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“Reach Within to Embrace Humanity”


  • Song – Julie Boucher & Heather Schlenger, You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Bob Leonard.
  • Thought for the Day – John Litz. Are you prepared to listen? Do you listen? How well do you respond to what you hear? If we know the tools of our profession we will know what to look for and listen to and we will respond appropriately when called upon to do so.
  • Raffle – Kevin Kaufman drew a $10 bill.
  • COG Club -Team Leader: Brian Dillon
    Raffle Tickets: John Atwood
    Greeter: Josh Shackelford
    Microphones: Kelly Huffman and Octavio Cruces
    Attendance: John Atwood and Rigo Cervantes

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Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – September 7, 2011.


Jon Coupal – President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA)
. HJTA, with offices in both Los Angeles and Sacramento, is the largest taxpayers association in California with a membership of over 200,000. Founded by the late Howard Jarvis, the author of Proposition 13, HJTA s name is synonymous with tax relief and the uncompromising defense of the California homeowner.

From 1991 to 1998, Coupal served as Director of Legal Affairs for HJTA, overseeing the organization s litigation and lobbying efforts. He is a recognized expert in California fiscal affairs and has argued numerous tax cases before the courts. Please click here for more information about our speaker.

Rotary International

Rotarians improve access to clean drinking water. World Water Week, 21-27 August, focuses attention on urban water challenges. Read the complete article.

Italian Rotarian spreads good news.
Weekly newsletter published in English, Italian, and Portuguese reaches 54 countries and 20,000 Rotarians.Read the complete article.

More Special Items

Head Table – President Renna Beinoris, Bob Leonard, Robin Burcell, Bill Gass, John Litz and Susan Drake.

Paul Harris Fellowship – Hazel Hill was awarded a multiple fellowship. Hazel awarded her husband Jim, a fellowship.


Robin Burcell

Writing Fiction and Forensic Art

Robin Burcell began her career with the Lodi Police Department as the first female officer in that city. She was first assigned to street patrol duty on the third shift, moved to fraud investigation (mostly welfare fraud) and then migrated professionally to the roll of forensic artist.

Robin attempted to clean up the old image of the beat officer quaffing coffee and donuts all day to that of the new Lodi police officer who prefers bagels and a latte. Her worst butt kicking came from a middle aged drunk guy she tried to arrest. She ultimately succeeded with the help of a concerned citizen.

As an author with seven books to her credit, she explained that writing a book took her about one year while she was still working full time. That translates to about two pages a day. When she is not working full time she can turn a book out in about six months.

She began her new career as an author by writing to win a contest.
She wrote for four to five years before she finally had one of her books published.

Robin Burcell was introduced by Bill Gass.


Upcoming Speakers…


  • 07 Jon Coupal-California Taxpayers-An Endangered Species
  • 14 Dave Mantooth-District Governor
  • 21 Pat Collier-St Joseph’s Care Van
  • 28 Brent Holz-TBA


  • 05 Richard Tucker-What does it Mean to Donate Your Body to Science?
  • 12 Sandra Schubert
  • 19 TBA
  • 26 TBA



Liz Hull retrieving her lost items for a price.


A Rotary celebration with the Hills.


Mas Kamagaki, a new grandfather!


Jack O’Sullivan paying dearly for all the good things in his life.

Bill Wagner – caught ya!

Craig LaFargue reporting on the Read to Me, Stockton! kick off..

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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

The Rotarian Magazine – Have you read it yet? We will have stickers at the meeting next week. Pick them up, stick ’em on and take the magazine to your place of business, doctor’s office, or some other public place where worn out magazines reside and spruce up the place.

Dictionary Distribution – Susan Drake. We are getting ready to distribute dictionaries to third graders in 17 schools. If you would be interested in helping hand out the books please let Susan Drake know. It usually takes 1-2 hours and we have plans for various days and times. Contact Susan at

Labor Day Party – Join the Rotary Club of Stockton for a great Labor Day music fest featuring Rotarian Gary Hansen, Mike Torres, Jr., “Brothers from Other Mothers” and “The Flippin’ Joes!” This special fundraiser is not only a benefit for the Stockton Emergency Food Bank, but also for Read To Me, Stockton! Come to Valley Brew, Monday September 5, from 3 to 7pm.

