The Wheel – May 15, 2019

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Stockton Rotary Endowment Chair, Paul Kozlow, left, and President Waqar presented checks in the amount of $5,000 to Janelle Wilkinson, American Cancer Society for transporting patients to treatment.

Stockton Rotary Endowment Chair, Paul Kozlow, left, and President Waqar, far right, along with presented checks in the amount of $5,495 to Kimberly Lewis & Arthur Decker for purchasing flexible seating for students at Aspire Public Schools – Rosa Parks Academy who need to squirm to learn.

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”
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  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Waqar Rizvi welcomed members and guests to the Rotary Club of Stockton meeting and acknowledged the club for its 105 years of service to the community
  • Pledge of Allegiance & Four Way Test – Doug Hanson.
  • Song – Even though it was raining, Past-President Bob Blower led the club in singing “America The Beautiful”.
  • Chris Lema

    Thought For The Day – Chris Lema heralded the value and importance of a quality night’s sleep.  Matthew Walker wrote a book called “Why We Sleep”.  Humans are the only species that actively fight sleep.  The effects of sleep deprivation are detrimental to health and safety.  If you desire to think better and live better, work on both the quality and quantity of your daily sleep.

  • Head Table – Sheriff Martin Ryan of Amador County, our speaker; Jamie Nance, introducing the speaker; Cathy Wooton and President Waqar Rizvi.
  • COG Club – Coordinator: Linda Guinn. Greeter: Robert Gross; Mics: Humberto Beas & Farah Khwaja; Credit Card, Basel Karabala; Raffle: Jonni Redick; Attendance, Chad Marcigan. Sergeant At Arms Team: John Salaices (Coordinator); and Omar Khamisa (Lead).
  • Birthday girl, Jordan Nance

    Birthdays This Week – Bill Johnson – May 14th, and Jamie Nance’s 20 year old daughter, Jordan Nance – May 15th.  “Happy Birthday” was sung by all to Jamie Nance’s daughter (Bill was not in attendance).

  • Raffle – Past-President Don Barry cleared out the pot again in only the second week of the new raffle to win half the pot! Buy some raffle tickets! You could be the lucky Rotarian to win the NEXT pot!
  • Club Service & District Calendar for 2017-2018 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities.

Club Proposed Changes

Kathy Wooten reviewed the following proposed changes to be voted on at the June 12th meeting and, if approved, would take effect 7/1/2019:

Club Initiation Fee:  $50.00

Annual Club Dues:  $300.00 (ACH Auto-Deduction Plan Available – $25.00 per mon.)

$250.00 if received by June 30, 2019

Attendance Requirements:  2 meetings minimum per month (any combination of club meetings, club events, district events, committee meeting, board meetings)

Stockton Rotary Endowment:  Source of funds for all charity allocations and club projects.

Rotary Club of Stockton:  Application has been made to change the club status to a 501(c)3 to allow donations towards club operations to be tax deductible.

A flyer has been prepared to inform club members of where their fees go:

  • Club Initiation Fee:  Member Badge, Rotary Book & Orientation Materials
  • Annual Dues:  District Dues – $62
  • Rotary International Dues – $86
  • Rotary Club of Stockton Operations Costs – $102 – $152

Club Announcements

  • Exemplary Service – Susan Drake – Tuesday evening Past District Governor Dave Mantooth acknowledged Susan Drake’s 7 years of exemplary service as The District’s Foundation Chairman. Under Susan’s leadership the District experienced the best years of fund raising that it has seen.
  • Next Evening Meeting – Sign-up sheets will be available for this month’s evening meeting on May 29th.
  • Past President Bob Blower

    Memorial Day Ceremony – Past-President Bob Blower announced that at 10:00 am on Memorial Day there will be a brief ceremony at the WWII Memorial at Weber Point.  Bring the whole family!

