The Wheel – October 25, 2017

District Governor Ray Caparros (center) congratulates John Salaices (left) and Chuk Chikwendu for becoming the next two Stockton Rotary members!

Omar Khamisa, John Salaices sponsor, used good old persistence to bring John into the club.  John would like to make a difference and looks forward to exchanging personal data when dialoguing one-on-one.

Chuk is an optometrist living in Stockton with his wife and 3 children.  Chuk originates from Nigeria and has been in the United States for 19 years.  Kuy Ky, Chuk’s sponsor, showed Chuk the “Manchurian Candidate” and Chuck volunteered to join our club!  Welcome to you both!

“The Rotary Club of Stockton Begins the 2nd Century of Service to the Stockton Community”


  • Call to Order and Welcome! President Ann asked everyone to greet one another to enjoy the comradery of Rotary.
  • Pledge of Allegiance & 4-Way Test – Past President Gary Putnam.
  • Song –  Past President Michael Blower spooked us all with a song educating on the human skeleton.  Note:  If your heel bone is connected to your toe bone, please call Past President Dr. Joe Serra for a referral.  “Dem Dry Bones” a well-known spiritual song composed by author and songwriter James Weldon Johnson (1871–1938), although some sources also credit his brother, J. Rosomond Johnson. First recorded by The Famous Myers Jubilee Singers in 1928. The lyrics are inspired by Ezekiel 37:1-14, where the Prophet visits the “Valley of Dry Bones” and prophesies that they will one day be resurrected at God’s command, picturing the national resurrection of Israel.  All sang along with song leader Michael accompanied by Marie Medford on the piano.
  • Raul Chavez

    Thought For the Day – Raul Chavez made it a throwback Wednesday with his Thought for the Day on the Ripple Effect inspired by Reid Johnson.

  • Head Table – Steve Morales, presenting our speaker; Dr. Kathy Hart, our speaker; District Governor Ray Caparros and President Ann Johnston.
  • COG Club – Chaired by Julie Damron-Brown; Greeter, Madison O’Laughlin; Microphones: Wayne Richardson & Peter Jalilie; Attendance: Julie Damron-Brown. Sergeant At Arms, Madisen O’Laughlin, Peter Jalilie and Ken Steele. Lunch Ticket Sales, John Atwood and Hal Monroe, Raffle Ticket sales.
  • Raffle Winner – Ticket #768569: Don Barry couldn’t believe his good fortune, but after checking and double-checking his number, he pulled a quarter from the book.  Next week: 33 quarters, 1 Susan B. Anthony. He will receive a $50 credit for a donation to Rotary Foundation in his name.  If you draw the Susan B. Anthony, your share (as of this posting) will be a (corrected) total of at least $431.50!  Buy some raffle tickets!  You could be the lucky Rotarian to win the big bucks!
  • Club Service & District Calendar of Events for 2017-2018 – Click HERE for the latest list! Don’t miss out on some great activities.

Club Announcements

  • Aron Alexander

    Spanos Elementary Thanksgiving Baskets – Aron Alexander is now accepting donations for the Spanos Elementary Thanksgiving Baskets.  Bring contributions to a meeting or drop them off for Aron at Atria Senior Living, 3318 Brookside Road, Stockton, CA  95219

  • All Stockton Rotary Club’s traditional Thanksgiving luncheon – All Stockton Club’s will be dark the week of November 20th and will be meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 21st at 12 noon at the 1st Baptist Church for the All Stockton Rotary Club’s Thanksgiving Lunch. International President 2001 – 2002, Rick King is our speaker. Tickets are $35, after Nov 10th they go up to $40. Still at 1st Baptist Church on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. There will be a food drive for the Food Bank that day. Please consider bringing Thanksgiving focused food items (boxed stuffing, canned yams, etc.). Other food donations will of course be accepted ( flyer ).
  • Hurricane and Earthquake Help – Millions of people in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the neighboring countries are asking for our help caused by devastating hurricanes and earthquake. Kindly be generous in sending your tax deductible financial assistance to District 5220 Disaster and Relief Corporation 4510 Sun West Dr., Salida, CA 95368. For questions please email Chair Dave Gallagher at
  • Jeff Zola

    Andrew Manson

    Departing Club Members – Jeff Zola and Andrew Manson both said their final farewells.  Best wishes and there is always a hot meal and a cookie here at Rotary when you visit!

