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Visit the “Special Items” section for updates from Rotary International. Read some of the top stories of RI for the past year.


Check out our program for next week.  Our club has given money and some of our own members have been involved in wheelchair distribution. Please click here to learn more.


Check for more information about our club and to be kept up to date on events by visiting the calendar. Click here to visit the site.

“Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”


  • Song – Kuy Ky, “Take Me out to Golf Course”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance/Four-Way Test – TJ Hull.
  • Thought for the Day – Brian Dillon – Poem about Rotary.  Brian also expressed his appreciation to the club for the support during the passing of his Grandmother Helen Hauser.
  • Raffle – Jerry Smith won $?.
  • COG Club -Team Leader – Jason Carlson. Raffle tickets – John Atwood.  Greeter – Josh Shackelford.  Microphone – Michael Gotschall and Octavio Cruces.  Attendance – John Atwood.

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Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – February 1, 2012


UOP Physical Therapy GroupSandy Bellamy, Professor at UOP;  Ally Tieszen and Chrissy Hauer graduate students in Physical Therapy – Guatemala Wheelchair Distribution.   The three will relate their fascinating story of traveling to Guatemala to distribute and fit wheelchairs to young and older persons effecting the lives of those they helped.  A little bit about them can be found when you click here.

Rotary International

Top Stories of the Year – See a review of the top Rotary stories of 2011, from Rotarians responding to help tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan, to the unveiling of the RI theme, Reach Within to Embrace Humanity. Read the complete article.

More Special Items

Head Table – Past President Michael Blower, Tom McHugh, Don Miller, TJ Hull and Susan Drake.

Concern Report – Bob Blower shared some stories about his mother in law, Helen Hauser mother of Kris Blower.  A moment of silence was observed for Helen.

Bob Merdinger’s wife, Peg, is in the hospital for blood transfusions and congestive heart failure.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Helen Hauser Memorials – Nick and Pam Curtin, Graham and Sharon Tweedy, Susan and Dudley Drake, Dean and Bea McNeilly, Jerry and Norma Zedlitz, Walt and Nora Wager.



Don Miller – Executive Director of The First Tee of San Joaquin

The First Tee of San Joaquin

Don told the club how the First Tee program teaches kids the values of integrity, support, hard work, respect and honesty through teaching them the game of golf.

The program is open to all kids and there are numerous scholarship programs for those who cannot afford to participate.

The First Tee program of San Joaquin needs more coaches as the program is growing and will soon be part of the After School Program and is expected to have more participants.

The program consists of 9 Saturday classes and there are 3 tours in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Don closed his program by telling members of the club many stories from parents and  teachers and the feedback regarding the positive impact the First Tee has on the kids who participate.

Last year the program had 329 kids participating.  Our local golf profesional, Ricky Barnes, has now given his support for San Joaquin First tee by donating $10,000. He will donate $50 dollars for every birdie and $100 for every eagle this coming year.  On October 18th, 2012 Ricky Barnes willl host the first ever Ricky Barnes tournament to help the Local First Tee program.

Currently the program is at The Reserve and Van Buskirk Golf course.

Don Miller was introduced by Tom McHugh.

Upcoming Speakers…


  • 01 UOP Physical Therapy Students-Guatemala Wheelchair Distribution
  • 08 Valentine’s Day
  • 15 Leandro Vicuna-Incentive Based Financial Literacy for Individuals & Small Businesses
  • 22 Michael Mcgarrity and Rachael Thomas-Customs & Border Protection

  • 07 Pete Morelli-Being an NFL Referee
  • 14 TBA
  • 21 TBA
  • 28 TBA


Bob Blower fondly remembering his mother in law Helen Hauser.

Tech Time with Kristen!  Good job Kristen, we are up to date in Stockton Rotary.

Ken Steele donating to PolioPlus.

Susan Drake learning that Disneyland is expensive.
Amy Scriven, paying for being a presitigious dentist.

Jim Dyke always looking for ways to donate to Rotary.


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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Tech Time – Graham Tweedy and Kristen Dyke. The club was introduced to the new Stockton Rotary Club website.  They showed the club how to navigate the site.

Annual 5k,10k Memorial Day Run – Kristen Dyke.  The annual 5k and 10k Memorial day run is coming and sponsorships are needed please see Kristen Dyke.  You may also visit their website  by clicking here.