  • Kick-Out Planning Committee Meeting – Past-Presidents Ann Johnston and Bob Blower announced the Kick-Out Meeting Planning Committee will hold its first meeting on Monday, May 20th, 5pm at Kris Blower’s house.
  • Matt Grizzle

    Special Event on the Miracle Mile – Matt Grizzle announced a special event on the Miracle Mile, “Miracle Mile En Blanc”. Get those white clothes out of the closet and enjoy musical performances by Calli Grace & the Penetrators Groove Band, Photo Zone, raffle & Silent Auctions, International Foods Prepared by Miracle Mile Restaurants, Saturday, June 8th, 6pm to 10pm, $60, All White Dress, Tickets:  Information:

  • Madisen Sena

    “Blast from the Past”, A Spring Festival Extravaganza – Madisen Sena announced that Rotarians Ken & Rita Steele and Sharon & Manny Manaois will be performing at “Blast from the Past”, A Spring Festival Extravaganza, hosted by Arthur Murray Dance Studio Stockton, Thursday, May 23, 2019, 7pm, Delta College – Tillie Lewis Theatre, $30, Tickets: (209) 214 – 6200 ( map )

  • Heather Schlenger

    New CEO of the YMCA – Heather Schlenger donated a Paul Harris Fellow and announced that as current President of the YMCA board she is happy to announce that Dan Chapman has been named the new CEO. The “2019 Y Dads Matter” event on June 11th, 12pm – 1pm, Spanos Reserve will feature former NBA Rookie of the Year and Rookie All Star Damon Stoudamire, with opening remarks by Mayor Michael Tubbs.  Attendance is Free, but guests will be asked to make a donation.  RVSP to or here on Facebook.

  • District Leadership Seminar – May 18th Saturday District Leadership Seminar at Atwater, Merced County Community Center from 8am to 1pm ( map )
  • Stagg High School Clothing – Sharon Tweedy has received a request for donations of shirts, ties or suits that could be used by seniors to wear for graduation. Contact Sharon for more information.
  • Coffee needed for homeless shelter – The Homeless Shelter of Stockton has run out of ground coffee and is collecting donations. Got any extra grounds or bucks? Help them out. Contact President Waqar to see how.
  • Joint Project for a Water Grant – Ray Call, North Stockton Rotary announced that President Waqar proposed a joint project for a water grant from the District 5220 Applegate Fund for sustainable water projects in and around LaHore, Pakistan and received $14,000 from the fund to get that project started.
  • Paul Harris Matching Points – Paul Harris Matching Points Matching points are available for those making donations to the Rotary International Foundation to the end of June.
  • SAVE THE DATE – JUNE 14, 2019 5PM-8PM – District 5220’s newest Rotary Club ModestoFLEX will be celebrating their charter and YOU ARE INVITED for some good old fashioned fun! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! The Charter Gala Gatsby Picnic will be held at the the home of Lars and Sabrina Enevoldsen in Oakdale. Guest speakers are Past Rotary International Director Steve Snyder and Stephanie Gallo, Chief Marketing Officer for E&J Gallo Winery. Only $20 for ModestoFlex members and $30 for all other Rotarians and Guests. $10 for kids 10 and under. Click here to see a copy of the news release describing ModestoFLEX’s “flexible” membership. Hope to see you there! Eugene Awuah, President, ModestoFLEX Rotary Club,
  • Use That Credit Card at The Meeting – You may now pay for lunch, raffle tickets (minimum Credit Card Purchase of $5.00) and other purchase at the Club meetings with a credit Card.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.

Know Your Rotarian

“Know Your Rotarian” is a weekly feature President Waqar is introducing to better acquaint you with your fellow Rotarians. This week:

Chris and Chheavy Lema

Chris and Chheavy Lema are residents of Elk Grove with their two children, Christine (6) and Christopher (3). Even thought they now share a common place to raise their family their backgrounds differ tremendously. Chris is the 6th generation of his family in Elk Grove making Christopher and Christine 7th generation Elk Grov-ians. He grew up just miles from where his ancestors settled over 125 years ago to work the rich land of the Sacramento Valley on the Mahon Ranch. Growing up around ranching and entrepreneurial parents he learned the value of hard work early in life. Chris developed his first career during high school and through college as a computer network technician (shhh don’t tell anyone he knows how to fix computers) and ran a landscape business on the weekends with his childhood friend Frank. He also enjoyed, what was arguably the best job ever, being a professional Night Club DJ. While attending California State University Sacramento Chris earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Risk Management, and Insurance.

Chheavy and Chris met at CSU Sacramento. Chheavy’s studying brilliance and compassion helped ease Chris’s business law woes and saved him from the impending doom of having to retake a class in college. Chheavy was born in the Banttambang province of the Kingdom of Cambodia. She was heroically smuggled out of the country, through dense jungles, and under the cover of darkness by her parents with the company of her 4 siblings. Her escape from Cambodia was in response to the horrific occupation of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge, who perpetrated one of the largest genocidal horrors the world has ever seen. During this occupation it is estimated that between 21% – 24% of the Cambodian population was murdered. Her father a teacher, and her mother from a middle-class family were prime targets of the Khmer Rouge. Through cunning and luck, they survived and had the opportunity to seek a better life in the United States.