  • ATTENTION MEMBERS: November is Rotary Foundation month. President Ann and the Board will open the Paul Harris Matching Program for this year beginning October 11, 2017. The Club will match your RI contributions dollar-for-dollar beginning October 11, 2017 through November 30, 2017. Please contact Kevin Kauffman, Jerry Smith or a Foundation Committee member for more information. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to achieve your next Paul Harris level with the help of your Club. Thank you!
  • Rotary Night at the Stockton Heat – The ticket sales page for Rotary Night at the Stockton Heat has been developed so people can purchase tickets and have the donated funds go towards their club. $5 from every ticket purchased will go back to the fight against Polio. Friday, January 5th, Stockton Heat vs. San Antonio Rampage, Stockton Arena at 7PM ( flyer ).  See the drop down list of 5220 Rotary clubs on the webpage.
  • Julie Damron-Brown

    Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Julie Damron-Brown announced the date for Salvation Army Bell-ringing in front of Macy’s will be December 16th!  Julie is now looking for volunteer bell ringers.  Contact Julie to sign up!

  • SAVE THE DATE – to celebrate an enjoyable evening at the District 5220 Foundation Dinner, Saturday November 18, 2017 at the McHenry Event Center/The Seasons, 945 McHenry Ave., Modesto ( map ). Register online on DaCdb to pay by credit card or check. For question please call Diana Barden 559-674-7138 or email Kevin Kauffman said the club will have a table. Event Details. Contact Jerry Smith, to sign up.
  • Credit Card Payments – You can now pay your Rotary dues and monthly bills by credit card. See the link on your next Rotary invoice for details.
  • District Scholarship Program – If Interested in the District 5220 Scholarship Program contact Jerry Smith at
  • Potential Members – To encourage Club members to bring a potential member to the Wednesday meetings the Rotary Club of Stockton will pay for the 1st meal of a potential member brought by a Club member.

President’s Message

Rotarians are People of Action! Polio Initiative!

Saturday at the Mall w/iron lung: Fubara
Thank you to Fubara Jack, Ken Steele, Joe Serra, Don Barry, Kevin Kauffman, Kuy Ky, Raul Chavez and many more who supported the World Polio Day event at the mall last Saturday!  The event raised $220 at the mall.  Kuy Ky donated $100 to recognize Fubara’s hard work, $50 each was donated by Liz Hull, Jerry Smith, Paul Jacobson, Kevin Hicks, and Bill Wagner.  All of the money will be matched by our club and then again by the District towards climbing that last inch to polio eradication.

Board of Supervisors Proclamation & Sunset Mixer in Lathrop
President Ann spread the word about Rotary’s marathon work on the worldwide polio project while accepting a proclamation at the county Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Rotary Night at the Heat on January 5th
$5.00 of every ticket to polio for this citywide Rotary event (see entry in the “Club Announcements”)

Video:  This close

Rotarian Roundtable with Wayne Richardson

At the helm of Stockton’s Gospel Center Rescue Mission, Wayne Richardson is leading the way to providing second chances for our local members of the community battling addiction and homelessness. Through Wayne’s leadership, the Gospel Center Rescue Mission serves the needs of 1,307 individuals on a daily basis.

Celebrating his first anniversary as a Stockton Rotarian, Wayne weighs on the joys of blending club membership and service in San Joaquin County:

What inspired you to join Rotary?

As a new resident of Stockton and CEO at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission, it has been great meeting new friends and business contacts through Rotary. Club membership has allowed me to focus on activities within San Joaquin County. This is my first job in many years where I have a local focus rather than a national focus. Three of the Rescue Missions Board members and my predecessor, CEO Emeritus, Bill Brown, are in the Stockton Rotary. The Gospel Center Rescue Mission has had Rotary representation for over a decade.

What’s been the most rewarding part of your involvement in the club so far?

To be fair and candid, meeting some amazing people who want to help the Gospel Center Rescue Mission as well as partnering with other non-profits in the San Joaquin County.

With your busy schedule at Rescue Mission, how have you been active with Rotary so far?

I’ve enjoyed being a part of running our weekly meetings as a COG. The meetings each week have been invaluable to connecting with new people and seeing all the wonderful ways of contributing to the ongoing work of Rotary in the future.

How has your Rotary membership enhanced your charitable work with your non-profit?