Rotary Read-In – Lee Neves announced the Rotary Read-In.  It will be on March 21, please sign up.  You can go to facebook and type Rotary Readin or go to to sign up.

200 million dollar goal – Ken Steele.  The 200 million dollar goal that was set for Rotary was met and the Gates foundation donated another 50 million dollars.  A letter will becoming to members encouraging you to donate to the Annual Funds Program of the RI Foundation in February as we work to meet President Renna’s goal.

Thunder Day – Our third Annual Rotary District Thunder Day is on February 26. Game time is 4pm, pre game mixer in the King’s Room at 3pm. Contact Susan Drake at

Career Day – Cesar Chavez High School Career Day will be held on February 8th Sign up to speak to the Juniors and Seniors. Contact Dave Tygett.

Ski Trip – Michael Blower. Join the Rotary Club of Stockton for a day of downhill fun and fellowship! Thursday March 15, 6AM to 6:30PM. $80 per person, $55 for seniors, $45 for super seniors, 75+, $40 for non-skiers (aka Eater/Drinker). Fees cover bus ride, lift ticket, continental breakfast, lunch and beverages. Skis, boots and poles are available for rent for $26. There are 42 seats available on a first come basis. Contact Michael Blower at 209-644-6445 or email at . Sign up sheets on our tables.

District Assembly – The third district assembly for this year will be held at the County of Education Offices on Arch Road on Saturday January 28. The sessions start at 8AM and lunch is over around 1PM. These meetings are always informative and you get to learn what goes on outside our own club. The club will cover your $25 fee. What a way to spend a Saturday morning. Contact Susan Drake.

Bright Ideas Wanted – Mark Plovnick. The 2012 San Joaquin Entrepreneur Challenge, the third annual. It is to be held on February 29 and March 21. For information visit

Stockton Rotary Centennial – the date is Feb 1, 2014. We wish to make this a celebratory series of events to share a century of service with the greater Stockton community. The committee has chosen five areas of focus. They are Projects, Events, Book, History and Publicity. If you wish to help in one or more of these areas please contact Susan Drake at We are in need of historical items for our club to include in publications and media announcements. We are asking past presidents and all our members to put on their thinking caps, search your offices and homes for historical tidbits. Please contact Frank Whitney at to help him in this task.

Grocery Card Fundraiser – Our new card has the Rotary logo and name on them. Grocery rebate cards are available at the meetings. The Club will receive a rebate of 3% of purchases at SaveMart, Smart Foods, Food Max, and Lucky’s. The card may also be used when purchasing pharmaceuticals. To date we have received over $1691. If you would like additional cards for family, friends see Susan.


card_truex_ins sheely_ad


Click on Better Hearing and CMPD to link to their websites


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Birthdays… January

  • Kamigaki, Masanobu (MAS) 01
  • Robinson, Kirby L (KIRBY) 02
  • Keith, Michael L (MICHAEL) 03
  • Isetti, Duane E (DUANE) 04
  • Hull, Sr., W Terrence (TERRY) 05
  • Shackelford, Joshua (JOSHUA) 09
  • Paoletti, Robert F (ROBERT) 11
  • Riddle, C. P. (CP) 13
  • Garibaldi, Shari Allen(SHARI) 14
  • Norton, Kenneth (KEN) 14
  • Butterfield, Jerry (JERRY) 14
  • Eberhardt, Douglass M (DOUG) 14
  • Krueger, Kerry L (KERRY) 16
  • Good, Richard W (RICH) 18
  • Zapien, Moses (MOSES) 21
  • Konig, Richard W (DICK) 21
  • Hansen, Gary G (GARY) 21
  • Smith, Harley J (HARLEY) 27
  • Galbraith, Alexis K (ALI) 30
  • Colberg, Henry W. (HANK) 30


Ken Steele – was recognized for $300 and he asked others to match him in donating to PolioPlus. The following persons donated.  Tom McHugh $50, Jerry Smith $150, Dave Midura $100, Jeff Zola $25, John LaRue $100.


Susan Drake– was recognized for her various trips which included Disneyland. $250.


Amy Scriven– was accepted to the Pierre Fauchard Academy which only accepts 3% of dentists internationally $250.


Jim Dyke – was recognized for his trip to Palm Desert and missing the 49er game. $100.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Floyd Crame, pictures; Ramon Fernandez, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Renna Beinoris, assistant to the chief checker.

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Rotary International President
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