Seventy Eight Days to Go

Hello all,

Things have been crazy for the past four weeks. The good news is that enemy activity has been low and the work is getting all the paperwork done. I think a wise man said, “No job is done until the paperwork is done.” I have been in northern Iraq conducting a large investigation for the Commanding General. When you are a young officer these investigations present an opportunity to do something different than the norm. As you progress in rank, these investigations become more serious and the careers of younger officers often depend on your findings. Although necessary, they are not all that enjoyable anymore.

Last week I had the opportunity to brief LTG Cone, Commander of Army Forces in Iraq, on our mission, how the MP assets will degrade with the drawdown of forces and how it will affect the Police Training mission. I was really nervous as it was the first time I have ever briefed a 3 star general. In the end, it went very well and our commanding general was very pleased.

We have 78 days left according to my deployment tracker and I cannot wait to get home. I have missed so much this year and with my oldest son graduating next month, I have more to miss. Can’t wait to see you all soon.

Robert F. Paoletti
Chief of Operations
49th MP BDE