Database Access – Susan Drake. You can now get the club directory and database information on your smartphone. Just put into the browser on your phone then log in. Your user name is your email address and your password is your RI number which is on The Rotarian magazine unless you have changed it.


Read to Me, Stockton! update– Kaiser Permanente became our first major donor. They awarded us $25,000. Picture and link from the Kick Off last week.

___________________________________This is why we do it!!

Click here to read about the Kick Off

John Harmon Annual Boat Trip – a trip is planned for Saturday September 10. Our destination will be the Delta Yacht Club. Depart times will vary with boat. BBQ at 12:30. Menu – BBQ Tri Tip, BBQ chicken, baked beans, salad, rolls and wine. Oh, and cookies. Cost, $20 for adults, 12-18 $10, under 12 free. No host bar by Delta Yacht Club. Sign up at tables or online at our calendar. Dave Tygett is the contact.

Boots, Bales and BBQ – Bob Blower. With a few non Rotary appropriate adjectives/adverbs? Bob pleaded for auction items, silent and live. Let’s go all, this is our major fund raiser. Contact Richard at

Stockton Rotary Centennial – the date is Feb 1, 2014. We wish to make this a celebratory series of events to share a century of service with the greater Stockton community. The committee has chosen five areas of focus. They are Projects, Events, Book, History and Publicity. If you wish to help in one or more of these areas please contact Susan Drake at We are in need of historical items for our club to include in publications and media announcements. We are asking past presidents and all our members to put on their thinking caps, search your offices and homes for historical tidbits. Please contact Frank Whitney at to help him in this task.

Grocery Card Fundraiser Our new card has the Rotary logo and name on them. Grocery rebate cards are available at the meetings. The Club will receive a rebate of 3% of purchases at SaveMart, Smart Foods, Food Max, and Lucky s. The card may also be used when purchasing pharmaceuticals. To date we have received over $1339. If you would like additional cards for family, friends see Susan.



card_truex_ins sheely_ad


Click on Better Hearing and CMPD to link to their websites

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Birthdays… September

  • Krygsman,Alexander(LEX)01
  • Kozlow, Paul C (PAUL) 01
  • Schwartz, Timothy J (TIM) 03
  • Knudsen, Kristina M (KRISTINA) 04
  • Corrales, Lex A (LEX) 05
  • Reusche, John E (JOHN) 10
  • Lee, Derron T (DERRON) 10
  • Stefanac, Matthew R (MATT) 13
  • Ghazal, Roland R (ROLAND) 14
  • Sheil, Fred J (FRED) 15
  • Miselis, Kenneth V (KEN) 17
  • Dyke, James R (JIM) 18
  • Anthony, James P. (JIM) 26
  • Patmon III, Charles G III (PAT) 26
  • Smith, Gerald L (JERRY) 27
  • Johnston, Ann H (ANN) 29
  • Barry, Donald K (DON) 29


Bill Wagner – $25 for his errant cell phone a couple of meetings ago Our cell phone sleuths got you Bill.

Liz Hull – $30 for her treasure chest items carelessly left behind.

Hazel Hill – $250 in recognition of her retirement. Job well done Hazel!

Jack O Sullivan – $250 in recognition of the addition of a new daughter to his family and a new program in his business directed at the health of senior citizens called Primary Focus.

Mas Kamigaki – $250 to celebrate the birth of his first granddaughter.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Frank Whitney, pictures; Bill Brown, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Renna Beinoris, assistant to the chief checker.

Contact Information

Attn: Susan Drake, Club Secretary
1151 W. Robinhood Dr. Ste. A-10
Mailing address: P.O. Box 7457, Stockton CA 95267
Phone: (209) 472-9662
Fax: (209) 472-9664

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Rotary International President
Kalyan Banerjee

District 5220 Governor
Dave Mantooth

Stockton Rotary Club President
Renna Beinoris