The Wheel – March 31, 2010

Visit the “Special Items” section for updates from Rotary International. One of the articles comments on how close we are to eliminating polio which was the subject of our speaker today. Also, find more information about next week’s meeting. Please click here to learn more.

Check for more information about our club and to be kept up to date on events by visiting the calendar. Click here to visit the site.

“The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands”


  • Song – Kuy Ky – “Heal the World”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Steven Solomon.
  • Thought for the Day – Lloyd DeBock. Remember all the work Rotarians do outside of Rotary for Non-Profits .
  • Raffle – Frank Whitney won $2.
  • COG Duties

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Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – April 7, 2010

Angelo Capozzio & Peter Lagarias-Rotoplast. Angelo Capozzi has been doing international service since 1976 and in 1992 Co-founded Rotaplast International Inc. He now devotes himself to Rotaplast.and consulting. He has been on 50 international missions 30 with Rotaplast. He has been a member of the San Francisco Rotary Club since 1970. Please click here for more information about Angelo Capozzi.

Peter Lagarias served as a Distinguished District Governor of District 5150 in 2001-2002 Peter and his wife, Elaine Maurer, reside in Greenbrae, California. They have a twenty-five year old daughter Kelly. All three have been active with Rotary projects both locally and internationally for many years. Peter has participated in Rotary projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, India, El Salvador, Mexico, Venezuela, and Vietnam. Please click here for more information about Peter Lagarias.

Rotary International

Uniting to Kick Polio Out of Africa . Rotarians help lead the effort to give the disease the boot once and for all. Read the complete article.

Rotary taps into clean water. Rotary clubs celebrate World Water Day with water and sanitation projects. Read the complete article.

More Special Items

Concern Report – Bob Blower is well cared for and on the mend. We were relieved to find out that his wine holding hand was not injured.


Bradford Howard – charter member of the Rotary Club of Oakland-Sunrise. District Governor of District 5170 (Silicon Valley) in 2002-03.

Polio-Is it Gone Yet?

Brad Howard gave us an excellent update on the worldwide effort to eliminate Polio. Of the four countries left that still have Polio, only India will be left within a year. Eradication is imminent!

Brad praised the distribution network built by Rotary that will be left in place to combat other preventable diseases after Polio is considered gone.

What is left to do? The Foundation now asks us to make eradication a priority, hold a fundraiser to further stamp Rotary s part in eliminating Polio on the public, and get new members involved in Polio fundraising.

Mr. Howard left us with a lasting thought about contributing to the Rotary Foundation: Be a humanitarian AND keep your day job!

Brad Howard was introduced by Bill Gass.

Upcoming Speakers…


  • 07 Angelo Capozzio & Peter Lagarias-Rotoplast
  • 14 Pam Eibeck-Pacific’s mission and the role of private universities in California
  • 21 Eric Grant-Adventures at the US Supreme Court
  • 28 Gene Endicot-California High Speed Train Update


  • 05 Susan Palmeri-Stockton Airport
  • 12 TBA
  • 19 TBA
  • 26 Joe Kapp-Be Prepared


Kuy Ky and Michael Jackson leading us in song.

Lloyd DeBock giving us the Thought for the Day.

Renna Beinoris announcing the Membership Mixer.

Bill Burdick retiring from COG.

Bill is to your left Michael.

Bill Gass announcing our speaker.

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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Wine Tasting Party – Laura Pinkerton. Friday, April 9, at 6:00 pm. At the home of Laura Pinkerton, 4844 St. Andrews Drive. Enjoy light hors d’oeuvres and dessert hosted by Laura and Shari. No cost, but everyone who attends should bring a bottle of their favorite wine, one per person. There will be wine games with prizes! Wine brought should be between $9 and $25. Jewelry will be displayed and available for sale. Twenty five percent of sale proceeds will benefit the Rotary Club of Stockton and its supported charities.

Rotary Reachin out Mixer! You and potential Rotary members are invited to join us for a fun evening of hors d oeuvres, no host cocktails and a why we love Rotary presentation on Thursday, April 22, 2010 5:00 PM. The mixer will be held at Centrale 1825 Pacific Avenue, # 2, near the Empire Theatre on the Miracle Mile. RSVP by Friday, April 16.

Ambassadorial Scholarship – Blain Bibb. We need your help bringing in candidates. This is the time of the year for clubs to seek good candidates for the Rotary Ambassadorial and World Peace Scholarships for 2011-12. There are two Rotary World Peace Fellowships: a two year Masters program and a three month certificate program. District 5220 deadline for these applications is May 15, 2010. The Ambassadorial Scholarships are for one academic year abroad and provide a grant of $24,000. Applicants must obtain sponsorship of a local Rotary club. District 5220 deadline for this application is June 1, 2010 for study in 2011-12. Relatives of Rotarians are not eligible. For more information and applications go to the Rotary International website or contact Ellen Dunbar, District 5220 Scholarship Chair 209-525-9343 or

Giants Game – Bob Blower. Seats are filling for the game on May 13 against the San Diego Padres. Seats are great, lower level near the Giants dugout. Contact Bob Blower now if you are interested.

