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Next week we are at The Hilton. Check the announcement section for details.

Visit the “Special Items” section for updates from Rotary International. Read about how Rotary is changing to adapt to the times.

Next week’s meeting features the topic of water. Please click here to learn more.

Check out the Announcement section for information about our club’s involvement in a new program that addresses a major educational challenge in our City.

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“Building Communities – Bridging Continents”


  • Song – Floyd Crame – “America the Beautiful”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Thao Vang, secretary of Edison Interact.
  • Thought for the Day – Linda Lee, treasurer, Edison Interact
  • Raffle – Hazel Hill won a coin.
  • COG Club – Connie Vang, vice president Edison Interact & Leticia Miles, International Coordinator, Edison Interact.

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Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – May 18, 2011.


George Liepart-Water Problems Worldwide and Bear Creek’s Recycling Program

George Liepart is the founder, President and CEO of Integrated Service Group. For more than a quarter of a century, George has been dedicated to helping companies and top-level executives experience break-though results. He is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, trainer and Business Development Expert. He presents on many topics, such as leadership, mastering change, business planning, strategic planning, goal achievement and advanced sales skills. His focus is to equip and motivate those individuals and companies who have a desire to excel. For more information on our speaker please click here.

Rotary International

The Rotary of the future. What will Rotary be like in the future? Find out what average Rotarians had to say about this question and others in Rotary Minute. Read the complete article.

Rotary clubs make changes to attract younger members
. Evening club in California, USA, meets in a brewery, promotes hands-on service projects. Read the complete article.

More Special Items

Concern Report – Harry Hedburg is in the hospital at St. Josephs Hospital. No calls or visitors.

Susan Drake Interact Scholarship.
1st Place: for $ 1000 Yee Vang (Edison UCLA)
Two 2nd Place winners for $ 500 each Connie Vang (Edison UCLA) & Thao Vang (Edison Cal Berkely)

25 Rotarian Community Service Scholarship
. The finalists were all so close we decided to award each of them a
$ 500 scholarship.
Regina Story (Lincoln High UC Davis)
Andrew Riswain (Saint Mary s USC)
Carly Pinkerton (Lincoln High U of Mich)
Victoria Vaz (St Mary s Unversity of Colorado)


Bert Bulkin

The Hubble Telescope and the Last Launching of our Space Shuttle Program in June.

The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a space telescope that was carried into orbit by a space shuttle in 1990.

The HST was built by NASA, with contributions from the European Space Agency, and is operated by the Space Telescope Science Institute. It is named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble.

The HST is one of NASA’s Great Observatories. Space telescopes were proposed as early as 1923. Hubble was funded in the 1970s, with a proposed launch in 1983, but the project was beset by technical delays, budget problems, and the Challenger disaster.

When finally launched in 1990, scientists found that the main mirror had been ground incorrectly, severely compromising the telescope’s capabilities. However, after a servicing mission in 1993, the telescope was restored to its intended quality. Hubble’s orbit outside the distortion of Earth’s atmosphere allows it to take extremely sharp images with almost no background light. Many Hubble observations have led to breakthroughs in astrophysics, such as accurately determining the rate of expansion of the universe.

Hubble is the only telescope designed to be serviced in space by astronauts. The telescope is expected to function until at least 2014, when its scientific successor, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), is due to be launched.

Much of this information was taken from Wikipedia.

Bert Bulkin was introduced by Kuy Ky.


Upcoming Speakers…


  • 18 George Liepart-Water Problems Worldwide and Bear Creek’s Recycling Program
  • 25 Cathy Peterson-Ameliorating Shortages of Health Care Personnel Through Educating the Professorate


  • 01 Jose Rodriguez-El Comcilio
  • 08 David Hosley-Developing Leadership in the Central Valley
  • 15 Tom Perry-At the End of His Rope: Adventures in Water Ski Racing
  • 22 Lee Eang-Unknown Palsy
  • 29 KICK OUT!



The Interact team from Edison High School.


President Nick introducing the four 25 Rotarian Community Service Scholarship winners.


Susan Drake with the winners of the Susan Drake Interact Scholarships.


Susan Drake happily giving up a bell ringer in honor of her son’s software talents.


Susan Drake with Edison Interactors.


Laura Pinkerton honoring her daughter. Laura is on the right.
guest1 guest3 guest4




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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Next Week’s Meeting. More fun and anticipation as we sample the gourmet food offerings around Stockton. Next week we are at the Hilton on Grand Canal!

Ports Game – Join us at the Ports game on June 27th to celebrate Presidents Nick’s birthday and kick out week. Consider signing up for fellowship and enjoying a baseball game. Cost is 28 dollars per person which covers a seat in the back porch section of the park and a BBQ dinner. Contact Chad Sublet at

PolioPlus Run – the PolioPlus run (and Walk) event is scheduled for Memorial Day May 30th. It will be a 5K and 10K event. You may wish to visit their website for details. Kerry is looking for participants, volunteers and sponsors for the event. Please see Kerry or email her at .

Kayak Party – Join us at the Drake residence on Lake Lincoln for a Kayak party on Thursday, July 21 at 4pm plus. $10 for adults, kids free. Contact Susan Drake at

Ambassadorial Scholar – District seeking Ambassadorial Scholar candidates. Deadline for applications is May 31. If you know of anyone interested in graduate work in a foreign land have them look at the information and application at www. For further direction contact President Nick at

Read to Me Stockton! – as a member of the Mayor’s Book Club we are partnering with Mayor Ann Johnston, SUSD, County Office of Education, UOP, the County Library and United Way to bring to our City the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Visit our page on the Rotary website for complete information on the project Should you have questions please contact Craig LaFargue at or Graham Tweedy at

Boat Trip – a trip is planned for Saturday September 10. More information to follow.

