The Wheel – November 21, 2017

44th Annual Rotary Clubs of Stockton All City Thanksgiving Luncheon.

The meeting was held at the First Baptist Church, 3535 N. El Dorado St., Stockton, where all the Rotary Clubs of Stockton met to enjoy the fine food provided by Angelinas Spaghetti House that was served to Rotarians and their guests.  Assistant District Governor and M.C. Ray Call (2nd from right) and District Governor Ray Caparros (3rd from the left), welcome all the Stockton Rotary club Presidents.  Programs and tickets were provided by Port City Marketing Solutions. Everyone had a great time sharing Rotary moments.  Keynote Speaker Richard King, Rotary Club of Niles-Fremont and past world president of Rotary International, gave an inspiring speech (see below).

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”


  • Call to Order and Welcome! Ray Call, Assistant District Governor, asked everyone to greet one another to enjoy the comradery of Rotary.
  • Pledge of Allegiance & 4-Way Test – Stockton Pacific club President Lynette Morian.
  • Song – North Stockton club President Andrew Chesley lead the group in “God Bless America”.
  • Thought For the Day – Stockton Sunrise club President Nancy Slatten.
  • Head Table – Presenting our speaker, our own Stockton club President Ann Johnston; Keynote Speaker Richard King, Rotary Club of Niles-Fremont and past world president of Rotary International; Sunrise club President Nancy Slatten, Thought For the Day; North Stockton club President Andrew Chesley, song; and concluding remarks North Stockton club President Mansoor Soleimani.
  • Birthdays this Week – Tom Perry and Jim Woodward who, I’m sure, will be recognized in a future meeting!
  • Club Service & District Calendar of Events for 2017-2018 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities.

Club Announcements

  • SAVE THE DATE – Rotary International 2017-18 President Ian Riseley and First lady Juliet will come from Victoria Australia as honored guests at an event in San Jose on Wednesday, January 3, 2018. Major Donor Reception 5:00pm $25, Dinner 6:00pm $90. Tables of 10 – $900 seating priority in order of that tables are purchased – SO BUY THEM NOW TO BE IN THE FRONT ROW. Discounted hotel room prices available. Registration.
  • Annual Club Christmas Party – December 15th at the Weibel’s. Rotary (Adult) Christmas Party, Friday, December 15, 2017, 6:00pm, $35, Fred & Judy Weibel’s Home, 4151 Yacht Harbor Dr. ( map ), RSVP to Secretary Jerry Smith, Tom Perry or Cathy Wooton – ASAP!
  • Club Meetings in December – The club lunches on December 6th and the 13th will both be held at The Spanos Reserve ( map ). Sign-up sheets for those dates will be on lunch tables for the next couple of weeks, or let Jerry Smith know that you would like to attend. Jerry needs a head count for the meetings. Please contact RSVP ASAP so they will have food for you.
  • Membership Committee – If you are, or would like to be, best friends with Raul Chavez and/or Chris Lema , send them a note and volunteer for the Membership Committee as the original sign-up list is in an unknown location.
  • Job Shadowing – Omar Khamisa & Peter Jalilie are arranging job shadowing for high school students. Please contact them to volunteer for the shadowing opportunity and/or transportation of students.
  • Children’s Christmas Party – The children’s Christmas Party Luncheon will be held at the December 20th meeting at the Stockton Country Club.
  • ATTENTION MEMBERS: November is Rotary Foundation month. President Ann and the Board will open the Paul Harris Matching Program for this year beginning October 11, 2017. The Club will match your RI contributions dollar-for-dollar beginning October 11, 2017 through November 30, 2017. Please contact Kevin Kauffman, Jerry Smith or a Foundation Committee member for more information. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to achieve your next Paul Harris level with the help of your Club. Thank you!
  • Rotary Night at the Stockton Heat – The ticket sales page for Rotary Night at the Stockton Heat has been developed so people can purchase tickets and have the donated funds go towards their club. $5 from every ticket purchased will go back to the fight against Polio. Friday, January 5th, Stockton Heat vs. San Antonio Rampage, Stockton Arena at 7PM ( flyer ). See the drop down list of 5220 Rotary clubs on the webpage.
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Julie Damron-Brown announced the date for Salvation Army Bell-ringing in front of Macy’s will be December 16th! Julie is now scheduling bell-ringers for both doors at Macy’s. The 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm spots are in particular need, but anytime you can be there would be great. Contact Julie to sign up!
  • Credit Card Payments – You can now pay your Rotary dues and monthly bills by credit card. See the link on your next Rotary invoice for details.
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.

