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March is Literacy Month in Rotary. You might wish to check out the “Rotary International” section and learn what Dolly Parton is up to.

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“Stockton Rotary Helps Make Dreams Real”


  • Fanfare – “Superman” theme.
  • Song -Renna Beinoris – “What a Wonderful World”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Ric Masten.
  • Thought for the Day – Jim Dyke – acknowledging the religious diversity within Rotary w/closing prayer.
  • Raffle – Jerry Smith won two gold coins.
  • COG Duties – Team Leader: Bill Gass
    Raffle Tickets: John Atwood
    Greeter: Cathy Dodson
    Microphone: Ross Moilan and Peter Koulouris
    Attendance: Bill Gass

Table of Contents

Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – April 1, 2009

Stockton Unified School District Mr. Anthony Amato became the Superintendent of SUSD in July of 2008. Before coming to Stockton he served as the special advisor to the president of the Kansas City, Missouri, Board of Education after serving two years as that 28,000-student district s superintendent. Mr. Amato also served as Superintendent of Schools in New Orleans, Louisiana; Hartford, Connecticut; and Community School District #6 in New York City.

According to his resume, Amato implemented a district-wide curricular systems approach with common assessments in communication arts, math and inquiry science in Kansas City. He also began the conversion process of 52 K-5 schools to K-8 schools, that is set to be completed by June 2009.

For more information about Mr. Amato please click here.

Rotary International

Dolly Parton and Rotary partner to promote reading. Parton’s Imagination Library provides books to children from birth until age five. Please read the story

Bill Gates made honorary member of Seattle club. Gates Foundation cochair delivers keynote address for club’s centennial celebration. Please read the full story

More Special Items

Concern Report – no report


Bishop Stephen Blaire – Bishop, Archdiocese of Stockton, CA

Issues for the 21st Century Church

Bishop Blaire commented on three major issues for the Church.

The New Atheism: God is regarded by increasing numbers of persons as irrelevant except for weddings and baptisms. The challenge for the 21st Century Church is to discover a way to reach the new atheist.

The Relationship between Faith and Science: There is no contradiction between the truths of science and faith. The Church must provide a voice for faith in determining ethical and moral boundries for scientific research.

Globalism: We are much more aware of racial, cultural and religious diversity. Internally, how does the Church build a worship community that can include the diversity?

Externally, the Church must deal with Church & State issues such as marriage and religious liberty issues. The Church must protect the inviability of the individuals conscience, and it must do so from a faith perspective.


Stephen Blaire was introduced by Tom McHugh.


Upcoming Speakers…


  • 1st: Dr. Anthony Amato-Superintendent of SUSD
  • 8th: Betty Lou Beyer-First Tee Program
  • 15th: Prof. Jeffrey Michael-Economics of the Plan for the Delta
  • 22nd: Dr. Richard Waters-Heart Disease
  • 29th: Lt Col Robert A. Brisson-Travis Air Force Base


  • 6th: William Trezza-Banking in This Economy
  • 13th: TBA
  • 20th: TBA
  • 27th: TBA


Jim Dyke, rendering the thought for the day.

The Reverends

Hazel Hill paying for her article in the paper.

Jerry Smith and Gillian Murphy. When you get your picture taken at Rotary you need to dress appropriate

Pat Patmon relating the joys of being a new grandfather.

Frank Whitney celebrating 80 years of BBB.

Guests of Rotarians

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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Rotary District 5220 Business Directory – The district has initiated a directory wherein Rotarians may list their businesses. If you wish to enter your business into the directory here are the directions.

Go to and chose enter. Chose enter at the next screen and complete the appropriate questions. When entering keywords you may include your name or business name along with any words someone might use to find your products or services. Enter the password, havefun. You will return to a thank you page. When you go to the Vocational Directory use the Login, ruleone and the password, havefun.

This is an early version of the directory. Improvements will be made. Should you have problems or you wish to make suggestions contact your editor and I will help.

Paul Harris Fellowship – Susan Drake – distributed and explained the Foundation Letter and Pledge Form that we received at the meeting. The club will match contributions from 3/25 through 4/15. Contact Tom Perry or Susan Drake.

Asparagus Festival – John Green and Jerry Smith reminded us that the festival is to held April 24, 25 and 26. Sign up sheets are on our tables.

Ski Trip – Bill Wagner announced a great ski trip. Thanks to TJ Hull for organizing. 27, including 9 guests made the trip. Two seniors skied The Wall.

District Assembly – The Assembly to be held April 18th in Stockton. This is a great time for new members to learn about Rotary and next year’s board members to learn more about their responsibilities and techniques to do their job. Being in Stockton makes it easier to attend. Contact Susan Drake to sign up for the event. The Club will pay attendees’ costs.

Rotary Night at the Gallo Center for the Arts – The five clubs in Area 6 (Modesto East, Modesto Gateway, Modesto North, Modesto, Sunrise, and Modesto) invite you to an evening of entertainment at the Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto.

The event is titled Rotary Night with Lynda Carter. 15% of ticket and beverage sales to Rotarians and guests will be contributed to The Rotary Foundation to End Polio Now!

Date – Saturday, April 4th at 8:00pm, Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto. Tickets range from $28-$50. Call 209 338-2100 to order your tickets. Mention Promo Code Rotary 4409 .


Place your ad here!

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  • Julie Damron-Brown-March 29
  • Catherine Dodson-March 30
  • Carl McGee-March 24
  • Charle MacNear-March 25
  • Hazel Hill-April 1
  • Walter Williams-April 1
  • Robert Merdinger-April 2
  • Max Paulsen-April 5
  • Blain Bibb-April 6
  • William Scott, Jr. April 7
  • Lita Wallach-April 7
  • Ronald Allison-April 8


Jerry Smith – $50 for embarrassing Gillian Murphy when serving as moderator of the Abraham Lincoln meeting. $50 for being president of the Asparagus Festival. $100

Hazel Hill – for a recent article. $50

Frank Whitney – for celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Better Business Bureau. $250

Pat Patmon – for the birth of his first grand child, a daughter, on 3/25. $1000

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Jim Woodward, pictures; Bill Brown, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Gary Putnam, assistant to the chief checker.

Contact Information

Attn: Susan Drake, Club Secretary
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Mailing address: P.O. Box 7457, Stockton CA 95267
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Rotary International President
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