The Wheel – January 28, 2009

The annual Rotary Read-In is upon us. Please sign up using our online Calendar or by contacting Gary Frush. if you have signed up make sure you make your appointment on February 11.

Our speaker’s topic next week is timely. Visit the “Special Items” section to find information about next week’s meeting. Please click here to learn more.

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“Stockton Rotary Helps Make Dreams Real”


  • Fanfare – “The Ride of the Valkyries” theme
  • Song – Renna Beinoris-“Yes it’s a good day for singing a song”
  • Audio Visual – Gary Hansen
  • Pledge of Allegiance – Jim Dyke
  • Thought for the Day – President Gary commented on the idea that each of us is only one but as a community of Rotarians we can do much.
  • Raffle – Luis Duarte won two gold coins
  • COG Duties –

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Special Items…

Next Week’s Program, February 4, 2009 –

Vitality of DowntownMel Corren. Mel was born in Stockton, attended El Dorado Grammar School, Stockton High School, Stockton Junior College and Rudolph Schaeffer’s School of Design in San Francisco. He served in the Army in the European Theater of Operations (England and France) in WWII.

Mel worked at M. Corren and Sons, the family’s furniture store on San Joaquin and Washington Streets, until 1961 when, with his brother, Hillard, opened “The Brothers Interior Furnishings” on Central Court, just off the Miracle Mile. He retired in 2000.

He is married to Harriet Berman Corren; they have 2 sons: Howard and Donald, a grandson, Daniel and his wife Jen, and a granddaughter, Talia.

Mel wants it to be known that since he has no holdings of any kind in downtown Stockton his reason for presenting these suggestions is a desire to see the center of the city restored to a viable commercial and residential area.

He is proud to be Al Davidson’s cousin.

Rotary International

Bill Gates announces new US$255 million grant for ending polio. Matching effort becomes ‘Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge.’ Please read the story

Gates meets with district governors from polio-endemic countries Special session boosts morale. Please read the full story

Concern Report

Welcome back Terry Hull from surgery.
Susan Drake is fighting a sinus infection.



Frank Whitney – CEO, The Better Business Bureau, Stockton CA

Standards of Trust

Frank discussed how complaints to the BBB locally have risen in the past five years.

Many people feel they can’t trust those they do business with.

Being dependable and reliable are qualities people want in business.

People are more concerned with getting value for their money than just paying a cheaper price.

There is a loss of social capital – people are becoming disconnected, reducing their willingness to trust.

It would behoove business to embrace the BBB Code of Business Practices which are: build trust, advertise honestly, tell the truth, be transparent, honor promises, be responsive, safeguard privacy and embody integrity.

Frank Whitney was introduced by Kevin Kauffman.



Upcoming Speakers…


  • 4th: Mel Corren-Vitality of Downtown
  • 11th: Gary Putnam-A Profile of Abraham Lincoln
  • 18th: Alan Kimber-South Africa Today
  • 25th: Rick Howarth-SG&CC Director of Golf


  • 4th: TBA
  • 11th: TBA
  • 18th: TBA
  • 25th: TBA


Nick Curtin selling candy.

Confession is good for the soul.

Mas Kamigaki encouraging us to donate our blood.

Jeff Zola bragging again. You will look great in your new tie Jeff.

Congratulations, Trevor, on your marriage in January, July or June. Wait ’till anniversary day comes around.

Joe Serra reporting on the status of Rotary Read-In.

Guests of Rotarians

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Club Announcements

The Wheel editor suggests that persons email their announcements to prior to publication of the weekly edition. This will make sure that we present your information the way you wish and not our sometimes mangled interpretation of your verbal presentation.

Rotary Read-In

Joe Serra – currently 140 folks have signed up to participate, we need more, and if you can extend your reading time that would be greatly appreciated. Numerous Rotarians participated in raising $250 dollars to buy books for the Read-In. Joe Serra started the contribution with a $50 donation. The read in is for February 11, 2009.

Blood Drive

Mas Kamigaki – encouraged us all to participate in the Delta Blood bank drive. The special Rotary code is E50. Bill Gass gave a moving testimonial about how a blood transfusion saved his life after a terrible auto accident. Very important that all Rotarians participate.

Music in the Schools

Keith Croesen from UOP- Phi Mu Alpha will be having a concert on February 8th at 2:30 pm at the Faye Spanos concert hall. The proceeds will go to benefit Stockton Schools music programs. Visit the website for more information.

Mystery Bus Trip

Lloyd Debock – Mystery trip on February 28, a planned trip leaving at 12:30 to Blackhawk car museum. At 5pm the bus will leave to a mystery dinner location. Sign up online at our calendar.

Chocolate with the President

A Special Valentine’s Day Event. Our annual Valentine’s celebration on February 11 will feature our favorite speaker, Gary Putnam aka, Abraham Lincoln. Bring your honey and join us for that special day. Also, a great day to invite guests – let’s fill the room. The cost is our regular meeting cost of $15. Lunch for widows of Stockton Rotarians will be paid for by the club. You must sign up for this event. Contact Gary or Susan Drake or visit our Calendar.

Candy Sale

Nick Curtin – Time has pretty much gone to purchase See’s candy for Valentine’s Day delivery. This fundraiser is to help with the cost of the Mexicali Trip (April 5 thru 9). The cost of each box is $5.00, half of which goes to the Interact Mexicali Fund. Contact Nick Curtin at Thanks for your support.


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  • Thomas Harrington-February 1
  • James Darrah-February 2
  • Shirley Anthony-February 5
  • Elizabeth Blanchard-February 5
  • Colleen Foster-February 6
  • David Midura-February 9
  • Judy Wentner-February 10
  • Laura Pinkerton-February 11
  • Enrique Tumale-February 11
  • Wesley Chalmers-February 14
  • Dennis Smallie-February 22
  • John Wulff-February 28


Trevor Fearrand

For getting his picture with his fiance in a publication that remains a mystery. $100

Jeff Zola

For boasting that his son is enlisting in the Navy with a goal of becoming a Navy Seal. $50
Jeff also relieved President Gary of an award winning designer tie for $29.99.

Special Thank You …

The Wheel

Editor, Graham Tweedy. A special thank you this week to Jim Woodward, pictures; Ramon Fernandez, notes; Susan Drake, chief checker.

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Rotary International President
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District 5220 Governor
Janine McClanahan

Stockton Rotary Club President
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