Rotarian Roundtable with John Atwood

John Atwood is a Jack of All Rotarian Trades. As an active member of the Rotary Club of Stockton for over 40 years, John has served in a variety of roles to further the mission our club. Learn what motivates this pillar of our club community to continually give and support our organization’s ongoing work for good:

Tell us about your family-owned business.

As a fourth generation printer, I guess you can say ‘ink flows through my blood’. I ventured out on my own as “John Atwood Graphics” in 1973. Thanks to community support and amazing employees, we were able to purchase Big Valley Printing in 1978. In 2006, my daughter June came back full time when Big Valley Printing purchased Abrahamson Printing.

What inspired you to join Rotary?

My father, Lee Atwood, who was Rotary President from 1964 to 1965, encouraged me to become a member in 1971.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your involvement in the club so far?

I’ve been the bulletin editor of “The Wheel”, club photographer, and sergeant and arms for 11 years (the second time). Now, I’m collecting money for lunches on top of receiving (Paul Harris Awards plus 6) and giving (3) Paul Harris Awards.

How has your Rotary membership benefited your printing business?

It has been an honor to help the club with their printing items for special events and also their stationary.

What’s your favorite way of giving with Rotary?

Giving Paul Harris Awards and helping at the weekly meetings.

What advice do you have for new Rotarians?

Get active in the club!

To learn more about John’s local printing business, click here (Link:

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Richard King, Rotary Club of Niles-Fremont and past world president of Rotary International
Introduced By: Stockton Rotary President, Ann Johnston

Past International President Richard King started off with a number of attorney jokes, being one himself. I am paraphrasing, an attorney was cross examining a physician that had completed an autopsy on a victim. The attorney ask the doctor if he was certain the individual was dead. The good doctor said yes. The attorney ask if he had a pulse, the doctor said no  The attorney then ask if he was breathing and again the doctor said no. The attorney then ask how he could be certain the individual was indeed deceased. The attorney ask if the doctor had checked for any brain activity and the doctor answered that wasn’t necessary. The attorney then ask since he hadn’t checked for any brain activity, how he could be absolutely certain the individual was indeed dead. The doctor whose patience was running out said it had not been necessary since he had the individual’s brain in a jar on his desk but there was a slight chance he was alive and practicing law some where.

PIP King then spoke about where ever good was being done in this world that it was a good chance Rotarians were involved. During his term as the International President of Rotary he had developed a close friendship with a Rotarian from Orange County over the years. The gentleman had a very successful floor covering business. His friend had been the President of his Orange County Rotary Club and several years later ask PIP King to come speak at his Club.  PIP King said his friend picked him up at John Wayne Airport and was unusually quiet and  appeared sad. PIP King ask what was wrong. The man said his first grandchild, a girl had recently been born and was in very critical condition. This was his daughter and son in law’s first child and the doctors said she probably would not survive the week. The entire family was distraught and utterly heart broken. In addition the young child had to be isolated and they could have no contact with her. Needless to say it was a challenging time. After a week the doctor called and said her condition had improved to the point she had a 50% chance of living and the family could come and see her. Well they all went to the hospital and were in tears and only allowed to see the tiny girl through an observation widow. She was on a table with tubes and wires running from a machine and connected to her tiny body. The gentleman said he started looking at the machine and noticed that in a corner was the Rotary Wheel. He rubbed his eyes to clear the tears and then noticed a small brass plaque that said donated by the Rotary Club of Orange County. He told PIP King that several years earlier that his Club had learned that the hospital had the need for this machine and it could increase infant survivability significantly. He was president of the Club at the time and they began a fund drive. He was going to lead by example and wrote the first check and ultimately his Club raised the money needed and donated the $1,000,000 necessary to purchase the machine. Now here he was looking at his tiny baby grand daughter and this very machine was keeping her alive.

PIP King repeated that where ever good was being done in the world Rotarians were involved in doing God’s work.  Now go out there and keep doing the good work that Rotary does.

