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“Stockton Rotary Helps Make Dreams Real”


  • Fanfare – “20th Century Fox” theme.
  • Song – Dave Midura-“Star Spangled Banner”.
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – CP Riddle.
  • Thought for the Day – Harry Hedburg reminded us that while we often judge others good or bad without periodic review we often fail to fairly judge ourselves.
  • Raffle – Jeff Zola won two gold coins.
  • COG Duties – Bob Nelson, Waqar Rizvi, Cathy Dodson, Bill Gass.

Table of Contents

Special Items…

Next Week’s Program – February 25, 2009

All About Golf Richard Howarth. Richard came to the Stockton Golf and Country Club with over 20 years in the golfing industry. Starting his career in Edmonton, Alberta where he obtained his Class A Canadian PGA status. He has held a number of professional positions before coming to the Stockton Club.

Outside of golf, Richard is an active member in the local Delta Toastmasters chapter and an avid snow skier. Please read Richard s complete bio.

Rotary International

February’s Interactive. Club members are getting connected through Rotary International’s official social networking sites. Find out how they’re using the sites to share project ideas and how your club can benefit from them too. Please read the story

Year-to-date results through 31 December 2008. Read about the impact of the financial markets on Rotary. Please read the full story

Concern Report

No report

Paul Harris Fellowship

Don Barry earned a multiple Paul Harris Fellowship.

Proposed New Member

Peter Koulouris, attorney, sponsored by Jim Woodward.

Visiting Rotarians

Past District Governor, Mark Oliver, from Manteca.

Special Recognitions

President Gary recognized Dave Tygett, John Reusche, Blain Bibb and Dave Midura for their work as counselors at RYLA, a leadership training camp for high school juniors.

President Gary thanked Maxine Pickford for a job well done for coordinating the Valentine s Day Luncheon.



Alan Kimber – United Methodist Church, Lodi CA

South Africa Today

Dr. Kimber, is a 5th generation Afrikaner and presented a glimpse of the history leading up to more recent developments in the country of South Africa.

From its days as a port for the Dutch East Indies company and colonization by the Dutch with German and French religious dissidents, through British rule and the discovery of the richest diamond and gold deposits South Africa has had a colorful history.

However it is the policy of apartheid which began after WWII, erupting into severe violence under it s pressure during the 1970 s and 1980 s, and finally abolished with Nelson Mandela s Presidency in 1990 that the world has regarded as South Africa s legacy. Dr. Kimber presented us with an account of the processes which allowed for victims stories to be heard, amnesty granted in strict cases, and reparations made to accomplish some form of justice. According to Dr. Kimber it was the forgiving nature of Nelson Mandela along with many family members of victims that has provided healing and a new future for South Africa.

Alan Kimber was introduced by Gary Putnam.



Upcoming Speakers…


  • 25th: Rick Howarth-SG&CC Director of Golf


  • 4th: Ed Sprague-UOP Baseball
  • 11th: Dale Fritchen-New City Council
  • 18th: TBA
  • 25th: Bishop Stephen Blaire-Issues for the 21st Century Church


Don Barry accepting his multiple Paul Harris Fellowship.

Kuy Ky fessing up.

Jeff Zola challenging President Gary to come clean.

< br />President Gary caught on camera.

Dave Midura along with Dave Tygett, John Reusche, and Blain Bibb were recognized by President Gary for their counselling at RYLA.

What a troika!

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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Rotary District 5220 Business Directory – The district has initiated a directory wherein Rotarians may list their businesses. If you wish to enter your business into the directory here are the directions.

Go to and chose enter. Chose enter at the next screen and complete the appropriate questions. When entering keywords you may include your name or business name along with any words someone might use to find your products or services. Enter the password, havefun. You will return to a thank you page. When you go to the Vocational Directory use the Login, ruleone and the password, havefun.

This is an early version of the directory. Improvements will be made. Should you have problems or you wish to make suggestions contact your editor and I will help.

Membership Profile – We are about to go to press with our printed directory. Some of you have not checked your profile. Please go to the website at , login and check your information. If there are any inaccuracies please record them and send corrections to Hal Monroe at

The Squeeze – Pres. Gary announced that the SGCC ballroom we use for our luncheon will be partitioned, space reduced, to allow another group to use it once a month.

Asparagus Festival – CP Riddle announced that the Festival will be held April 24-26. Put the dates on your calendar.

Mexicali Trip – Susan Drake announced the Mexicali trip will be April 5th through the 9th and more volunteers are welcome to participate in this great project.

Ski Trip – Bill Wagner announced the Ski Trip to Kirkwood on March 19th from 6AM to 6:30 PM.

50th Anniversary Celebration – Mark Oliver (Past District Gov.) extended an invitation to join his Rotary Club in Manteca for their 50th Anniversary Dinner on March 12th.

Library & Literacy Foundation Trivia Bee – Scott McElhinnie announced the 2009 Library Literacy Trivia Bee dubbed Monsters, Mysteries, and Magic . It will be held on Friday, March 13. Team members will stretch their minds to answer a broad range of trivia questions with a goal of winning the coveted Bee Bobble Head Award while audience participants vie for awards for Best Costume, Best Team Name and Best Decorated Table. Be a part of the fun and enjoy a great buffet dinner, Silent and Wine Auctions and great Raffle Basket prizes. Members of our team include Pres. Gary, Jeff Zola and Paul Kozlow. Contact Scott McElhinnie or visit our Calendar on the website to sign up.

Mystery Bus Trip – Lloyd De Bock announced a few seats are available for the Mystery Bus Trip on Feb 28th.


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  • Dennis Smallie-February 22
  • John Wulff-February 28
  • William Brown-March 1
  • Donald DeRosa-March 3
  • James Hanley-March 6
  • Larry Seiler-March 8
  • Valli Israels-March 9
  • Michael Machado-March 11
  • Paul Jacobsen-March 15
  • Jeff Zola-March 15
  • Gerald Zedlitz-March 16


President Gary Putnam – Jeff Zola turned the tables on our Pres citing two photos in the Record. $100

Kuy Ky – forgot all about his responsibility to pick-up visiting students from Brazil who were rescued by fellow Rotarians. $100.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Jim Woodward, pictures; Ken Norton, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker; Gary Putnam, assistant to the chief checker.

Contact Information

Attn: Susan Drake, Club Secretary
1151 W. Robinhood Dr. Ste. A-10
Mailing address: P.O. Box 7457, Stockton CA 95267
Phone: (209) 472-9662
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Rotary International President
D. K. Lee

District 5220 Governor
Janine McClanahan

Stockton Rotary Club President
Gary Putnam