Dictionary Distribution – Susan Drake. We will be distributing dictionaries to forty schools in the Stockton Unified School District. The dictionaries will go to all third grade children. Anyone who wishes to help in the distribution please contact Susan Drake at or at 472-9662. The current list is below.

Victory-Wednesday April 7, 8:45am 1838 W. Rose 3 classes/60 students Jeff Zola
Marshall-Wednesday April 7 9am 1141 Lever Blvd 5 classes/100 students Hal Monroe
Spanos-Thursday April 8 8:30am 536 S. California 3 classes/63 students Bill Brown
Henry-Thursday April 8 8:30am 1107 S. Wagner Ave 6 classes/118 students Susan Drake
Van Buren-Thursday April 8 10:30am 1628 E. Tenth 4 classes/80 students Chad Sublet
Fremont-Friday April 9 10am 2021 E. Flora 4 classes/84 students Gary Frush
Montezuma-Friday April 9 noon 2843 Farmington 4 classes 85 students Dave Tygett
Pittman-Friday April 9 12:45pm 701 E. Park 5 classes/100 students Gary Putman
Hazelton-Friday, April 16 2:40pm 535 W. Jefferson 3 classes/59 students Nick Curtin

Lawrence Livermore Trip – Bill Gass reminds you to get your info faxed in for the tour of the lab. No cell phones or cameras will be allowed and we must bring a photo ID.

ShelterBox for Haiti – Please join us as we team up with ShelterBox to support the Hatian victims after the devastating earthquake. Each ShelterBox is a large, rugged, green plastic container that holds a 10-person tent and a range of other equipment. The content varies depending on the need. Shelter Boxes cost $1,000. Please donate any amount and designate it for ShelterBox and we will put it towards a box. You may bring a check made out to ShelterBox to our next Rotary meeting. You may also send a check to the Rotary office or you may charge it to your bill. Make sure you designate the check to ShelterBox. To date we have raised $1,475.

ShelterBox is a grassroots Rotary club project which has rapidly grown to an international level. For more information please click here.

Rummage Sale, 1st Annual – Kris Blower. Start saving what you don’t need or have too much of. Ask your friends, enemies and family members if they have STUFF. We want to make this the BEST Rummage Sale EVER. We are looking for helpers in the following areas – pickups, sorting, set ups, set downs, spreading the word, deliveries and more. The sale will occur in the Rite Aid parking lot, Bianchi and West Lane, on Saturday April 17. Goal is to raise between $5 to $10,000. Sign up at our meetings or contact Kris Blower at 471-9771 or or Don Barry at 471-3217 or

Asparagus Festival – The Festival will be April 23rd 25th this year everyone s help is needed so sign-up early.

Grocery Card Fundraiser Grocery rebate cards are available at the meetings. The Club will receive a rebate of 3% of purchases at SaveMart, Smart Foods, Food Max, and Lucky s. The card may also be used when purchasing pharmaceuticals. To date we have received over $400. if you would like additional cards for family, friends see Susan.

District Conference 2010 – This year’s conference which will be hosted by our DG Susan Drake and held at entrancing South Lake Tahoe. The club will pay for the first 20 early conference registrations We suggest you don’t miss out. Check out a video starring Kayaker Susan and Chef Dudley. Full details and the ability to sign up are on the district website.

Stockton Rotary Centennial – the date is Feb 1, 2014. We wish to make this a celebratory series of events to share a century of service with the greater Stockton community. The committee has chosen five areas of focus. They are Projects, Events, Book, History and Publicity. If you wish to help in one or more of these areas please contact Susan Drake at We are in need of historical items for our club to include in publications and media announcements. We are asking past presidents and all our members to put on their thinking caps, search your offices and homes for historical tidbits. Please contact Frank Whitney at to help him in this task.


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Birthdays… April

  • Hill, Hazel M (HAZEL) 01
  • Bibb, Blain J (BLAIN) 06
  • Butterfield, Jane R (JANE) 11
  • Fetters, Brant (BRANT) 22
  • McHugh, Thomas R (TOM) 23
  • Bestolarides, Steve J. (STEVE) 26


Bill Burdick – $25.00 for COG photo.

Ric Masten and Kevin Kaufman – $100 each for matching Paul Harris contributions.

Tom Perry and Bill Wagner – added $125.00 each for a bell ringer for skiing lessons.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Jim Woodward, pictures; Scott McElhinnie, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Michael Blower, assistant to the chief checker.

Contact Information

Attn: Susan Drake, Club Secretary
1151 W. Robinhood Dr. Ste. A-10
Mailing address: P.O. Box 7457, Stockton CA 95267
Phone: (209) 472-9662
Fax: (209) 472-9664

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Rotary International President
John Kenny

District 5220 Governor
Susan Drake

Stockton Rotary Club President
Michael Blower