Next Meeting:  November 29, 2017
Assemblymember Susan Eggman, “Report from the Capital”

Susan Talamantes Eggman is a trailblazer who is not afraid to get her hands dirty. And she will always stand up for what she believes in. Since her successful grassroots campaign for the Stockton City Council five years ago, Susan has proven herself to be an honest and effective leader whose independent voice of moderation has helped her find solutions to the tough issues facing the city.

During her first run for city council, Susan surprised many by forcing a runoff against her more established political opponent. Her hard work, strong leadership, and independence resonated with voters, who rejected a series of negative attacks and elected Susan. In 2010 voters reaffirmed their support for Susan when she won reelection with over 75% of the vote.

Promoting the health and interests of San Joaquin Valley is the guiding principle behind all of Susan’s policy decisions. From boosting job opportunities for all area residents to fighting to preserve and restore the Delta, Susan’s goal is always to make San Joaquin County thrive.

Getting San Joaquin residents back to work is one of Susan’s top priorities. She fought to preserve small businesses by banning future big box stores because they hurt local small businesses and damage local economies. Susan also joined with community leaders to successfully lobby the Veterans Administration to build their new facility in San Joaquin County, which creates jobs and provides vital services for San Joaquin’s many veterans. As a U.S. Army veteran herself, Susan understands the sacrifices made by our young men and women who serve.

Susan is extremely proud of her role in revitalizing the city’s parks. She spearheaded community efforts to clean up city parks and organized free family events. Taking back these parks from drug dealers and gangs give our children a safe place to play.

As a council member, Susan championed groundbreaking initiatives to help establish Stockton as a leader in green technology. She also played an instrumental role in organizing a recent “sustainability forums,” which brought together developers, environmentalists, and government officials to discuss fiscally responsible strategies for achieving sustainable and environmentally-friendly goals.

Susan has a proven track record of standing up for the residents of San Joaquin Valley, even when it means being the lone voice of opposition. She was the only council member to oppose the General Plan, which would have increased urban sprawl. She opposed a city plan to buy a local sports team and opposed raising water rates.

After graduating from high school, Susan served four years as a medic in the U.S. Army. She then attended California State University, Stanislaus, where she earned a B.A. in psychology and a master’s in social work. Susan worked as a mental health provider and a medical social worker, before receiving her Ph.D. from Portland State University. Susan is a member of the California Faculty Association.

Susan is the first Latina to serve on the Stockton City Council and she has not forgotten her roots. A founding member of the Central Valley Stonewall Democratic Club, Susan also serves on the board of directors for Stockton’s El Concilio, which provides services to the Spanish-speaking community. Susan and her partner of over 30 years, Renee Hall, live in Stockton’s Victory Park neighborhood, where they are raising Renee’s niece, Eme.

Upcoming Speakers

December 2017

  • 06 – Wayne Richardson, “Gospel Center Rescue Mission”
  • 13 – Jackie Ronzone, “Animal Protection League”, (at The Reserve at Spano’s Park)
  • 20 – Children’s Christmas Party!
  • 27 – DARK

January 2018

  • 03 – DARK
  • 10 – Judy Chambers, “Women in Rotary – Celebrating 30 years”
  • 17 – John Reusche, “RYLA”
  • 24 – Lori Richards, “Aspire Schools”
  • 31 – Tim Pelican, SJ Ag Commissioner, “The State of Agriculture in San Joaquin County”



Dudley Drake – Nov 1st*
Kory Ley – Nov 3rd
Fred Gassner – Nov 10th
Waqar Rizvi – Nov 10th
Fred Weibel – Nov 14th
Christine Morrissey – Nov 15th*
Graham Tweedy – Nov 16th
Tom Perry – Nov 22nd*
Jim Woodward – Nov 22nd*
Tracy Orrin – Nov 26th

Gary Putnam – Nov 27th
Tony Despotes – Nov 28th
Ken Steele – Nov 29th*
Walt Wager – Nov 30th

*= Club Meeting – Wish them a Happy Birthday!



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Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to Jerry Smith, note taker; President-Elect Waqar Rizvi and Sharon Tweedy, photos; and Jerry Smith, Chief Checker!

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