Rotary supports the Rescue Mission in many ways. We have received an annual grant from Rotary. Last Year, Rotary funded two 6 month Scholarships for a male and female to enter our 6 month New Life Addiction tract program. A past grant funded the children playground on campus for the approximately 30 children who live on campus for up to 2 years while their Moms are in the New Life program Phases 1-3.

To learn more about Wayne and his charitable work in our community, please visit


  • $100 – Gary Putnam visited Ireland, France, Boston & Vermont over the course of 6 weeks and only stayed in one hotel room.  Gary was sharing that hotel room with the latest Athena Award winner – his wife, Gillian Murphy!  Gary donated $5 in hotel savings and $95 being next to Goddessness.

Voluntary Recognitions

  • $350 – Past President Kuy Ky donated $100 to recognize Fubara’s hard work putting together the World Polio Day event at the mall.  $50 each was donated by Liz Hull, Past President and current Club Secretary Jerry Smith, Paul Jacobson, Kevin Hicks, and Bill Wagner.

Guest Speaker

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Hart
Subject: “Adult Education’s Business Resources”
Introduced By: Steve Morales

Dr. Kathy Hart showed her good sense from the start when she declined opening jokes offered by Gary Putnam.  Dr. Hart described the Adult Education Initiative funded by the state following the defunding of ESL, GED and Adult Basic Education programs at the community college level.  The three year initiative partnered San Joaquin Delta College with Calaveras County and San Joaquin Offices of Education and adult schools in Stockton, Manteca, Tracy and Lodi to develop a plan for adult schools to produce college candidates as well as work-force ready graduates.  The first work-force ready program will be the Healthcare Partnership.

Dr. Hart also autographed a book for us to donate to Spanos Elementary School and a donation was made in her name to Read to Me Stockton to help fund our efforts to promote literacy in our community. She also received a Rotary mug from President Ann.

Next Meeting: November 1, 2017
Mike Donaghy – CEO Emergency Food Bank, “The surprising and unseen holiday food needs of our county”

Mike Donaghy joined the Emergency Food Bank as the Executive Director in June of 2016. With over thirty year of business management and leadership experience, Mike brings with him much experience in financial controls, budgeting, organizational development, marketing, achieving operation and administrative expense reduction and team building. Most recently, he has managed West Valley Mall in Tracy, Park West Place Shopping Center, Sherwood Mall and Sherwood corners shopping centers, both in Stockton.  Mike has been a longtime supporter of local nonprofit agencies throughout his career serving on the boards of the United Way, Child Abuse Prevention Council, Tracy Grand Foundation for the Performing Arts, Stockton and Tracy Chamber of Commerce. Mike was the Board Chair for the Tracy Chamber in 2014 and was named Volunteer of the year for the American Heart Association in 2002 and 2003 where he also chaired the annual Heart Walk. In 2001, Mike was awarded the Stockton Chamber of Commerce Business Manager of the year. Mike lives in Stockton with his wife Debbie and son Justin, an avid baseball and soccer player for St. Mary’s High School

Upcoming Speakers

November 2017

  • 08 – Judge Richard Vlavianos, “San Joaquin County’s drug court successes”
  • 15 – Paul Hicks, “We all Drink Down Stream”
  • 22 – DARK – All City Rotary Club Thanksgiving Lunch on Tuesday – counts as a meeting!
  • 29 – David S. Rader, “Theodore Roosevelt: American President/Global Leader”

December 2017

  • 06 – RYLA (Tentative), The Reserve at Spano’s Park
  • 13 – Jackie Ronzone, “Animal Protection League”, The Reserve at Spano’s Park
  • 20 – Children’s Christmas Party!
  • 27 – DARK


Dudley Drake – Nov 1st*
Kory Ley – Nov 3rd
Fred Gassner – Nov 10th
Waqar Rizvi – Nov 10th
Fred Weibel – Nov 14th
Christine Morrissey – Nov 15th*
Graham Tweedy – Nov 16th
Tom Perry – Nov 22nd*
Jim Woodward – Nov 22nd*
Tracy Orrin – Nov 26th

Gary Putnam – Nov 27th
Tony Despotes – Nov 28th
Ken Steele – Nov 29th*
Walt Wager – Nov 30th

*= Club Meeting – Wish them a Happy Birthday!



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Special thank you to everyone who contributed to The Wheel…

Editor, Eric Duran. Special thanks this week to Lynndee Riley, note taker extraordinaire; Eric Duran, photos; and Jerry Smith, Chief Checker!

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