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Many of us are at our District Conference this weekend. Look forward to seeing you there. If you are not coming we will miss you.

Visit the “Special Items” section for updates from Rotary International. Read about economic and clean water projects.

Next week’s meeting features a trip to the Delta, an incredible resource to California. Please click here to learn more.

Check out the Announcement section for information about our club’s involvement in a new program that addresses a major educational challenge in our City.

Check for more information about our club and to be kept up to date on events by visiting the calendar. Click here to visit the site.

“Building Communities – Bridging Continents”


  • Song – Michael Blower – “You are my Sunshine”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Doug Surlowitz.
  • Thought for the Day – Laura Pinkerton. Be in charge of your attitude.
  • Raffle – Harry Hedburg won a coin.
  • COG Club – Marie Arbios—Team leader
    Microphone – Doug Surlowitz
    Attendance- John Atwood and Rigo Cervantes
    Greater — Heather Schlenger

Table of Contents

Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – May 4, 2011.


Wendy Martin-Delta Habitat & Education Foundation. Ken Scheidegger is the President and founder of the Discover the Delta Foundation. Ken is a Delta native and a long time Delta businessman. He is also a PhD. Oceanographer and internationally recognized scientist specializing in oceans, bays and estuaries. Five years ago he set out on the mission to educate people about the importance of the California Delta so that it can be protected and appreciated for generations to come.

Wendy Martin is the Executive Director of the Discover the Delta Foundation. Wendy has worked for more than 30 years on California s water issues and is passionate about educating the public about the importance of the California Delta.

Joe Cecchini serves on the Board of Director s for both the Discover the Delta Foundation and the California Delta Habitat and Education Foundation. Joe is a Stockton resident and businessman. He founded Western Marine Insurance Services, a Stockton based business where he has served as Chairman and CEO. Joe s lifetime commitment to the California Delta led to the creation of the California Delta Habitat and Education Foundation and the Hog/Spud Island Family Science Camp project. Please click here for more information about their presentation.

Rotary International

Rotary and Oikocredit launch strategic partnership. New packaged global grants will support microcredit projects and promote economic development. Read the complete article.

Project brings clean water to poor neighborhoods in the Philippines. Watch a video of an International H2O Collaboration effort. Read the complete article.

More Special Items

Head Table – Graham Tweedy, Renna Beinoris, Doug Surlowitz, Cami Ferry, Laura Pinkerton, Kuy Ky, Susan Drake and President Nick Curtin.


Cami Ferry

Facebook, Twitter, E-mail. The New Wave of Advertisement

Cami informed us that small business owners can profit by using online technology and save money in the process.

She encourages local business owners to explore such social sites as Twitter and Facebook which can be used to inform consumers of products, events and special offerings. These vehicles can help form a community for your business.

The use of the Internet and most specifically, email, is an excellent and economical way to keep in touch with customers and clients.

Cami Ferry was introduced by Kuy Ky.


Upcoming Speakers…


  • 04 Wendy Martin-Delta Habitat & Education Foundation
  • 11 Tom Perry-At the End of His Rope: Adventures in Water Ski Racing
  • 18 George Liepart-Water Problems Worldwide and Bear Creek’s Recycling Program
  • 25 Cathy Peterson-Ameliorating Shortages of Health Care Personnel Through Educating the Professorate


  • 01 Jose Rodriguez-El Comcilio
  • 08 David Hosley-Developing Leadership in the Central Valley
  • 15 Bert Bulkin-TBA
  • 22 Lee Eang-Unknown Palsy
  • 29 KICK OUT!



Michael Blower leading us in song.


Laura Pinkerton bringing us the thought for the day.


Kerry Krueger demonstrating what it is like to walk.


It was a classy club until… .


Oh my! Is it safe yet?


Harry Hedburg winning a gold coin.
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IMG_2169 IMG_2170 IMG_2172

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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Big Vote – We will vote on the revised club constitution and bylaws on May 4th.