After brief stays in refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines, Chheavy arrived in Stockton, CA in 1988. This is where her Stocktonian roots began to grow. Chheavy is a graduate of A.A. Stagg High School in Stockton. Her entrepreneurial ambitions began in her sister’s doughnut shop in Danville where Chheavy would spend her weekends and summers working and learning. After high school Chheavy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, Risk Management, and Insurance from CSU Sacramento however she did so in a brisk 3.5 years. During college she worked in the doughnut shop and began an internship with Morgan Stanley where she started to learn the investment business. Chris graduated a year later and began his journey into the world of insurance, investments and financial advice. As this new career began Chris began reconnecting with people he knew in the business world. Being a pack rat he found Chheavy’s number on a small piece of paper and picked up the phone not knowing where it would lead. This ended up being the most impactful phone call of his life. Chris and Chheavy began dating and life began to unfold. They have been married for over 9 years.

Chheavy realized that she had different career ambitions and left Morgan Stanley to open her own wedding planning company. Shortly thereafter she was hired by David’s Bridal and began to learn the wedding dress business. She quickly began climbing the ranks of her new career and became store manager of one of the highest volume locations in the country, managing more than 50 employees. It became apparent how gifted she is at managing people, stress, and expectations in a very emotional environment. Chheavy continued to work at David’s Bridal for about 2 years after Christine was born. The long hours, long commute to Roseville, and weekend shifts lead her to decide to leave her beloved store. Chris and Chheavy realized that work-life balance was a value they had been neglecting and sought to pursue a different path. Chheavy came to work with Chris to grow their financial advisory business, now located in Elk Grove.

At the same time Chheavy was looking for a way to give back, and as it turns out this big scary change allowed her the flexibility to join Rotary and reconnect with her community of Stockton. Chris followed suit and joined the club. Both Chris and Chheavy have been inspired by the community of Stockton and the Rotary club that has taken them in. In his spare time Chris loves to stay fit in his garage gym and train Brazillian Jiu Jiu Jitsu. When not training he is passionate about spending time outside, especially in the mountains. Chheavy can be found enjoying Cross Fit, traveling, wine tasting and, spending time at the beach. Both Chris and Chheavy aim to incorporate as may experiences as possible in to their kids’ lives to give them a well-rounded upbringing with perspective about the many blessings that have been bestowed upon them. If you want to know more feel free to give them a ring. They are friendly people.

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Sheriff Martin Ryan of Amador County
Subject: History of Daffodil Hills-Amador County
Introduced By: Jamie Nance

Jamie Nance introduced Sheriff Martin Ryan who retired in 2005 after 43 years as a California peace officer having served at both the local and state levels.    Sheriff Ryan’s family is rife with long-serving law enforcement officers and politicians and the family has owned the ranch property where Daffodil Hill is located since purchasing it from Pete Denzer, who planted a few daffodils around his residence in remembrance of his home country of Holland.

Located in Volcano, CA, the current population is 127 people, but back in the mining days, the city had more residents than Sacramento and was once considered for the Capital of California.  The Sheriff’s great-grandparents continued to plant a few bulbs each year and after a while, people started coming by to look at the flowers in the spring.

Situated in a beautiful mountain setting at the 3,000 foot elevation in Amador County, with pine trees, the original 1880’s barn, wagon wheels, gold rush era mining equipment and antique farming implements, it appeals to anyone with a love of nature and history. Flowers are everywhere and peacocks, chickens, miniature donkeys (Rosie and Sunshine), and a horse (Hannah) are also there for young and old alike to enjoy.

Interest in Daffodil Hill grew and it has been open to public since 1940. Interestingly, the bulbs are poisonous to rodents, deer and people – so don’t eat them! Today, there are about 300,000 bulbs of Daffodils in full bloom. Every year about 10,000 new daffodils are planted by family members and friends whom the family members convince that planting bulbs is fun to do for about three weekends in November.

Even with today’s crowds there is no charge to look at the flowers. Check the Facebook page to know when the flowers are blooming and weather-permitting the property will be open.