Membership Update – Do not forget to check the list to see what team you are on. You may also keep up with the progress of your team by checking the Bingo Card. We have 190 members and our goal is 200.

Bocce Ball Challenge – on June 12 our club has accepted a Rotary challenge to be held at the Bocce Club on Waterloo Road. $20 per person. Contact Chad Sublet at

Help! Don Barry needs help, 1/2 day, to dismantle beds at Golden Living Center, 2740 California St. on Saturday May 14. Fun starts at 8 in the morning. Contact Don at

Rummage Sale – 2nd Annual Rotary Rummage Sale. Saturday, May 21st – 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Rite Aid parking lot – corner of West Lane and Bianchi Road
Now we need your help in the following ways:
1 – Sorting and Organizing the “STUFF”……3:00 to 6:00 pm…Tues., Wed, Thurs & Fri this coming week
Please come and help….15 minutes or 1 hour or all 4 days!! Every minute will help!!
2 – Saturday morning, May 21st, we need everyone from 6:00 am on to help bring everything out to the parking lot
3 – Workers for the sale! 8:00 am to 3:00 pm! Work tables, move items, etc…etc….
Goodwill will be arriving at 3:00 to take what is left
4 – We NEED tables & clothes racks….can you lend yours for a few days???
Please call 471-9771 or email me anytime

Special Auction – We have a special auction that will take place on June 8th at our club meeting. Two great seats at the Giants vs Indians game on Sunday,June 26 at AT&T Park plus an authentic World Series Champions Tee shirt. Proceeds of the auction will go toward the Annual giving fund of Rotary Foundation. Where did we score such a great prize? You can thank our Director of International Service, Cathy Peterson.

Rotary Youth Exchange – Registrations have started for this year s Rotary Youth Exchange trip to Germany and so far we have approximately 12 – 15 kids who are interested in going. However, as is the norm, we have about 30 German students who would like the chance to come to the United States. So I would like to encourage anyone who has ever thought about opening their home to an exchange student to really consider doing so this year. This is a tremendous opportunity to impact the lives of our youth, and the friendship and bonds that are made last a lifetime. Please let me know if you are interested in hosting and I will get you the application. Contact Samuel Wheeler 209-536-1218.

District Assembly – on June 4, we will gather at the University of Merced for a big day of learning what goes on in our District. Plan to join us. New members and incoming board members are especially encouraged to attend. The club will pay your registration. You must sign up before May 20 as the fee increases from $25 to $30. We will be carpooling to Merced. Contact Susan Drake for more information at

Rotary and the ONE Campaign – are pleased to announce a joint effort to work together to achieve our shared humanitarian goals. This collaboration aims to encourage communication and cooperation between Rotary districts and clubs in the United States with local ONE affiliates. The ONE Campaign is an advocacy organization dedicated to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Co-founded by U2 lead-singer Bono and backed by more than two million members, ONE works with leaders of both parties to support proven, cost-effective ways to save lives and help people build sustainable futures. You can find more information about ONE on their website: This announcement was taken from Friday Facts.

Stockton Rotary Centennial – the date is Feb 1, 2014. We wish to make this a celebratory series of events to share a century of service with the greater Stockton community. The committee has chosen five areas of focus. They are Projects, Events, Book, History and Publicity. If you wish to help in one or more of these areas please contact Susan Drake at We are in need of historical items for our club to include in publications and media announcements. We are asking past presidents and all our members to put on their thinking caps, search your offices and homes for historical tidbits. Please contact Frank Whitney at to help him in this task.

Grocery Card Fundraiser Our new card has the Rotary logo and name on them. Grocery rebate cards are available at the meetings. The Club will receive a rebate of 3% of purchases at SaveMart, Smart Foods, Food Max, and Lucky s. The card may also be used when purchasing pharmaceuticals. To date we have received over $1215. If you would like additional cards for family, friends see Susan.





card_truex_ins card_verve

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Birthdays… May

  • Davidson, Alvin B (AL) 01
  • Wheeler, Cameron R (CAM) 01
  • Hake, Robert C (BOB) 02
  • Boucher, Julie H (JULIE) 03
  • Kramer, Barney C. (BARNEY) 04
  • Heinzen, Ronald T (RON) 07
  • Wenger, Pam K (PAM) 09
  • Rhodes, Juli A (JULI) 10
  • Jordan, Earnest C (ERNIE) 13
  • Speer, Todd J (TODD) 14
  • Martins, Daniel J (DAN) 15
  • McNeilly, Dean H (MAC) 17
  • Schlenger, Heather J (HEATHER) 22
  • Cervantes, Rigoberto V (RIGO) 23
  • Saroyan, Ralph Leon (RALPH) 27
  • Sheely, Steve L (STEVE) 30
  • Sublet, Chad M (CHAD) 30


Laura Pinkerton – ($250) honoring accomplishments of her son last week and daughter this week.

Susan Drake – ($250) for accomplishments of her son relating to defense department software engineering.

Pres. Nick Curtin
– ($250) for accomplishments of his daughter- she got a real job to put her Sonoma State degree to work!

Kevin Hicks – for his Bike to Work challenge, $25.

Marie Arbios – $25 for an announcement for The Commons on the tables.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Jim Woodward, pictures; Bill Brown, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Nick Curtin, assistant to the chief checker.

Contact Information

Attn: Susan Drake, Club Secretary
1151 W. Robinhood Dr. Ste. A-10
Mailing address: P.O. Box 7457, Stockton CA 95267
Phone: (209) 472-9662
Fax: (209) 472-9664

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Rotary International President
Ray Klinginsmith

District 5220 Governor
Don Murphy

Stockton Rotary Club President
Nicholas Curtin