Ports Game – Join us at the Ports game on June 27th to celebrate Presidents Nick’s birthday and kick out week. Consider signing up for fellowship and enjoying a baseball game. Cost is 28 dollars per person which covers a seat in the back porch section of the park and a BBQ dinner. Contact Chad Sublet at

PolioPlus Run – the PolioPlus run (and Walk) event is scheduled for Memorial Day May 30th. It will be a 5K and 10K event. Kerry is looking for participants, volunteers and sponsors for the event. Please see Kerry or email her at .

Read to me Stockton! – as a member of the Mayor’s Book Club we are partnering with Mayor Ann Johnston, SUSD, County Office of Education, UOP, the County Library and United Way to bring to our City the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. We will start with the 95205 zip code as it is the one with the highest need. There is much information available and you will have many questions. We will keep you fully informed by devoting a page on our website to the project. In the interim if you have any questions please contact Craig LaFargue at or Graham Tweedy at

Boat Trip – a trip is planned in September. More information to follow.

Membership Update – Do not forget to check the list to see what team you are on. You may also keep up with the progress of your team by checking the Bingo Card. We have 190 members and our goal is 200.

Rummage Sale – Our second annual rrummage sale will be held May 21. Start reviewing your junk and saving your stuff. Would you like to help? Kris is in special need of help from persons with trucks to help pick up large items for the sale. WE are only 3 weeks away from the sale. Contact Kris Blower at 471-9771 or Don Barry 471-3217.

District Assembly – on June 4, we will gather at the University of Merced for a big day of learning what goes on in our District. Plan to join us. New members and incoming board members are especially encouraged to attend. The club will pay your registration. We will be carpooling to Merced. Contact Susan Drake for more information at

Stockton Rotary Centennial – the date is Feb 1, 2014. We wish to make this a celebratory series of events to share a century of service with the greater Stockton community. The committee has chosen five areas of focus. They are Projects, Events, Book, History and Publicity. If you wish to help in one or more of these areas please contact Susan Drake at We are in need of historical items for our club to include in publications and media announcements. We are asking past presidents and all our members to put on their thinking caps, search your offices and homes for historical tidbits. Please contact Frank Whitney at to help him in this task.

Grocery Card Fundraiser Our new card has the Rotary logo and name on them. Grocery rebate cards are available at the meetings. The Club will receive a rebate of 3% of purchases at SaveMart, Smart Foods, Food Max, and Lucky s. The card may also be used when purchasing pharmaceuticals. To date we have received over $1215. If you would like additional cards for family, friends see Susan.





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Birthdays… May

  • Davidson, Alvin B (AL) 01
  • Wheeler, Cameron R (CAM) 01
  • Hake, Robert C (BOB) 02
  • Boucher, Julie H (JULIE) 03
  • Kramer, Barney C. (BARNEY) 04
  • Heinzen, Ronald T (RON) 07
  • Wenger, Pam K (PAM) 09
  • Rhodes, Juli A (JULI) 10
  • Jordan, Earnest C (ERNIE) 13
  • Speer, Todd J (TODD) 14
  • Martins, Daniel J (DAN) 15
  • McNeilly, Dean H (MAC) 17
  • Schlenger, Heather J (HEATHER) 22
  • Cervantes, Rigoberto V (RIGO) 23
  • Saroyan, Ralph Leon (RALPH) 27
  • Sheely, Steve L (STEVE) 30
  • Sublet, Chad M (CHAD) 30


Graham Tweedy – $100 for inappropriate dress when greeting the Rotary Club of Stockton President.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Frank Whitney, pictures; John Chandar, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Nick Curtin, assistant to the chief checker.

Contact Information

Attn: Susan Drake, Club Secretary
1151 W. Robinhood Dr. Ste. A-10
Mailing address: P.O. Box 7457, Stockton CA 95267
Phone: (209) 472-9662
Fax: (209) 472-9664

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Rotary International President
Ray Klinginsmith

District 5220 Governor
Don Murphy

Stockton Rotary Club President
Nicholas Curtin