The Wheel – May 13, 2009

Mother’s day was this past weekend. Not a special Rotary day but very important – trust you remembered Mom!

RI announces a new paperback edition of its popular history book A Century of Service: The Story of Rotary International. Check it out.

Visit the “Special Items” section to find information about next week’s meeting. Please click here to learn more.

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“Stockton Rotary Helps Make Dreams Real”


  • Fanfare – “20th Century Fox Cinema”.
  • Song – Dave Midura – “Lean on Me”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Joseph Dietrich.
  • Thought for the Day – Julie Damron. Rotarians should follow the course of compassion.
  • Raffle – Bob Blower won two gold coins.
  • COG Duties – Team Leader – Julie Damron
    Raffle tickets – Judy Wentner
    Greeter – Maxine Pickford
    Microphone – Robert Shapiro and Robert Nelson
    Attendance – Cathy Dodson

Table of Contents

Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – May 20, 2009

Travis Air Force Base
Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Brisson. Robert Brisson is the commander of the 60th Operations Support Squadron, Travis AFB, Calif. He commands more than 280 military and civilian personnel that reside in eight unique flights: Airfield Operations, Current Operations, Aviation Resource Management, Tactics, Weather, Aircrew Training, Aircrew Flight Equipment, and the KC-10 Formal Training Unit.

Lieutenant Colonel Brisson was born in Iron Mountain, Mich., and received his commission in 1990 from Officer Training School. He attended Undergraduate Pilot Training at Williams Air Force Base, Texas. A command pilot, he has logged more than 4,500 hours in trainer and airlift aircraft. Please click here to learn more.

Rotary International

Historic Moments — Paul Harris’s birthday. A look back at the life and times of Rotary’s founder. Please read the story

A Century of Service is now available in paperback. The book is available at in English, Japanese, and Spanish for US$15. Please read the story

More Special Items

Concern Report – Randy Dockery was remembered in a memorial at the Stockton Country Club last Saturday.

Jack Underhill is having a pacemaker installed.

New Members – Roland Ghazal introduced new member John Maroulis who used to work at Bank of America but now works at New York Life. John is married with two children.

Dennis Smallie introduced Chad Sublet who owns an IT company in Stockton. He is an Air Force veteran, married with two young children.

Paul Harris Fellowship – Rigo Cervantes surprised his wife Graciela with a Paul Harris.

Frank Dutton also was recognized with his first Paul Harris.


Chuck Haupt, Executive Director, MedShare West

Sharing Can Make a Difference

Our speaker related how Medshare does an excellent job of taking medical supplies that would otherwise be thrown in the trash and dumpsites, and provides them to medical groups around the world.

Chuck Haupt related a number of stories as illustrations of his work.

An added benefit to the program is an environmental gain by reducing the buildup of landfills. In Medshares’ own words, “we recycle medical supplies and equipment which would otherwise go to landfills and pollute the environment.”

Medshare has collected more than 60 million dollars worth of medical supplies and equipment in its few years of existence.

Chuck Haupt was introduced by Joe Serra.

Upcoming Speakers…


  • 20 Lt. Cl. Robert Brisson-Travis Air Force Base
  • 27 Club visit to St.Mary’s Interfaith Community Services


  • 3 Jim O’Neal-Small Business Succeeding in a Turbulent Economy
  • 10 Ron Heinzen-DWR Levee Evaluations in the Stockton Area
  • 17 President Gary-Celebration of the Rotary Club of Stockton
  • 24 Rotary Enforcement Team-Goodbye Gary


Scholarship winners Angel Maldonado, Winnie Banh and Dirk Hooten.

Frank Dutton receiving his Paul Harris Fellowship award.

Rigo Cervantes honoring his wife Graciela with a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Steve Sheely celebrating his wedding anniversary with a donation to SRE.

New member Chad Sublet!

New member John Maroulis. We welcome Chad and John to Stockton Rotary.

Guests of Rotarians

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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Rotary District 5220 Business Directory – The district has initiated a directory wherein Rotarians may list their businesses. If you wish to enter your business into the directory here are the directions.

Go to and chose enter. Chose enter at the next screen and complete the appropriate questions. When entering keywords you may include your name or business name along with any words someone might use to find your products or services. Enter the password, havefun. You will return to a thank you page. When you go to the Vocational Directory use the Login, ruleone and the password, havefun.

This is an early version of the directory. Improvements will be made. Should you have problems or you wish to make suggestions contact your editor and I will help.

Boat Trip – Dave Tygett – Sign up if you are going and if you have a boat that wishes to participate. Contact Dave.

Rail Car Ride – Ric Mastin is going to auction a ride on his rail car next week. Steve Sheely gave a testimonial of his experience on last year’s ride. It would seem that Steve remembers little more than the presence of a bar tender on a three person rail car.

Community Service Scholarships – Nick Curtin introduced the three Community Service Scholarship winners. Two for the second place $500 scholarship: Angel Maldonado – Edison High School and Dirk Hooten – Bear Creek High School. First place – $1000 scholarship: Winnie Banh – Weston Ranch High School.

UOP Rotoract – TJ Hull introduced current and past leaders of UOP Rotoractors.

Orphan’s Mission – Our club’s Jon Stephens will be telling us about a mission to orphans in Mozambique in the Thought for the Day on June 10. The needs of children in that country are incredible. We will be invited to donate new clothes, toothbrushes, soap or cash. Please click here to learn more about the story.

Blind Center Celebration – The Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a Cocktail Reception Thursday, June 18, 2009 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the Center, 130 West Flora Street. At this special time the Center will honor Mimi Eberhardt and Bill Reynolds for their service to the Center. Visit their website for complete information.

Wine Tasting – John Dierking – the Stockton Sunrise Rotary club is having a Wine Tasting with SJ Historical Society on June 5, 2009 from 5-8pm at Mickey Grove. The cost is $40 per person in advance and $50 at the door. Great wine and food. Susan Drake has tickets.

Dress Code – Just a reminder that the Stockton Golf and Country Club does not allow the wearing of blue jeans.


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  • Dean McNeilly-May 16
  • Rigoberto Cervantes-May 22
  • Ralph Saroyan-May 26
  • James Darnall-May 27
  • John Underhill-May 27
  • David Jardin-May 28
  • Steve Sheely-May 29
  • Darrell Burns-June 2
  • Douglass Wilhoit-June 4
  • John De Gregori-June 7
  • Mark Plovnick-June 7
  • Don Neri-June 8


Steve Sheely – recognized for his 46 years of wedded…? $100.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Jim Woodward, pictures; Ramon Fernandez, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Gary Putnam, assistant to the chief checker.

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