David Harvey
Subject: Afgan War Veteran”
Introduced By: Past President Bob Blower

Past-President Blob Blower thought he was living across the street from just another Army grunt – like Past President, Colonel Jerry Smith.  Turns out Bob lives across the street from Warrant Officer 5, super hero David Harvey, sir!  It takes a minimum of 18 years to rise to that rank and it is by invitation only.  The dozens of students in attendance brought the average age in the room down to 50, but Harvey held everyone’s attention with the presentation on his lifetime career serving his country in the states, Iraq and Afganistan.  Harvey has sole responsibility for keeping the 12 Chinook helicopters stationed out of the Stockton International Airport in ready condition for any assignment.  Harvey has logged 12,000 hours flying aircraft – or as Past President-President Bob calculates, he has flown for 1.36 years.

Next Meeting: May 9, 2018
Pam Elbeck, “UOP Update”

Pamela A. Eibeck
President, University of the Pacific

Dr. Pamela A. Eibeck became the 24th President of University of the Pacific on July 1, 2009. Under her leadership, Pacific is implementing a bold vision to become a University that spans three metropolitan regions of Northern California – Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco – while enhancing its academic excellence and student success.  President Eibeck’s commitment to community, including the Beyond Our Gates effort to improve early literacy in Stockton, was recognized by the 2015 ATHENA Leadership Award. She also serves on the Valley Vision Board and the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council Board of Directors. Eibeck is a leader in American higher education. She is chairing the Association for Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) from 2014 to 2016 and currently serving as vice chair of the NCAA’s Committee on Academics.

Eibeck’s Presidency follows a distinguished career as a researcher, teacher, educational reformer, and university administrator. She received her bachelor’s through doctoral degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. She taught and earned tenure at the University of California at Berkeley, served as a professor, department chair and administrator at Northern Arizona University, and served as dean of the Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering at Texas Tech University.

An expert in heat transfer, Eibeck conducted experimental research related to electronics cooling and thermal tiles used by NASA on its aerospace vehicles. Her later work focused on engineering educational reform, including the use of technology in the classroom and attracting young people and women to the profession.

Eibeck became a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2008. She received the Distinguished Engineering Educator Award from the Society of Women Engineers in 1996 and the Boeing Outstanding Educator Award in 1999.

Eibeck is married to William D. Jeffery, a law professor and a native of California. They have four children. Sons Andrew, Kevin and Will live in the Bay Area. Daughter Katherine attends law school on the east coast.

Upcoming Speakers

May 2018

  • 16 – Chad Sublet, “The Modern Workforce – 5 Ways to Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Workers”
  • 23 – Ed Stewart, “PAWS”
  • 30 – Brad Triebsch, “Investment in Stockton”

June 2018

  • 06 – Jamie Nance, “Stockton Police Department Updates”
  • 13 – Peter Johnson, “Strategic Planning?”
  • 20 – Bill Maxwell, “Stockton Architecure”
  • 27 – Presidents “Kick-Out”

May Birthdays…

Bob Hake – May 2nd*
Nate Schloss – May 2nd*
Julie Van Vuren – May 3rd
Corie Stewart – May 5th
Pam Wenger – May 9th*
Wayne Richardson – May 9th*
Omar Khamisa – May 11th
Bill Johnson – May 14th
Sharon Tweedy – May 20th
Heather Schlenger – May 22nd
Rigo Cervantes – May 23rd*
Adam Cheshire – May 24th
Ralph Saroyan – May 27th
Chad Sublet – May 30th*
*= Club Meeting – Wish them a Happy Birthday!


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