Wheelchair Distribution Trip to Guatemala

Cathy Peterson sent us the links to the blogs below that were created by the UOP trio that went to Guatemala in November. They were sponsored by our club and Rotary International. In Guatemala they worked with Hope Haven. Lonny Davis, a Rotarian in Modesto, will be visiting our club on December 14, 2011 to tell us more about Rotary’s partnership with Hope Haven.

Please read the report below. It is exciting to learn the contribution we have made through these talented people. Our contribution helped persons in need in Guatemala and enriched the lives of the persons that went. Professor Cathy Peterson, Rotary Club of Stockton, asks on behalf of future students and future wheelchair recipients that clubs in district 5220 consider making a contribution so future graduate students in physical therapy can contribute their expertise and experience firsthand Rotary’s service above self. The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Pacific has established a designated account. Email Cathy at cpeterson@pacific.edu for more information.

Click Here to download the full report.