Current Members

Attention current members: Please let us know if we have missed something and you would like a new section added to the website. Contact Kristen Dyke at to make a request.

Vision Document.  Please click here to review our club Vision Report.  Below is the protocols that your visioning committee proposes for ongoing development of our Vision.

The committee will consist of the current president as chair, president elect, immediate past president, president nominee and member at large.  The member at large will be chosen by the president nominee immediately after he/she is nominated.

Vision committee Procedures.  The committee will meet quarterly.  Minutes to be taken by the newest member of the group.  A report will be made annually to the club.  Each quarterly meeting might focus on a different topic, i.e. membership.  This might mean inviting the current membership chair to join them.  This attendee would not be a voting member.


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