Daffodil Hill video by Rob on the Road

Next Meeting: May 22, 2019
Dr. J. Mitchell Perry, “Embrace the Obvious “Common Sense is Uncommon”

Dr. J. Mitchell Perry is a renowned human behavior expert, an executive coach, trainer, speaker, author, and board-certified psychotherapist. His Ventura, California, based company, JM Perry Learning, has been a leading education and performance consulting firm since 1976. His many global clients have included: Charles Schwab, Accenture, Ernst Young, Dow Chemical, Deloitte, Fair Isaac, Glaser Weil, VISA, San Joaquin County, CA, SAP, Microsoft, Duke Energy, Bank of America, City National Bank, Pew Charitable Trust , Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Northern Michigan University, Underwriters Laboratories, Eisner Amper, Mayer Brown,, Bristol Myers Squibb, Sony Electronics, Intel Security, Korn Ferry, Educational Testing Service, Hilton Hotels, Merrill Lynch, University of the Pacific and Dell.

Because of Dr. Perry’s proven tools and guidance to enhance performance and relationship effectiveness, his clients have realized well over $10 billion in increased revenue and decreased cost of doing business. His expertise continually demonstrates how improved relationship and performance skills produces bottom-line results. In 2010-11, one global client’s financial performance improved 17+% (~$1.6 billion) following relationship and performance effectiveness skills training from JM Perry Learning. (26,566% ROI)

Dr. Perry is an internationally sought-after expert on people presenting his programs in over 60 countries in 17 industries with great success and acclaim. He shows how improved human performance realizes quantitative outcomes. He has made over 2000 presentations to Fortune 500 Companies and for over 40 years has regularly appeared on numerous radio and television programs around the country – including The Montel Williams Show and KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles.

Dr. Perry also hosted his own acclaimed and nationally syndicated weekly radio show, “The Dr. Mitchell Perry Show, ” broadcast from Southern California and on the internet for a decade. He is also featured on YouTube, with his 4-minute video tips on effective performance.

As an acclaimed international speaker, Dr. Perry was again rated the #1 speaker at the Wharton Business School’s Securities Industry Institute (University of Pennsylvania). He has been a celebrated 10-time keynote speaker at the National Entrepreneur of the Year Awards sponsored by INC. Magazine, Ernst and Young, Merrill Lynch, USA Today, and CNN.

He is the author of two best selling books: “The Road to Optimism – Change Your Language…Change Your Life” (March ‘95, Manfit Press). “In The Zone — Achieving Optimal Performance In Business As In Sports” (April ‘97, Contemporary Books) – a proven recipe for the mental technology of optimum performance.

Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Success, The Los Angeles Times, Golf Digest, The Financial Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and many other regional and national magazines and newspapers, Dr. Perry has authored and produced 25 popular recordings and has written over 50 articles on relationship effectiveness, communication skills, optimum leadership, and team performance.

Dr. Perry is the author of “The Perry Plan: Winning the Losing Game”, a unique and powerful weight loss program that focusses on the psychological dimension of losing weight. As being overweight is a national epidemic, The Perry Plan has proven to help people reprogram their state of mind to one of POWER so that they can overcome diet sabotage and stick with their commitments to change their lifestyle, lose weight, and keep it off.

A graduate of the University of the Pacific, Dr. Perry received his doctorate in counseling psychology in 1980 where he was also awarded the title of UOP Alumni Fellow in 1986. He is Board Certified by the American Psychotherapy Association.

Dr. Perry has served on many boards and presently sits on the Board of Directors for the California Council for Economic Education. In 2008, he was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation.

Upcoming Speakers

May 2019

  • 29 – Evening Social – No speaker program needed

June 2019

  • 05 – TBD
  • 12 – Waqar Rizvi, “Outgoing Board and Team Recognitions/Presentations”
  • 19 – Mary Summerville, “Little Manilla research project or The evolution of Libraries in the age of technology”
  • 26 – KICK OUT

May Birthdays…

Julie Van Vuren – May 3rd
Corie Stewart – May 5th
Henry Wong – May 7th
Pam Wenger – May 9th
Omar Khamisa – May 11th
Bill Johnson – May 14th
Sharon Tweedy – May 20th
Heather Schlenger – May 22nd*
Rigo Cervantes – May 23rd
Adam Cheshire – May 24th
Ralph Saroyan – May 27th
Chad Sublet – May 30th
* = Meeting Day – Wish them a Happy Birthday!







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